Traducción de o'clock en Español:


Pronunciación /əˈklɑk/ /əˈklɒk/


  • 1

    (telling time)
    it's four o'clock son las cuatro
    • it's one o'clock es la una
    • at two o'clock in the afternoon/morning a las dos de la tarde/mañana / madrugada
    • it's twelve o'clock exactly son las doce en punto
    • it's just after one o'clock acaba de dar la una
    • the five o'clock train el tren de las cinco
    • Guards came on at ten o'clock and had eight hours to kill when nothing was happening.
    • We sat drinking our Mojitos in a new bar in Soho, which had appealed to us thanks to its promise of a two-for-one happy hour until ten o'clock.
    • It's now five o'clock, only an hour to go before his book launch.
    • We swim every day for an hour at 8 o'clock in the morning and I have to confess to not being the best swimmer in the world.
    • On Monday morning, they started out for the motorway at the unusually early hour of ten o'clock.
    • So, it was back up to the surgery this morning, at the ungodly hour of nine o'clock.
    • The recording took just about an hour and will be broadcast on July 29th at one o'clock.
    • The sleepy senators were collected before sunrise and the ceremony finished well before eight o'clock.
    • It is almost eight o'clock, and the store is about to open its doors to the first customers of the day.
    • We arrived at the restaurant some time around eight o'clock.
    • I managed to get to sleep about eight o'clock this morning, woke at eleven-thirty, and still didn't know what day it was.
    • He was handcuffed, and in due course brought to Rotherham, at which place he arrived between seven and eight o'clock at night.
    • At around eight o'clock, Odessa and Marilee still hadn't returned home, and Elizabeth heard a knock at the door.
    • When the alarm went off at eight o'clock much swearing occurred.
    • At eight o'clock each morning, either himself or one of his team checks the salmon cages on Loch Ness and begins feeding the fish.
    • Every Monday night at eight o'clock, Spanish football fans make a date with England's greatest export.
    • Recordings started at eight o'clock and the pair would be in the Television Centre bar by quarter-past nine.
    • When Matt woke up the next morning, it was just before eight o'clock.
    • At eight o'clock in the morning 20 families were pulled out of their beds.
    • On Sunday morning he got up between eight and nine o'clock, and complained of not feeling well.