Translation of not in Spanish:


no, adv.

Pronunciation /nɑt/ /nɒt/

Definition of no in Spanish


  • 1

    I asked them not to tell anyone les pedí que no se lo dijeran a nadie
    • not to go would have been rude no ir hubiera sido una grosería
    • not to worry no importa
    • a not inconsiderable sum of money una suma de dinero bastante considerable
    • oh, no, not you again! ¡Dios mío! ¿tú otra vez?
    • that's mine — it is not! eso es mío — ¡no, señor!
    • You are warned not to touch the banisters in the empty, crumbling flats of Craigmillar.
    • Members of the public are warned not to try to coax down the eagle themselves.
    • His civil servants have been warned not to ask him to do anything sedentary on July 2.
    • He came over to the UK, but Warner in London warned him not to go south of the river.
    • However, Lisa comes right back on the offensive and warns her not to say a thing.
    • Young people are warned not to give out any personal details that could be used to identify them.
    • I have been given a sign today, and it would be remiss of me not to warn the rest of you.
    • The supervisor warned me not to use my phone in the store, but said nothing about me being fired.
    • Waldi warns us not to set up our beds outside the camp tonight as hyenas and jackals prowl this area.
    • It is warning consumers not to forget about these charges when they choose a credit card.
    • We were warned not to use the upper floor as it was considered unsafe and was closed to the public.
    • The doctor admitted she had forgotten to warn me not to fly soon after a procedure.
    • Families on an estate have been warned not to do any gardening after a toxic waste alert.
    • That should warn people not to write us off but it should also serve as a reminder to our own fans.
    • In Lima, a Peruvian guide warned us not to go out on foot and, if so, to walk briskly.
    • A spokeswoman for the Environment Agency urged the public not to touch any dead fish.
    • They told me to keep mother and baby warm and not to touch the umbilical cord.
    • When her neighbours heard her screaming in pain, they decided not to get involved.
    • Scotland's public galleries seem determined not to allow such a situation to recur.
    • They have recognised the need to save and reopen the Odeon, not to allow it to be replaced by a herb garden.
  • 2

    not one of them stopped to help ni uno de ellos se paró a ayudar
    • not a penny more ni un penique más
  • 3

    (replacing clause)
    are you pregnant? — I hope not ¿estás embarazada? — espero que no
    • I should think not! ¡claro que no!; ¡faltaría más!
    • certainly not! ¡de ninguna manera!
    • of course not! ¡por supuesto / claro que no!
    • are you going to help me or not? ¿me vas a ayudar o no?
    • Mum Allison is hoping to hear news today on whether or not she can donate bone marrow to Joshua.
    • Travel pages disclose if the writer was a guest of the organizers of the tour or not.
    • It's been reported that he also looks after a lady, whether he knows her or not.
    • Still in two minds, though I think it might end up depending on whether it's raining or not.
    • It took me forever to decide whether or not I wanted to post a weekend post on my blog.
    • I can assure you, like it or not, I will post often and certainly more than just five times!
    • It doesn't really matter if you like the movie or not, just going for the ride is a hoot.
    • I will be a hundred years old before they decide whether they actually want to develop it, or not.
    • The question isn't really whether editors can be granted copyright for their work or not.
    • I will be making my decision on whether to stand for Mayor or not in the next few weeks.
    • One thing we can all be sure is being collected, part of the village or not, is our council tax each month.
    • Brain damage or not, she was going to walk, talk and get her life back on track.
    • Regardless of whether or not you work from home, a small study area is a useful addition to a property.
    • I don't go out much, I just sit at home and wait to hear if she's at the unit or not.
    • All incidents where glass was damaged were included whether reported to the police or not.
    • We've got to start making changes to the way we live, whether we like it or not.
    • The system is so complicated that if people are awarded a credit, there is no way of knowing if it is right or not.
    • The days are gone when I am going to get nervous about games or worry about whether or not I play well.
    • Believe it or not, there are people out there who think we need more television.
    • I'm not knocking the luckless officer, who is going to be in trouble whether or not he had a beer.