Translation of occupy in Spanish:


ocupar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɑkjəˌpaɪ/ /ˈɒkjʊpʌɪ/

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transitive verb occupies, occupying, occupied

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    • 1.1

      (offices/site/compartment/position) ocupar
      this seat is occupied este asiento está ocupado
      • Fluid fills the space normally occupied by air in the middle ear.
      • The congregation had to negotiate dangerous steep stairs and fill the space not occupied by a spinning wheel and furniture.
      • These are hollow casts that partially fill the space once occupied by the original crystals of anhydrite.
      • The purpose is to fill the space occupied by the standard recoil spring guide and also provide a bit of a cushion for the slide.
      • The machine occupied a whole room, filling it with a tangle of piano wires and pulleys to move its various wheels and gears.
      • He could not occupy the drawer space because it was filled with the props.
      • The spaces that weren't occupied by ships were filled with lasers in missiles.
      • Every parking space was occupied and the line of voters extended from the gymnasium out into the lobby.
      • School was just something to fill the time, to occupy the space between Tommy and sleep.
      • Though I'm a big fan of Nick, it's good to see somebody else occupying the space as well.
      • ‘Ashes and Snow’ was the first solo exhibit ever to occupy the entire space.
      • Water vapor takes up space otherwise occupied by oxygen molecules.
      • The bed which Peter now occupied once belonged to another girl.
      • Her mind drifted towards the girl who had occupied the seat next to hers.
      • According to one rabbinic text, a scholar suggests that David will occupy a throne next to God.
      • Spain occupies about 85 percent of the Iberian peninsula, with Portugal on its western border.
      • The 2,833 lakes in Lithuania occupy about 1.5 percent of the surface area of the nation.
      • Owner Larry Hyatt estimates ammunition occupies about 15 percent of the shop's space.
      • Where exposed the umbilicus occupies one-third of basal diameter.
      • Then he placed her down on the chair she had occupied earlier.
      • Many catering businesses occupy old buildings and ventilation systems are often adapted to fit around the structure.
      • Fewer than half the shops were occupied by the same businesses that they had housed 10 years ago.
      • Only 30 of the road's 127 houses are occupied and five tenants live in the row likely to be demolished.
      • Two of the flats above the store were occupied by local tenants, however neither were home at the time.
      • She turned to the business people in south Wiltshire whose enterprises occupy listed buildings.
      • The ground floor of the building is presently occupied by both a taxi and a bookmaking business.
      • As a result, undesirable tenants occupied the buildings and disturbed the peace through illegal activities.
      • The three buildings are fully occupied by tenants, it said.
      • The workshop is for Lismore commercial property owners and business operators occupying commercial premises.
      • The refurbishment took place under difficult circumstances, with the tenants still occupying the building, Masilela adds.
      • Up to £2,000 is available for new businesses occupying vacant premises and employing at least one member of staff.
      • This is one of the key areas for inward investment to improve the quality of both premises and the businesses that occupy them.
      • The new law is designed for businesses which occupy premises, and not property owners.
      • The three buildings are fully occupied by tenants, it said.
      • The main floor is presently occupied by commercial tenants.
      • Prada is taking over 23,000 square feet of space formerly occupied by the Guggenheim museum.
      • Many workers already occupy the place I will be calling home for the next three months.
      • Historians say the finds prove the site has been occupied for 10,000 years.
      • During the study individual cells were occupied on average for 2.27 1.28 years.

    • 1.2

      (post/rank) ocupar
      • There is a Manning Clark Professor at ANU who, as I understand it, simply occupies Manning's old job.
      • With Merkel now occupying the chancellery, the circle is complete.
      • After all it was thanks to US and European financial and political backing that he occupies the presidency.
      • Even the poor, low-paid jobs occupied by immigrant workers are now coveted.
      • From 245 on he occupied a dominant position amongst the Achaeans, normally holding the generalship of the confederacy in alternate years.
      • With Adorno's support, he returned to Frankfurt in 1964 as a professor of philosophy and sociology, occupying the position that Horkheimer had held.
      • They occupy their positions at the invitation of the president.
      • She said outgoing officer Terri-Ann Pettet had done an amazing job in the four years she had occupied the position.
      • Professional positions are usually occupied by individuals who have had post-secondary school education.
      • Ninety-one percent of the officers in this sample were vice presidents or occupied a position of higher rank.
      • If the professor has come out, he or she may unwillingly occupy a position of dual authority in the eyes of students.
      • One-third of the 57 respondents occupy the position of CEO or president and the rest are vice-presidents or managers.
      • Toward the end of the Middle Ages, a new type of individual began to occupy the position of shadchan - the paid professional.
      • You now occupy a position of leadership in your profession.
      • It is only three weeks ago that Garang was sworn in as first vice president, a position now occupied by his successor, Salva Kiir.
      • I wouldn't want to be president, or occupy any other high-ranking position.
      • A standard course for those currently occupying a supervisory position is also being developed.
      • The target is to achieve 10th place, the position currently occupied by the Czech Republic.
      • He moved up the hierarchy and, in 1920, occupied the position of press secretary.

