Translation of numerical in Spanish:


numérico, adj.

Pronunciation /n(j)uˈmɛrək(ə)l/ /njuːˈmɛrɪk(ə)l/


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    in numerical order / sequence por / en orden numérico
    • The paper is the first to consider the roots of an equation as abstract quantities rather than having numerical values.
    • In 1940 Wilkinson began war work which involved mathematical and numerical work on ballistics.
    • It is series such as these that your pocket calculator uses to calculate numerical values.
    • He distinguished between these structures using numerical invariants based on the Todd polynomials.
    • He also made contributions to analytic number theory, Diophantine analysis and numerical functions.
    • He enjoyed numerical calculations and spent many happy hours doing numerical work on his calculating machine.
    • The numerical charge equality between 3 quarks and an electron cannot be a coincidence.
    • Fortunately it is possible to write computer programmes which can find numerical solutions to these equations.
    • An approximate numerical solution was then found by interpolation in trigonometric tables.
    • To solve this equation Guo used a numerical method similar to Horner's method.
    • The Incas had developed a method of recording numerical information which did not require writing.
    • During the hearing of evidence and submissions, attempts were made to put some numerical values to these factors.
    • He also gave numerical tables which would help gunners find the correct elevation of their guns to give the required range.
    • And where a theorem may present some problem, he may always look down to the numerical examples for help.
    • Her work is on numerical General Relativity, supervised by Dr John Stewart.
    • Thomas Simpson is best remembered for his work on interpolation and numerical methods of integration.
    • Jacks, queens and kings have no numerical value; they cannot capture or be captured by addition.
    • I have seen all the numbers on car licence plates, in numerical order.
    • Does it even make sense to assign a numerical value to something as subjective as wine?
    • This allowed him to correlate the intervals of the musical scale with simple numerical ratios.