Translation of numb in Spanish:


entumecido, adj.

Pronunciation /nəm/ /nʌm/

adjective number, numbest

  • 1

    (with cold)
    to be numb with sth
    the injection made my gums go numb la inyección me durmió las encías
    • I just felt numb after the funeral quedé como atontado después del funeral
    • I awoke to find this numb sensation in my left arm, and a horrible headache.
    • You're standing beside a beer cooler on the bank of a frozen Siberian river, and your nose is numb with cold.
    • He reached to grab the rifle but could not because his forearm felt numb and dead.
    • His narration is intrusive and surplus to requirements but mercifully his lips soon go numb with the cold and he has to stop for a while.
    • My hands were getting numb with the cold and I'd got blood all down the side of my head where the oxygen bottle had hit me.
    • After a minute or so, when the skin is numb, the anaesthetist will insert the larger epidural needle through the skin and towards the epidural space.
    • I still felt numb and unfeeling, as if nothing that was happening was real.
    • I just then began to finally feel that I was freezing; the numb feeling must have worn away.
    • He woke numb and cold, inside a carved hole in the rock.
    • He tried to move his left leg, to free it from the snow, but it was too tightly wedged, and beginning to go numb with cold.
    • I lay there still in a numb daze from the shock of Mike's mysterious and sudden death.
    • But now that his marriage has broken up, he feels numb again.
    • She was in school in Norway - where her father Peter was working in the oil industry - when her hand started to feel numb while she was writing.
    • So tonight we all get to sit through a really long and boring event, stifling yawns and clapping dutifully as our bums go numb on hard wooden chairs.
    • Only when I emerge, exhausted, on the far side do I realise I've been gripping my handlebars so hard, my fingers have gone numb.
    • I then begin to feel numb, but this side-effect is temporary.
    • McKeown says he felt numb when the verdict came through.
    • Those stuck behind the police are arrested and dragged away in plastic ziplock handcuffs that hurt like hell and make your hands go numb.
    • When the door opened and she said hello, I nearly went numb with shock.
    • Anna came in saying that she felt emotionally numb.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (cold) entumecer
    (drug) dormir
    (drug) adormecer
    (drug) anestesiar
    television numbed the country to the horror of the disaster la excesiva cobertura televisiva del desastre insensibilizó a la población
    • This is drunk warm out of small earthenware cups or chilled depending on the season, and in my experience the hot stuff numbs your senses like hemlock.
    • And so she bravely walked down 2nd Avenue, fighting the elements, the cold wind numbing her soft little fingers.
    • Are their senses numbed by visual culture, we wonder, or are they simply getting the programmes they deserve?
    • If the alcohol hadn't numbed my senses I'd have been rolling on the floor.
    • As it was the dozen tries that Boroughmuir scored in the first half was enough to numb the senses of even the most fanatical supporter.
    • I could feel the cold starting to numb my ears and cheeks, and a few stray rainspecks hit my skin.
    • Sitting in the rocking chair, Beth Durand lets the air conditioner blow her hair about her head, her eyes closed against the cold that almost numbs her skin.
    • The cold stone numbs my bare feet. Gathering my nightdress up I climb up onto the balcony wall.
    • Several struck him, piercing his armor and numbing his limbs with cold, but the stoic fighter shrugged it off and rushed the foe again.
    • I felt my lungs fill up with water, I could feel the cold numbing my body.
    • Fishing out her key, she inserted it in the lock, her movements jerky, the cold finally numbing her muscles.
    • Lia washed her hands, the cold water numbing her fingertips.
    • A mixture of nerves and cold numbed my fingers and my mind.
    • It was glacial in my hands, and the cold metal numbed them.
    • The girl was outside at the time, watching it go down and feeling the air grow colder, nippy at first but soon so cold that it numbed the girl's fingers.
    • His body movements were labored and his senses were numbed.
    • Even though the cold had numbed her slightly and she was shivering to death, she could still feel the pain in her jelly - like ankle.
    • Then all I remember is cold, such cold it numbed me to my very bones.
    • A painful headache numbed his senses, and his nose was so clogged up he couldn't speak correctly.
    • Cold air numbed her bare fingers and she held them close to her, putting her hands in the pockets of her coat.