There are 2 main translations of nut in Spanish

: nut1NUT2


fruto seco, n.

Pronunciation /nət/ /nʌt/

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  • 1

    Farming Botany Cooking
    (nuez, almendra, avellana etc.) fruto seco masculine
    (cutlet/loaf) (before noun) de frutos secos
    • We would not be restricted to salad vegetables, fruits and nuts, milk, raw fish, and steak tartare.
    • The nuts, olives and breadsticks are a nice touch.
    • Steer clear of digestion-challenging fatty foods, including butter, cream, olive oil, crisps and nuts.
    • The cake was really rich and slightly crumbly because of the high content of nuts (pistachio and almonds), and surprisingly lemony.
    • Scatter the fruit and toasted nuts over the wet chocolate discs and leave to set.
    • It's usually ready-made meals but in today's delivery I've made sure I stuck to healthy food: fruit, vegetables, nuts and raisins.
    • In a medium mixing bowl, combine fruits and nuts.
    • Fruit, nuts, plain yoghurt and eggs (perhaps with a little wholegrain cereal or toast) are all good foods to fill up on in the morning.
    • Loaded with dried fruits and nuts, this cake is very moist, soft, and satisfying, and on top of that, it's sugar-free.
    • Foods that tend not to provoke an insulin response include meat, fish, eggs, green vegetables, most fruits, nuts, beans and pulses.
    • Traditionally, the betel nut was chewed as a mild stimulant, but this is much less common today.
    • They set out an estimable tuna salad perked up with toasted pine nuts.
    • Besides being fun to eat, pistachio nuts are a boon to our health.
    • Eat a ripe avocado and a handful of raw, unsalted cashew nuts mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
    • On your next picnic, serve strawberries with a pot of honey and chopped toasted nuts or chocolate shavings.
    • When we were camping near Mt. Index two weekends ago, I sat near the fire and ate pistachio nuts.
    • Betel leaves, areca nuts, and fruits are distributed to wedding guests and observers.
    • My grandparents had a bowl of mixed salted nuts on the table.
    • Instead, garnish food with one tablespoon of chopped nuts per person.
    • Nut allergies can start early on and usually do not disappear in adulthood.
    • Rural people are allowed to collect medicinal herbs, mushroom and fungi, edible vegetables, wild nuts, and fruits from forests.
    • The nut's hard ash-coloured shell contains toxic substances similar to what is found in poison ivy and poison oak.
    • The fruit of this tree is a nut and is edible if roasted.
    • There are many species of walnut trees with edible nuts.
    • Hook-billed birds love to explore items with their beak and tongue, and they are naturals at holding and cracking seeds and nuts.
    • In fall and winter they feed principally on acorns, other nuts, seeds, and fruits.
    • The shells of green nuts are soft, and the skins on the seeds are not fully colored.
    • Fifteen behaviors involved foraging using tools, such as probing for ants with sticks and cracking nuts with stones.
    • Seeds, nuts, fruits, and berries make up their diet in the wild.
    • But in autumn and winter the birds switch to a variety of fruits, seeds and nuts.
    • If you pick a walnut from a walnut tree and find it extremely difficult to crack, it shouldn't come as any surprise, as walnuts are literally one of the toughest nuts to crack.
    • We stood sipping under Nikos's walnut tree, cracking nuts and watching Psiloritis flush from pale orange to deep mauve in the light of the setting sun.
    • The other was broad and shallow, heaped with leaves, assorted seeds, nuts, and rose hips.
    • They also make decorative bags of painted nuts, necklaces of shells and nuts, and other items mainly to sell to tourists.
    • Or buy nuts in the shell, so it will take you longer to eat them.
    • And only a director of Burton's Wonka-esque vision would deem it necessary to train 200 real squirrels to shell nuts for one scene.
    • Cover the foam with a handful or two of nuts in the shell.
    • Many communities were encouraged to find a cheap art or craft to sell to visitors, such as painted boomerangs, carved emu eggs, boab nuts, and shells and toas.
    • Scientists found that the two macadamia species that produce edible nuts were the most similar to each other.
    • They use their massive black bills to twist off and crack open pine nuts, the mainstay of their diet.
  • 2

