Translation of occidental in Spanish:


occidental, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɑksəˈdɛn(t)l/ /ɒksɪˈdɛnt(ə)l/

Definition of occidental in Spanish


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    • Enwezor's search for this inclusive discourse confronted the ethics and limits of occidental power, and its impact on contemporary discourses of globalization.
    • And yet, it is a two-way colonization, as the translation and dissemination of extreme cinema ‘colonizes’ the occidental market.
    • Mainstream occidental thought about peace has changed little during the past 2,000 years, apart from oriental elements during the Middle Ages.
    • One of their characteristics was the attempted imitation of occidental lifestyle.
    • While opium dens were notorious in Auckland during the 1960's, Aucklanders haven't been exposed to their occidental charms for quite some time.
    • The entrées mostly feature standard, Western portions of meat, smeared in sweet, somewhat bizarre, occidental sauces.
    • Jayadev believes that Alkazi welded pedagogic and creative strains, the oriental and the occidental, to evolve his own methodology of theatre training.
    • Singing in Polish, Hebrew, Arabic and French, the group is a remarkable bridge between oriental and occidental music on their second CD.
    • Noting she's occidental, the father speaks to her in English.
    • This logic is most fully expressed in occidental societies.
    • One might, if one is no slave to occidental prejudice, suggest Chuang-Tzu, who was more adept at the droll and the fantastic.
    • Three clowns out of a Fellini film throw their nets over a group of Korean sailors who don't know what to make of so much occidental stupidity.
    • Fossil remains have been discovered in the occidental part of the Djurab desert, North Chad, in the Toros-Menalla region.
    • Nevermind what the locals say, your occidental lady friend is more than likely not going to appreciate The Meguro Parasite Museum.
    • Astropalmistry, the combination of palmistry and occidental astrology, is my special subject.
    • Its roots are in the heavens and its branches permeate the cosmos, paralleled in occidental mythology by the Norse Yggdrasill.
    • So, finally the interpretation doesn't goes so far from occidental astrology.
    • In occidental astrology mars is in Taurus which represents less energy and competitiveness than mars in Aries.
    • It sets the rhythm of life in this archipelago and is a pulsating hub that blends the Oriental with the Occidental, the mundane with extraordinary.