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: now1NOW2


ahora, adv.

Pronunciation /naʊ/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(at this time)

      I feel better now ahora me siento mejor
      • the suspect is now leaving the building ahora / en este momento el sospechoso sale del edificio
      • they've all gone home now ya se han ido todos a casa
      • you can come in now ya puedes entrar
      • it won't be long now before we're there ya falta poco para llegar
      • now is the time to decide este es el momento de decidir
      • now's your chance esta es tu oportunidad
      • In my world view, this life we are living right now is all we have, and thus every moment of it should be enjoyed.
      • So it seems right now that we are in a moment when the future is still unborn and the past is not quite dead.
      • I am not interested in coaching at the moment, and can't say right now if I ever will be.
      • In fact, it's only because of the current state of society that they can't do so right now.
      • By now you will be impressed with the results of your workouts and training program.
      • She quite likes me by now and I find she trails behind me like a lost puppy.
      • They operated on him this afternoon so hopefully he'll be fast asleep by now.
      • A large hall was built in Rathbane, which now echoes to the clack of timber for indoor hurling.
      • Stafford Smith concedes that Britain is much more active now than in previous years.
      • The Daily Echo's findings are now in the hands of those responsible for our schools.
      • I find it ironic that now there is a campaign to give these places privileged tax status.
      • We are now told by a previous owner of the cottage that the fields flood at least once a year.
      • Thanks to previous posters, I now have a general idea of what cultural studies is.
      • She omitted to mention that my son from my previous marriage now lives with me.
      • As a result, cases that were previously tried locally, now have to be taken to Chippenham.
      • Jobs which may have previously required one man now often require two men to lift the glass into place.
      • I'm now hoping that one of the Echo's readers can help return the item to its rightful owner.
      • There is an order about things now that never existed in the previous regime.
      • This switch is darkly ironic, because hippos are now much rarer than African elephants.
      • Ironically one is now safer wandering the streets of Luxor than in many European cities.
      • Land that had once supported eight or nine different crops and animals now grew only one.

    • 1.2(at that time)

      now was the moment they'd been waiting for ese era el momento que habían estado esperando
      • it was now too late to change ya era demasiado tarde para cambiar

    • 1.3(nowadays, in those days)

      divorce is a lot easier now hoy en día / ahora es mucho más fácil divorciarse
      • food is/was now scarce ahora escasea/para entonces ya escaseaba la comida

  • 2

    • 2.1(at once, immediately)

      ahora (mismo)
      ready? now! ¿listos? ¡ya!
      • it's now or never! ¡ahora o nunca!
      • Go through this and a wide tarmac lane is now followed straight ahead for the next half a mile or so all the way back to Disley.
      • City of York Council must now go directly to the people of York, and ask them which system they want to see.
      • Much of the company's effort will now be directed towards trying to retain the franchise.
      • It is why he won't delay making the decision about the direction his career will now take.
      • The sender and receiver now carry out the following steps to ensure delivery of the present.
      • They are trying to pre-empt this decision by setting up a shadow board of directors now.
      • So I'm off to update my blog now so follow the URL above to get my reflections on the past few days.
      • I'm now off to clear some furniture in readiness for workmen arriving early tomorrow.
      • This will now clear the way for the council to enter into a contract with the developer.
      • Please put pressure on the council to clear it now, before the grass grows again.
      • It seems clear the board should now opt for a safe pair of hands to get the club back to the status its fans deserve.
      • If you are nursing losses on Isas or other investments, on no account sell now.
      • The group come from a range of different schools and will now be working hard to get the grades they need.
      • Just what shape this will take under Gerbeau will now be the subject of heated discussion.
      • You should now see a different random header graphic each time you load this page.
      • Don't bury your head in the sand hoping it will go away, sort it out now before the situation gets worse.
      • Crucial test events will now have to take place with construction workers on site.
      • It is better to focus our attention on that now than to be distracted by anything else.
      • Talks will now be held to draw up blueprints for modern, accessible facilities for the town.
      • The hall requires care and attention now if it is to serve the community in the future.
      • Climate change is a global problem that needs addressing now for the sake of future generations.
      • Book now for January, and the cream of the country crop is yours for the snaffling.
      • It's not pleasant to contemplate, but if you sign up now you needn't consider it again.