    tuerca feminine
    nuts and bolts tuercas y tornillos
    • It is a question that applies also to threads in metal, such as bolts and nuts and screw fasteners.
    • They ranged from the production of brass and other non-ferrous metals to screws, nuts, bolts, chains and anchors, pins, and jewellery.
    • The deck is fiberglass composite with balsa wood core and is securely fastened with nuts, bolts, and washers to the inward hull flange.
    • Note that the separate wrench on the small vise is hexagonal and fitted onto a hexagonal nut for tightening the vice.
    • Police suspect the vehicle's wheel nuts were not properly fastened and a case of culpable homicide has been opened.
    • A bolt was pushed through the hole and a nut was screwed on the end of it.
    • For example, screw bolts and nuts are known from the Roman era (they have square heads to be turned with a wrench).
    • Use a long strip of painted wood or metal for the flag and attach it with a nut and bolt through a drilled hole.
    • A good toolbox has lots of trays designed to hold all those odd bits of hardware, such as screws and bolts, washers, nuts, and nails.
    • The airframers checked and tightened every bolt, nut, screw, and cotter key in the system.
    • On Saturday 22nd November 2003 Mr Henderson had torque tightened the wheel nuts as advised after 50 kilometres.
    • Machine screws have a uniform shaft diameter and a blunt end, with smaller, less angled threads, designed for use with a matching nut or threaded hole.
    • Slide the ring and nut to the threads and tighten the nut.
    • For this reason, experts recommend using a torque wrench to tighten lug nuts when changing a wheel.
    • Tighten the coupling nuts and check for any leaks.
    • Tighten the nuts on the bolts while sitting on it.
    • You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt.
    • Since they do not usually mention nuts, presumably the smiths also made the requisite matching nut and included it in the price.
    • By contrast a search at 900 different locations failed to find any problems similar to the loose sets of nuts thought to be to blame for the Potters Bar crash.
    • They found two nuts missing from the front stretcher bar of the points and insisted that they should be immediately replaced.
  • 3 informal

    • 3.1(crazy person)

      chiflado masculine informal
      chiflada feminine informal
      • I got up this morning and was moving around like a crazy nut.
      • He's such a crazy nut, he would've done the naked pics for each team had he been there.
      • Then more whacko tourists would inundate their pristine land of home-grown nuts and fruitcakes.
      • As far as I was concerned he was just some crazy nut who spent his days crooning up in the attic where he was changed.
      • Crazy Chomsky-reading nut that he is, he at least deserves some coin for 30 years of honky-tonk labor.
      • In a short career, Jolie has taken on more nuts than a Snickers factory.
      • It's more that it makes me uncomfortable when we give these glory-seeking nuts the kind of attention they so desperately crave.
      • If he did, he'd find, not only arguments like that, but even some nuts pining for the imposition of a fascist state or some other form of dictatorship.
      • These Londoners were nuts to begin with - and they're only getting more audacious.
      • Okay, so Buchanan is a perpetually angry hateful old nut, but still.
      • Some nutcase stuck a colourful religious icon next to the button on Monday which some other nut removed on Tuesday.
      • He offers no causes, no motives and no solutions and his two blank, motiveless killers are far scarier than the traditional lone nut.
      • Brains, manners, road sense and common sense don't exist in the motorists' world and the biggest nut on a car sits behind that steering wheel.
      • You're going to have to spend the whole of his time here playing lovebirds in order to prevent that nut from wanting you to cheat on Scott with him!
      • Suddenly, it occurs to Zip: Irene has a crush on that nut.
      • Honey felt another spurt of warmth toward the woman, who was clearly risking that nut's wrath to buy her time.

