Translation of noteworthy in Spanish:


notable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnoʊtˌwərði/ /ˈnəʊtwəːði/

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adjective noteworthier, noteworthiest

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    (event/performance/building) notable
    (event/performance/building) de interés
    it is noteworthy that … es de notar que …
    • especially noteworthy are the fine ceilings los magníficos cielorrasos son de particular interés
    • This feature is as noteworthy for its censorship woes as it is for its content.
    • Another noteworthy feature that is missing is the ability to organize troops in formations.
    • A second noteworthy feature concerns the role of the European Parliament.
    • A noteworthy feature was the wide variability in execution of the studies.
    • While the decor needs to be updated, this property has a number of noteworthy features.
    • It is noteworthy that this number has remained remarkably steady over the past decade.
    • But it is primarily interested in making people think and does so with noteworthy relish.
    • That is certainly noteworthy, but not for the reasons Falcoff assumes.
    • According to many this controversy is a political one and so not noteworthy.
    • Twelve months ago we had some very exciting action with several noteworthy performances.
    • Please check in with us if anything noteworthy happens when you went to cast your vote.
    • It is also noteworthy that the painting in the auction seems to be undated.
    • Its most noteworthy aspect is its jaws, used for scraping the algae and bacteria it feeds on from moss.
    • Forster says that she is often amazed at how rarely shattering world events are deemed noteworthy by diary writers.
    • Next weekend is Easter and a noteworthy time for a number of reasons.
    • His words, astonishing and bizarre, are noteworthy, in my view, for their condescension.
    • These are, after all, just the latest details to be added to a CV packed with noteworthy statistics.
    • Unfortunately these are nestled in an album noteworthy mostly for its blandness.
    • It's a measure of the lack of drama in the actual game that the jersey exchange was one of the more noteworthy occurrences.
    • Most noteworthy is Ellen Burstyn, who should be nominated for an Oscar for this work.