Translation of occur in Spanish:


tener lugar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈkər/ /əˈkəː/

intransitive verb occurring, occurred, occurred

  • 1

    • 1.1formal (take place)

      (event/incident) tener lugar formal
      (event/incident) ocurrir
      (event/incident) suceder
      (change) producirse formal
      (change) tener lugar formal
      • Anthrax is a naturally occurring bacterium that exists in the form of spores which allow it to survive in the environment.
      • It is probable that every naturally occurring element is present in the outer core at least at trace levels.
      • Silica is rare but when present occurs in vascular bundle sheath cells in both the leaf sheath and leaf blade.
      • The virus occurs naturally in many birds and is transmitted by Culex mosquitoes.
      • Radioactivity occurs naturally in the earth and in the cosmic rays which reach the earth.
      • These agents are naturally occurring and are deadly to humans even without being weaponized.
      • Other elements occur naturally in a pure or elemental form, like sulphur or gold.
      • Surface exposures of Ncogene sedimentary rocks occur only along the edges of the basin.
      • EPO and HGH are both naturally occurring substances within the body and as such are hard to detect.
      • Mercifully, though, deaths caused by naturally occurring anthrax are rare these days.
      • AAV is a naturally occurring virus that depends on a helper virus for replication.
      • They have spent the time analyzing the naturally occurring bacteria in abalone guts.
      • The last appearance of D. murchisoni appears to occur at the same time across the region.
      • Bromide is a naturally occurring trace chemical which has a sedative effect.
      • Does ozone occur naturally at ground level and is it safe to breathe?
      • On average, nodes preceding gene duplications occur earlier in the phylogenetic trees than speciation nodes.
      • Whether or not this occurs in vivo is not yet known.
      • Our analysis indicates that frequency encoding of biological T-cell functions occurs under physiological conditions.
      • Although most often accompanied by significant ascites, it can occur in its absence.
      • The data show that aggregation will occur in the absence of detectable plasma fibrinogen.
      • An air bag is designed to protect a driver or passenger in the event that an accident occurs.
      • Hallucinations usually occur only at particular times and places, and are associated with the events hoped for.
      • The functional impairments secondary to osteoarthritis also occur more frequently in older adults.
      • But then two incidents occurred only a month apart in 1988.
      • Demonization usually occurs only in certain areas of a person's life.
      • Also it was found that recombination events often occur in gene-rich areas.
      • Changes often occur in the regions of the mouth where tobacco is placed.
      • But by mid-afternoon on Monday an unrelated incident occurred which will cause further interruptions in water supply.
      • In 1847 an incident occurred which seriously weakened his position.
      • Death usually occurs within a few weeks to a year.
      • Keep in mind, however, that the most serious accidents typically occur during deer season.
      • Of course, events do occur which accelerate the processes by which people become conscious.
      • Consequently accidents still occur due to a lack of awareness of the dangers involved with electricity.
      • Most accidents occur due to a lack of discipline and a leader's failure to enforce standards.
      • The event in question occurred some five years prior to the incident.
      • The more recent phase of integration has occurred against the backdrop of globalization.
      • Several short-term wins occurred as a result of the formation of the College Connection.
      • Much of this growth has occurred as a result of the charismatic or Pentecostal movement.
      • The offences occurred over a period of around three days in July last year.
      • So the wedding would have occurred sometime in the first week of October.

    • 1.2(appear, be found)

      (disease/species) darse
      (disease/species) encontrarse
      that phrase/idea occurs repeatedly in her writings esa frase/idea aparece repetidamente en sus escritos
      • a sound that doesn't occur in our language un sonido que no existe / no se da en nuestra lengua
      • if the opportunity occurs … si se presenta la oportunidad …

  • 2

    (come to mind)
    to occur to sb (to + inf) ocurrírsele a algn (+ inf)
    • He would often get up from bed at night when an idea occurred to him and write it down.
    • She turned her eyes down to the paw she held, several ideas occurring to her simultaneously.
    • I leaned over again so that I could see it more clearly, then an idea occurred to me.
    • An idea occurred to James at that moment and he allowed a small smile to play on his lips.
    • The idea had occurred to him during a coffee break at his session the previous afternoon.
    • There was some time left before the lesson started and an idea suddenly occurred to me.
    • It is not surprising that such an idea would occur to a writer in the Hispanic world.
    • The idea of putting it online did occur to me, but I don't know if I'd actually do it.
    • If you have an idea, throw it in - even if it occurs to you in the middle of a show.
    • It just occurs to me that this may be what is behind this idea of real money.