Translation of oblong in Spanish:


alargado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɑbˌlɔŋ/ /ˈɒblɒŋ/

Definition of alargado in Spanish


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    • A table of oblong shape stood midway between the drawing-room walls.
    • They may be square in shape like ravioli or in half-moon or oblong shapes.
    • Curving appendages attached to oblong shapes or to punctured spheres in some of the works may allude to other life-forms such as insects or invertebrates.
    • Formations on sloping ground tended to stretch into oblong shapes with the longest dimension pointing downhill.
    • Dusting a covered board with flour, she split the dough in half, shaped each section into oblong lengths and placed them in greased loaf pans.
    • It was awkwardly wrapped and had a strange, oblong shape to it.
    • Square pockets provided the chance to create two uniform fields of oblong shape.
    • The size and slightly oblong shape certainly help with the reproductions, though the pictures seem to be a little bit misty in texture.
    • To the left sat a dark, oblong table and six sturdy chairs.
    • In the center of the room was a large, oblong table with a chair at the head for the king.
    • Kaufman scored this luscious ground with dozens of thin white diagonal lines before adding a final layer of geometry: six oblong rectangles stacked on top of each other in graduated shades of gray.
    • The scheme of a three-winged portico recalls the many coastal porticoed villas that appear on small square or horizontal oblong panels in Roman wall painting.
    • Then we showed them how to roll it into an oblong shape and flatten it if they wanted their artwork to resemble the oval of a human face.
    • When the moon tugs on the Earth's surface, it stretches the planet into a slightly oblong shape.
    • The group, including Jude, Texas, Katie, the President, and two other men Jude didn't recognize, all sat down around the oblong table.
    • Malkeius walked into the briefing room, a oblong table adorned the center of the chamber with a single holographic projector.
    • This was a narrow oblong table with a single broad hinged flap.
    • No one was seated at the oblong table, apart from Louis leaning nonchalantly at one end talking to Paul, who was seated to the left side of him.
    • They sat down in an oblong table for ten, sharing seats with four other schoolmates.
    • He entered the conference room and sat at the old oblong table as the minutes ticked by.


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    rectángulo masculine
    the courtyard was an oblong el patio era alargado / tenía forma de rectángulo