Translation of numismatic in Spanish:


numismático, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌnjuməzˈmædɪk/ /ˌnjuːmɪzˈmatɪk/

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    • He also struck the largest known gold coin from the ancient world, a numismatic masterpiece weighing 20 staters.
    • The appearance of From Imperium to Auctoritas established Grant's credentials as a Roman numismatist; five more numismatic volumes would follow in the 1950's.
    • As I am an amateur ancient coin collector, my thoughts are somewhat focused on the numismatic area of the antiquities market, but I believe the analysis can cover other antiquarian items.
    • It seems entirely reasonable to predict that the numismatic value of the first coins ever minted with extraterrestrial metals will skyrocket.
    • The reason for the change in formulation is that numismatic specialists and antiquarians insisted that coins had to be made of metal.
    • In the numismatic section of the museum, coins of ancient and British India, and those of other countries are on display.
    • With this, he appeared to dismiss out of hand the potential numismatic and heritage interest of any coins and bullion that might be recovered.
    • Louis Jordan, a historian with a strong interest in numismatic issues, has written what is undoubtedly the definitive history of Massachusetts' seventeenth-century mint.
    • As we shall see, this claim is very far from the truth; indeed both literary and numismatic evidence shows that Maximus actually returned to Britain, probably in 384, and conducted a successful campaign against the Picts.
    • Drawing on numismatic evidence, Sourdel-Thomine deftly dismisses assertions that the title was gained only after the capture of Lahore in 582 / 1186.
    • Not all of this production simply bypassed the internal English economy by going directly to geld payments to the Danes, and Metcalf has stressed that the numismatic picture reflects the growing prosperity of England at this time.
    • Since 1982, in order to encourage the publication of books of scientific and general interest, the IAPN has been giving an honorific prize for the best numismatic publication of the year.
    • Although the attribution to Perikles is mistaken, the ivory medium is consistent with details of the statue given in numismatic evidence and ancient literary sources.
    • Spink, a numismatic firm established in 1666, conducted the auction with 832 lots representing banknotes from 150 countries.
    • By contrast, the heads of the other five Romans appear animated and in three-quarter view, without any obvious reference to the conventions of sculpture or numismatic portraits.
    • Hendlin, for his part, corroborates some of my observations and adds some of his own, drawing on his vast experience in numismatic science.
    • Here Pukes draws widely on numismatic evidence to show that the titles and authority granted to Christ challenge those claimed by the Emperor.
    • The Celtic sources are a few burials, some numismatic evidence, infrequent inscriptions and figurines, and Celtic loan words in Latin.
    • Several speakers presented interesting numismatic topics, and several educational games took place.
    • There are only so many that can be mounted and framed without making his sitting room look like the British Museum's numismatic collection.