Translation of obtrusive in Spanish:


demasiado prominente, adj.

Pronunciation /əbˈtrusɪv/ /ɑbˈtrusɪv/ /əbˈtruːsɪv/


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    (presence/narrator/building) demasiado prominente
    (noise) molesto
    (smell) penetrante
    the violins/his gestures were obtrusive los violines/sus gestos eran demasiado prominentes
    • His actions were quickly followed and none of the officers noticed any longer the obtrusive wrongness of his presence.
    • By its very nature, this commercial intrusion is designed to be obtrusive and dominant.
    • Brash fashion, garish visuals and acceptably obtrusive sounds make for an attention grabbing set this evening at the Music Box.
    • Ashley's response was cut short by a loud, obtrusive cough from where Jimmy sat to my left.
    • Commercial influence and the grip of wealthy patrons are obtrusive and obvious.
    • We may find that some religious augmentation of a school's dress code is not obtrusive, while others violently blare forth!
    • The void of the Berlin Museum is incessant, obtrusive and silent.
    • The scenario was made so ghastly and obtrusive that I guess most women and kids would be too frightened to try eating out at the prison-like eatery.
    • The other tables, however, had much less obtrusive lighting.
    • The works would be less obtrusive from rooms further up.
    • Yet I was overwhelmed by the kindness of Laotian people, who were warm without being obtrusive, direct without being rude.
    • The more ambitious and well favoured tend to become obtrusive, and, eventually, inevitably, an embarrassment to their masters.
    • Though their presence was meant to be protective, it was essentially obtrusive, and in terms of it being necessary at all, tragic.
    • I like the idea a lot, but the blue highlighting is just too obtrusive - I find I'm reading the hyperlinks and ignoring the text.
    • So now you have a rather obtrusive opening on the ground floor with a view into an empty basement without stores or food outlets.
    • There are other, less obtrusive ways to reduce software piracy.
    • The Colorama, once a welcome diversion, seemed by then vulgar and obtrusive.
    • On an aesthetic level, this film is special because it utilises a lot of modern devices successfully without feeling obtrusive or gimmicky.
    • The courts have been inconsistent, often influenced by how obtrusive the display is and whether a genuine historic context is involved.
    • In his case, and perhaps in yours as well, the direction isn't obtrusive in any way.