Translation of occult in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈkəlt/ /ɒˈkʌlt/ /ˈɒkʌlt/


  • 1

    the occult las ciencias ocultas


  • 1

    (arts/powers) oculto
    (ritual) ocultista
    • Her plots depend on the occult power of art and the frailty of our ordinary healthy relation to the world.
    • The result is witchcraft practised as an occult art, operating primarily through spells and curses.
    • Americans have significantly increased their belief in psychic, paranormal and occult phenomena over the past decade, the Gallup Poll notes.
    • In addition Spence distinguished between the benevolent occult arts and black magic.
    • From her he had inherited his mysticism and his occult powers.
    • He was the son of Silken Thomas and as a result of being educated in Italy he came to be recognised as a dabbler in the occult arts.
    • I had a grandmother involved in the occult practice of Kabala and that was very dangerous.
    • Plus I will be putting together two galleries, one of designs I have done for specific people, and another of occult tattoo flash art.
    • She even thought that mesmerism and hypnotism were occult arts.
    • I have a doctorate in religious philosophy as well as the occult arts so I know a lot about different religions.
    • He passionately wanted to revive interest in the occult arts.
    • The Allies raid the camp where the occult ceremony is taking place, but not before a demon has already been conjured.
    • I am often thankful that I started studying/practicing Zen shortly before I began studying/practicing various occult traditions.
    • Seeking ‘higher levels of consciousness’ may instead bring devotees face to face with evil spirits through occult practices.
    • Both Christian and Jew are forbidden to participate in the occult practices listed in Deuteronomy 18: 10.
    • The genuine seekers of truth will receive the spiritual awakening not by psychedelic drugs nor by occult practices.
    • Leading members of the society visited India and other parts of Asia to study mystical teachings and seek out occult phenomena.
    • As Thomson relates, film began as an occult, slightly shady art, played in flickering lights often in the bad part of town.
    • The regulation bans any direct or indirect promotion through radio or television of occult practices.
    • It is no accident therefore, that alchemy has been relegated to the margins along with other occult practices.
  • 2formal

    (secret, esoteric)
    (terminology) arcano formal
    • Every culture has its avant-garde, and every avant-garde has its own occult language.
    • Since my initiation, very few outside of my Order knew of my initiation or of my occult involvement.
    • That's what is so disappointing about using the Net to organize occult communities.
    • Goddess worship is a key component in most esoteric - or what came to be known as occult - traditions.