Translation of numerology in Spanish:


numerología, n.

Pronunciation /ˌn(j)uməˈrɑlədʒi/ /ˌnjuːməˈrɒlədʒi/

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    numerología feminine
    • There are so many tools to choose from here I could possibly list them all but as we all know some of the best known are the tarot, runes, numerology, palmistry, tea leaves I ching and scrying.
    • During the reading my psychic used such ancient arts as numerology, astrology, palmistry, tarot cards and rune stones and even found hidden meaning in the color of my tie.
    • But science gave us the worldwide web, and the web hums with magic - with numerology and geomancy and 101 ways to win the lottery.
    • Newtown is the place to be this month if you have an interest in palmistry, astrology, numerology, Egyptian sand reading or other forms of divination.
    • The contrast between the latest textbooks on information technology on the one hand, and the guides to astrology palmistry and numerology on the other, is startling.
    • Other spiritual methods of searching for one's soulmate are astrology, numerology, palm reading, personality types, and magic.
    • These combine numerology and astrology - knowledge, as he put it, that had remained ‘a forbidden fruit since the dawn of civilisation’.
    • The testimonials for numerology and the telephone psychics are quite similar.
    • Inside was a large brown bookshelf, jam-packed with mysterious tomes that discussed numerology, tarot, astrology, and other assorted occult subjects.
    • This will lead to more happiness, but can only be done with the help of numerology and astrology.
    • Palmistry, numerology, naadi jyotisham and the Western and Eastern star signs are some of the better-known methods of knowing about one's future and sometimes, the past.
    • Here, the suspension of disbelief is somewhat trickier, because a great deal of Smiley's data on these beasts comes from telepathy, numerology or astrology.
    • Second, there are socially shared superstitions such as the bad luck associated with black cats or divination systems such as numerology.
    • They study astrology, crystal gazing, numerology, transfiguration, and divination.
    • She did numerology and astrology and tarot with an uncanny instinct.
    • Much of classical astrology developed as a result of the Hellenistic perspective towards numerology and geometry.
    • Some people attribute to it something like the mystery of pi and occult numerology.
    • Biorhythm theory is based more on numerology, testimonials and the Forer effect, mass media hype, and intuition than on scientific study.
    • Callahan expresses his belief in the efficacy of numerology and ‘card reading.’
    • Fortune tellers are known for using basic principles and techniques such as math, numerology and Cabalistic symbolism.