Translation of octagon in Spanish:


octágono, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑktəˌɡɑn/ /ˈɑktəˌɡən/ /ˈɒktəɡ(ə)n/

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    octágono masculine
    octógono masculine
    • You may know about a pentagon, a hexagon, or an octagon.
    • You'll find that the interior angle of a regular octagon is 135 degrees.
    • They considered a square, a rectangle, even an octagon.
    • Each vertex triangle of the octagon is a vertex triangle of one such parallelogram.
    • If you think of an octagon as a square with its corners cut off, you'll realize how simple the shape truly is.
    • The octagon, suggests Perrin, was chosen for its resonance with the baptistries of the ancient and gothic worlds.
    • The octagon is the symbol of the meeting between heaven and earth because it is a compromise half way between a square and a circle.
    • When the four flat pages are folded out, they form an octagon.
    • We can go ahead and bend the octagon into three dimensions to get an idea of the topology generated by this tiling of the hyperbolic plane.
    • The place was shaped like an octagon, the second floor merely a balcony over the first, large fiberglass pillars supporting the platform.
    • The octagon represents one of the three sacred treasures of the Japanese imperial court: the sacred mirror.
    • A bout in the controversial sport takes place in an octagon shaped ring surrounded by wire mesh.
    • It was an odd octagon shape with large windows along the five outer walls.
    • It was a building taller than another in the city, in the shape of an octagon, but with circular shafts on each corner.