  • 3

    (to follow that)
    what shall I do now? ¿ahora qué hago?
    • and now for a well-earned rest y ahora un merecido descanso
  • 4

    (in the circumstances)
    I could never trust her now ahora ya no podría tenerle confianza
    • Her condition has deteriorated recently, and she now struggles to walk up stairs.
    • How long that majority will remain in current circumstances must now be open to doubt.
    • I can see their expression and hear their tone of voice now, clear as anything.
    • It is very clear now that the company is encouraging its employee to start blogging.
    • Banter or insults that in the past would have been brushed off with a smile or a riposte are now made a matter for the police.
    • However, now it's clear this was the first stage in a plan to close them down.
    • Whether it was actually any good or not scarcely matters now: it cheered a lot of people up in a grim time.
    • It is pretty clear now that he will not be returning to these shores.
    • It is sadly ironic that now there may have to be a criminal investigation over a very similar matter.
    • He is now being referred by his family doctor to a specialist as a result of the tests.
    • We know now that the length of the year is changing in the sixth decimal place over a person's lifetime.
    • Banstead are now unbeaten in four games, conceding just one goal in that time.
    • The Villagers have now lost four matches and are down to fifth in the table.
    • She has now had four seven-hour chemotherapy sessions in an attempt to shrink the cancer.
    • There are now four galleries, and the pubs have been supplemented by dainty cafés.
    • From Foxwood, there are now four buses an hour to the Theatre Royal and hospital.
    • We now have four paper millionaires this year, and it's all young guys out of universities.
    • Last year, a full-time warden was laid off and now there are just four people living there.
    • His promotion means there are now four MPs from Yorkshire and Humber in the Cabinet.
    • York now go bottom with four clubs battling to avoid the two relegation places.
    • Because he has been in custody since last July, Pickard will now be released in four months.
  • 5

    • 5.1(showing length of time)

      we've been living here for 40 years now ya hace 40 años que vivimos aquí
      • It's down for an unprecedented length of time now and it's keeping people away from our centre.
      • You've been awake for four seconds now and already your frame of reference has vanished.
      • It's been a disgrace for three or four years now and the residents and people who have to use it deserve better.
      • The idea of working with cabinets and objects has been on my mind for more than four years now.
      • He has been under effective house arrest for almost a year now, guarded by four police officers.
      • I've lived here four months now, and still barely know the place, so went to the library.
      • I have been playing reserve team football for three, four years now and this is the next step up for me.
      • She had a severe stroke about four years ago now and lives in a nursing home.
      • Branch chair Andy Black has had MND for nearly four years now and is no longer able to walk.
      • Eileen's been with the Princes Trust for four or five months now and she's very happy.
      • It's four weeks now since the offer, and all the steps are in place for the sale to proceed.
      • I have had this metal frame on for four weeks now and have to wear it for another eight weeks.
      • It has to be three or four years now since the double yellow lines were put in place!
      • For three or four days now New York has been enfolded in the soft grey light of winter.
      • Lady Veronica had been the editor for four years now and before that she was sub-editor.
      • Ghost Rider is a project that I've been linked to for about four years now it seems.
      • To be honest I've been looking at this for a while now, but only recently decided to go for it.
      • He's been flirting with me for a few weeks now and has recently taken it up a step.
      • Football has been a business for many years now but only recently has it been laid open.
      • My sleep pattern has been off for quite a while now, no matter how hard I try and set it back on the right track.

    • 5.2

      he'd have called before now ya habría llamado
      • I'd always thought it impossible before now hasta ahora había pensado que era imposible
      • the work should have been completed long before now ya hace tiempo que debería haberse terminado el trabajo
      • between now and Friday de aquí al viernes
      • she should be here by now ya debería estar aquí
      • the by now furious customer said that … el cliente, que a estas alturas ya estaba furioso, dijo que …
      • starting from now a partir de ahora
      • 100 years from now dentro de 100 años
      • from now on(ward) a partir de ahora
      • (up) until / till now, up to now hasta ahora

  • 6

    • 6.1(indicating pause, transition)

      now, who's next? bueno ¿ahora a quién le toca?
      • now, the reason we've done this is … ahora / bueno, la razón por la cual hemos hecho esto es …

    • 6.2(introducing statement or question)

      now that's what I call real food! ¡eso sí que es comida como Dios manda!
      • now where did I put my book? ¿dónde habré puesto el libro?

    • 6.3(emphasizing command, request, warning, advice)

      now look here! ¡espera un momento!
      • now are you coming or not? bueno ¿vienes o no?
      • don't get me wrong, now! no me vayas a malinterpretar
      • now, you mustn't get upset vamos, no te pongas así


  • 1also now that

    ahora que
    now (that) it's stopped raining, we can go out ahora que ha parado de llover, podemos salir
    • Presumably now the formaldehyde has cleared from his brain, he has woken up to the meaning of what he said.
    • Lee Ryan is happy that he is free to speak his mind now that he is embarking on a solo career apart from Blue.
    • Will he be prompted to give up his criminal activities now that he can afford to live in luxury?
    • It's farcical situation, more so now that so many clubs are living hand to mouth.
    • Right, I will just ask Miss Weekes to lead the questions now that we have reconvened.
    • So now you know the words to our song, pretty soon you'll all be singing along.
    • Blighty is sure that now he's drawn attention to it the English fans will leave him alone.


  • 1

    • Zen perfection: it's so very Fifties, so very now.
  • 2 informal

    (styles/sounds) del momento
    (styles/sounds) en onda informal

There are 2 main translations of NOW in Spanish

: now1NOW2


Pronunciation /naʊ/


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