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    (country/town/factory/premises) ocupar
    occupying forces fuerzas de ocupación
    • The US military will continue to occupy the country, exercising powers amounting to martial law.
    • How can you be a sovereign nation while your country is occupied by the military of another nation?
    • In the countries occupied by the Red Army at that time, vicious purges took place against religious leaders of all faiths.
    • If military forces aggressively occupy an area, the power needed to operate water pumps and plants may not be available.
    • There is no talk of Pearl Harbor, or of fascist, military dictators, or occupied nations, or a fight for democracy.
    • By using ‘air policing,’ the British maintained control without occupying the country.
    • Historically, when military forces occupied belligerent territory, little how-to guidance existed.
    • Then in 1882, following a failed attempt by the Egyptian army to end foreign interference, British troops occupied the country.
    • Washington sent Marines into Haiti in 1915 and militarily occupied the country for nearly 20 years.
    • Militarily occupying countries is a terribly inefficient way to obtain energy.
    • Now, ironically, it was time to fill the space formerly occupied by indigenous people with indigenous people.
    • We visited each occupied and previously occupied territory at least twice per month.
    • Collective punishment is forbidden by the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 governing militarily occupied territories.
    • During World War II he parachuted into German occupied territory in a German uniform, and escaped death narrowly.
    • Most of the population occupied what would become the republic of Tajikistan in the former Soviet Union.
    • In Poland it is looking into the use of several facilities once occupied by Soviet forces.
    • A further influence was the iconography of the early Christian art of the Byzantines who occupied southern Spain.
    • On September 17, Soviet troops invaded and then occupied eastern Poland under the terms of this agreement.
    • In 1920, army troops from what was then the Soviet Union invaded and occupied the capital city, Baku.
    • We know they have occupied their neighbor Kuwait, and we have thrown them out.
    • Workers occupied the factory in protest over the dismissal of 250 of the company's 500-strong workforce.
    • As part of their protest, workers occupied the factory roof.
    • The workers occupied the factory after a protest stoppage on January 26 in support of a 300 rupees pay increase owing to them since last year.
    • When workers occupied the banks in protest against closures in January, the unions ordered them to be handed over to the receivers.
    • In some instances, workers have occupied shutdown plants in protest.
    • Early in September, some 5,000 people from various areas in Sampang, protested the delay by occupying the regency office.
    • At the beginning of May, the trade unions had been dissolved; trade union offices were forcibly occupied and leading officials arrested.
    • On September 5 workers occupied a building at the firm's Poznan headquarters and began a hunger strike.
    • The building is occupied by workers from the Traffic Square Restaurant, and other workers working for the owner.
    • Protesters, who occupied the council's building, accused the governor of corruption.
    • There are about 400 illegal immigrant farm workers occupying buildings in Seville, Spain, demanding the right to stay in the country.
    • Workers occupied the plant, stayed for over a year and finally won.
    • Since then the workers have been occupying the factory without general trade union support.
    • In January 2002, hundreds of workers and supporters occupied the utility headquarters for 36 days.
    • Workers have occupied this sprawling factory since the local government sold it to a private enterprise, three years ago.
    • The workers occupied the factory and after three years are still hoping to be able to buy the factory and get it back into production.
    • The workers subsequently occupied the factory and restarted production, this time operating as owners of a cooperative.
    • Protesters threatened to occupy the council building if legislators and the shoe company continue to ignore their demands.
    • In a threatened workplace by far the best answer is for workers to occupy the factory or plant.
    • You could name them, boycott them, occupy their offices and force them out of business.
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    (space/attention) ocupar
    (time) llevar
    (time) ocupar
    the meeting occupied the entire day la reunión les (or nos etc.) llevó / ocupó todo el día
    • it doesn't occupy much space no ocupa mucho espacio
    • it's important to keep your mind occupied es importante mantener la mente ocupada
    • she was occupied with her accounts estaba ocupada con sus cuentas
    • to keep sb occupied mantener a algn ocupado
    • that should keep them occupied! ¡eso los mantendrá ocupados!
    • writing that letter kept me occupied all afternoon escribir esa carta me tuvo ocupada toda la tarde
    • to occupy oneself ocupar el tiempo
    • I occupied myself by reading a newspaper ocupé el tiempo / me entretuve leyendo un periódico
    • That seems to be the key question occupying the minds of economists at the moment.
    • That question was to occupy my mind for some years, before I could finally come up with something.
    • These are the kind of pointless questions that occupy the mind when you have nothing better to do.
    • They are simply asking themselves the question that occupies any young mind: ‘What will make me happier?’
    • Dalen began asking her questions to occupy her mind.
    • Once again, she focused solely on the travel and when they entered Trent late the next day, she had other concerns occupying her mind.
    • The survey of the top brands occupying consumers' minds was first conducted 20 years ago.
    • But what's occupying my mind right now is the following question: do compact discs get slower as they get older?
    • Squash had occupied her mind and as she grew up her only concern was to keep improving.
    • Flashes of inspiration need never go to waste, buried amid the hundreds of other clever thoughts occupying your mind.
    • Merely occupying the mind with substitutes for full time work will not do.
    • Two things, you'll be surprised to discover, have been occupying my mind since last night.
    • Dysfunctional families seem to be occupying the minds of Scotland's visiting choreographers.
    • His mind had been too occupied to notice the raging tempest that was taking place up deck.
    • Cecil was too occupied to notice the last part, and so didn't ask any questions.
    • And my friends were all too occupied to notice my boredom.
    • They walked without conversation for awhile, each one occupied with thoughts of their own.
    • I roll my eyes and we fall quiet again, occupied with our own thoughts.
    • They fell into a comfortable silence, each occupied with their own thoughts and emotions.
    • He had been too occupied earlier to give it a thought until now.