Translation of obedience in Spanish:


obediencia, n.

Pronunciation /əˈbidiəns/ /oʊˈbidiəns/ /əˈbiːdɪəns/

Definition of obediencia in Spanish


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    obediencia feminine
    to show obedience to sb/sth obedecer a algn/algo
    • to owe obedience to sb deberle obediencia a algn
    • But his blind obedience to duty and authority leads to a moral failure to rebel against Ahab, and because duty wins, he dooms both himself and the ship to its fate.
    • Particularly significant is the power of certain types of organization to condition the behaviour of their members, especially in habituating them to obedience to authority.
    • He was fascinated by behavioural patterns and society's obedience to authority and New Yorkers were doubtless delighted when his research revealed them to be so obliging.
    • The church was remarkably successful in implanting tradition, respect for hierarchy and obedience to authority in French Canadian society.
    • The most important qualities of a good child are respect for the elderly and obedience to parental authority.
    • In the past, our conduct was dictated by one primal theme: obedience to parents, sexual ‘purity,’ and high morals.
    • Both identity and habits of uniformity offer benefits to a state or other power-wielding organisation, in terms of popular solidarity with it and obedience to it, respectively.
    • He stayed right where he was, in perfect obedience to his master's word.
    • That is where Milgram was to conduct his classic and controversial experiments on blind obedience to authority.
    • The point is, you've torn down the person's sense of self and convinced them that they only way they can succeed at anything is through obedience to authority.
    • It seems that there's a terrible mindset at work here, one which puts obedience to authority beyond all other concerns.
    • The idea of obedience to a discipline struck him as mildly revolting.
    • Niuean society is a gerontocracy based on obedience to and respect for those who are older than oneself, with special accord being given to males and those who are first-borns.
    • When it came to a choice between believing and living Catholic faith and morals versus doing as she pleased, she went with obedience to Catholic faith and morals.
    • Deference and obedience to elders is considered extremely important.
    • The 18th century philosophers wanted to liberate man from the shackles of blind faith and obedience to authority.
    • He said that exercises at schools focused more on obedience to authority, to the teacher and school regulations, which was another way of instilling obedience to the state and the ruler.
    • Even in his strongest statements on the subject, Martin depicts the proposed changes as a matter of obedience to the courts, rather than to the principles on which Canada operates.
    • The evidence suggests to many that obedience to a complex truth suffered from a sense of urgency that made attention harder.