    • 3.2(fanatic)

      a baseball/an opera nut un fanático del béisbol/de la ópera
      • a punctuality nut un fanático / un maniático de la puntualidad
      • Well I don't know about that but if some religious nut, er, enthusiast wants me to be happy well, it's better than penile enhancement promos.
      • Not every person who is pro-war or anti-gun control is a pro-life, anti-gay religious nut.
      • As a professional nude nut however, Tim was faced with a dilemma.
      • Just consider how the dumbest sports nuts remember every score.
      • As you'd expect from a sport-obsessed nation, Sydney is a haven for sports nuts, especially since hosting the 2000 Olympics.
      • While many of Moore's targets are easy, like the various gun nuts he interviews, a few of the connections he makes left some in the audience cold.
      • Key stylist Joy Zapata is interviewed, as well as the director, Reese Witherspoon, and other hair nuts from Legally Blonde.
      • She has really beautiful brown hair, and I really do like it, but I am a nut for red hair.
      • We even put one of those spoof backwards recordings on the end of the single for a laugh, to give all those Beatles nuts something to do.
      • As a matter of fact, most so called health nuts don't even scratch the surface of healthy living anyway, no matter how much they can bench press.
      • Being a downhill ski nut and former instructor probably helps, but I think anyone can learn the basics of downhill skating and live to enjoy it.
      • What a weird and wacky world of gun nuts he turned up.
      • He seems to have gone round the bend and gone after militia crazies and gun nuts, looking for his kind.
      • I stepped up and brought forward an old argument I've had with a friend, Richard, who for while was a classical music nut.
      • The latest Legacy is, at last, the car that most car nuts wish it always had been.
      • Shane Filan, a self confessed car nut, has collected some very desirable machines, including a Ferrari and two classic American muscle cars.
      • As a self confessed car nut I was in my element examining pictures of Formula 1 cars and drivers, rally cars, scale models, trucks and bikes.
      • It's a limited-growth market - you're not going to all of a sudden discover a vast new audience of car buffs or gun nuts.
      • And since 1993, the impressive grounds of Goodwood House have also been home to the festival, which has become a magnet for car nuts.
      • It's part of an annual event that attracts 1.5 million car nuts, most of them there to show off their classic cars.

  • 4British informal

    coco masculine informal
    mate masculine Southern Cone informal
  • 5 vulgar slang nuts plural

    huevos masculine vulgar slang
    cojones masculine vulgar slang
    pelotas feminine Southern Cone vulgar slang
    tanates masculine Mexico vulgar slang
  • 6US slang

    gastos generales masculine

transitive verb nutting, nutted, nutted

  • 1

    darle un cabezazo a
    • One of them grabbed my hand, so I pulled it away and he pushed me against a wall, and then he nutted me and I fell to the floor.
    • I could nut him and put him down, or keep negotiating and calming him.
    • I went up for the ball and got there first but one of their lads just nutted me in the wrong place.
    • Who ever nutted him last week will probably have knocked some sense into his peanut brain and should be telling him to sort out the domestic economy.
    • I'd just left to go to the bar when Mark came storming up to me saying that he'd nutted a guy for calling him a fag!
    • She gave a little laugh through her tears. ‘When Daddy finally got the full picture, he nutted David a good one.’
    • The new half was only six minutes old when he nutted the equaliser from a Steven Smith free-kick.
    • Even Thierry Henry could have nutted it further than that.
    • From a short corner, Totti coaxed in a lovely ball to the far post and Toni, six yards out and free of his marker, nutted it into the corner.
    • Koroman's dangerous cross is nutted behind by Boulharouz for a corner.
    • Senderos heads away just as Pizarro is about to nut a cross in from about eight yards out.
    • How often have you heard of an uncle nutting his nephew?
    • Oppens used her elbows, wrists and knuckles, and sometimes her head came so near the keyboard that I suspect she nutted the poor instrument as well.
    • Figo, who should have walked for nutting Van Bommel, is just muscled off the ball by Boulahrouz and goes down clutching his face.
    • The air of unreality continued when Motherwell decided not to defend a Giovanni van Bronckhorst corner which Lorenzo Amoruso nutted goalwards from a narrow angle, with Wallace touching it into the net on the line.

There are 2 main translations of NUT in Spanish

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