Translation of obligatory in Spanish:


obligatorio, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈblɪɡəˌtɔri/ /əˈblɪɡət(ə)ri/

Definition of obligatorio in Spanish


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    military service is obligatory el servicio militar es obligatorio
    • the movie contained the obligatory car chase la película tenía la inevitable / consabida persecución de coches
    • First of all, what is the statutory or obligatory requirement for rank on a disciplinary tribunal?
    • While it is a fact that the Official Guide rules extra time obligatory at the end of a second draw, it also allows the League organisers to draw up their own rules before the start of such competitions.
    • Being born in the US bestows US citizenship on the offspring and eliminates the obligatory military service requirement.
    • Legal experts equate obligatory drug testing to suspicionless searches, and doubt any rational court would allow for the testing of entire student bodies.
    • It insists on the introduction of obligatory rules for anti-discriminatory conduct in the job descriptions of schoolteachers.
    • By virtue of a developing custom, particular conduct may be considered to be permitted or obligatory in legal terms, or abstention from particular conduct may come to be considered a legal duty.
    • During his rule an obligatory school system was introduced.
    • I can't by morals and obligatory familial nature allow you to keep him wondering and locked in his room without conversation or band practice for any more days.
    • If the government enforces two legislations for two similar obligatory programs, the result would be legal uncertainty, he said.
    • The protest was the first public display of dissent by women since the 1979 revolution, when the new regime enforced obligatory veiling.
    • Regulations need to be introduced and strictly enforced to make it obligatory for workplace testing where there is evidence of a high risk from radon.
    • Until the final clarification of the obligatory requisites, they cannot be traded on the Stock Exchange.
    • It has been a demanding day, but demanding is not obligatory.
    • Although attendance is not obligatory, there is one hard-fast rule and that is that once the youths are dropped off at the centre, they are not permitted to leave until the club comes to a close.
    • Good and bad, right and wrong, victims and survivors and the obligatory sex and violence - what other moral and visual ingredients do you need to get both ratings and campaigning kudos?
    • And then of course, as is apparently compulsory these days, there's the obligatory shock twist ending that doesn't stand up to a moment's scrutiny.
    • With all the attention lavished on big cases by the media, have such appearances become obligatory and, as a result, changed the rules that lawyers must follow?
    • Self-sufficient women and changing social rules mean marriage is no longer obligatory.
    • Mortgage protection policies are only obligatory when buying your own home - they are not required for investment properties.
    • It was just a matter of the requisite number of planning meetings and then obligatory rehearsals.