Translation of noxious in Spanish:


nocivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnɑkʃəs/ /ˈnɒkʃəs/

Definition of nocivo in Spanish


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    (substance/fumes) nocivo
    (substance/fumes) tóxico
    (ideas/influence/suggestions) nocivo
    (ideas/influence/suggestions) pernicioso
    • The closer I got to her room, the stronger I could smell the noxious fumes.
    • Luckily I smelled the noxious fumes, ran upstairs and managed to extinguish it.
    • Visitors have to contend with toxic gases, noxious fumes, and showers of hot ash.
    • The courts have experienced problems over the definition of poison or other noxious thing.
    • They fill the air with noxious fumes, besides causing sound pollution.
    • It's an artificial fragrance used in an attempt to cover up the noxious smell of pesticides.
    • The residents say that even in fine and warm weather they also have to endure the noxious smell of sewage from their drains.
    • Burning glue sent noxious fumes into the night sky in Brentford this week, after a factory caught fire near the Great West Road.
    • The noxious fumes are believed to have been caused by a sulphuric acid-based cleaning agent.
    • His continued presence in government taints it with the noxious smell of cronyism.
    • There is also a specific obligation to prevent the emission of noxious or offensive substances into the atmosphere.
    • It can remove toxic and noxious gases from sewers and clean the air of vaults and tanks.
    • It is not necessary to prove damage to health from noxious emissions in order to establish a nuisance.
    • In the past, I used to believe that in a democracy these people should be free to foul the airwaves with their noxious opinions.
    • What's less well understood is how noxious such projects are for the cities that surround them.
    • If the fox population is to be controlled, (as it must be) fox hunting is no more noxious than other means of doing this.
    • By vigorously churning the tank every day, she helps the noxious mixture rot and produce the methane that heats her tea.
    • More to the point, it involves copious amounts of rubber cement and other noxious solvents.
    • Residents quite rightly complain of flies, noxious odours, dust, seagulls and noise pollution from the site.
    • Narcissism is a noxious mental disease that leads people to grandiose delusions.