Translation of oculist in Spanish:


oculista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑkjələst/ /ˈɒkjʊlɪst/

Definition of oculista in Spanish


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    oculista masculine, feminine
    • His grandfather, the legendary ‘Chevalier’ Taylor, had been oculist to George II, and afterwards, so his grandson assures us, to ‘every crowned head in Europe’.
    • Obsessed with her health, she traveled with a retinue of surgeons, physicians, oculists, and apothecaries.
    • Today, he will have an artificial eye inserted by an oculist at the New Zealand Artificial Eye Service in Takapuna.
    • At the age of 16 he began wearing a monocle, an unusual step for a young man even in 1939, after an oculist told him his right eye was weaker than his left eye.
    • On the days that a medical doctor, therapists and an oculist are available at the clinic, they have to make use of the sisters' offices.
    • Because these graduates prefer more lucrative jobs such as oculists, dentists or dermatologists, the country will soon encounter a lack of physicians in the four major fields of medicine in district hospitals, the report warns.
    • In the 24 hours I have been carrying the book around in public I have received propositions on the bus, in an oculist's waiting room and from a passing chief executive.
    • I went to the oculist who blandly told me I would need glasses by the time I was 47.
    • Anne suffered from a weakness in her eyes from childhood and was sent to France to consult an oculist when she was four years old, she was to remain very short-sighted all her life and suffered from a squint.
    • Contrary to the advice of concerned oculists, these moviegoers are prepared to wear special glasses for more than two hours to experience the movie in 3-D.
    • He was not a particularly good dog - he once bit the oculist who dared to lean over me and touch my face to adjust a new pair of glasses.
    • An optometrist, ophthalmologist or oculist can make sure contact wearers have the right lenses and take care of them properly.