Translation of octet in Spanish:


octeto, n.

Pronunciation /ɑkˈtɛt/ /ɒkˈtɛt/

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  • 1

    octeto masculine
    • In my continuing education I learned that Mendelssohn orchestrated the scherzo of his octet.
    • Arriaga was second fiddle in a string quartet at nine years of age, and two years later wrote an octet.
    • Burney recorded that his instrumental works - symphonies, concertos, octets, quartets, and trios - were as popular as his vocal music.
    • In spite of his modest output, Louis Ferdinand is regarded as the first to compose for the piano septet and octet mediums.
    • The final work on the disc is Dos Danzas Latinas, an eloquent wind octet in two movements - Habanera and Samba.
    • Jamil Sheriff is the pianist with Joel's band and he will be taking his own octet to Leeds College of Music on Wednesday.
    • John of Gaunt entered five groups in this year's regional festival including its wind band, low brass ensemble and trombone octet.
    • The octet will go on to perform the Dvorak anniversary concert at Castle Howard on Tuesday.
    • As Above, So Below finds Julian in a calmer mood than the usual galloping momentum of his octet line-up.
    • Tonight, Wakefield Jazz presents Sax Appeal, a long-established octet which features five saxophones, led by Derek Nash.
    • Since 1993, when the octet formed as a side project, few bands have been doing the alternative thing, as influenced by Faith No More and Mr. Bungle.
    • He also leads an octet and the South City Six Dixieland Jazz Band.
    • Mind Tricks, an octet of male dancers, consistently managed a successful balance between solo and group performance.
    • Love Of Light, the octet's second album, is an occasionally beautiful mess.
    • If I'd have known she was part of the screeching octet, I would have cleaned up a bit better.
    • In the 1970s, there was even a double bass octet specialising in new music.
    • Long at the vanguard of twenty-something folk angst, Scottish octet Belle and Sebastian have been keeping it quiet for the last year.
    • The string octet that accompanied him then had provided a safety net of sorts.
    • Murray's last release for this label, a tribute to Coltrane played by an octet, was on many critics' top - 10 lists.
    • The enterprising young Mr Sheriff has won Arts Council funding for the octet.
    • Jamil's octet tour last year and his CD Daydreams received enthusiastic reviews.
    • There is something wonderfully cussed about this Liverpool octet's omission of their finest song from their first album.
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    octava feminine
    • In the first huitain (an octet that rhymes ababbcbc) de Pisan declares her personal voice as the narrator.
    • Here is the octet as it is called, the first eight lines of the sonnet.