Traducción de odd en Español:


raro, adj.

Pronunciación /ɑd/ /ɒd/

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adjetivo odder, oddest

  • 1

    (idea/person/behavior) raro
    (idea/person/behavior) extraño
    the odd thing is that … lo raro / lo curioso es que …
    • he's the oddest of men es el hombre más raro del mundo
    • how odd that there's no one here to meet us qué raro que no haya venido nadie a buscarnos
    • it was odd of her not to say anything fue raro que no dijera nada
    • that's (very) odd: there's no milk left qué raro / qué cosa más rara: no queda leche
    • how very odd that he should write to me now qué raro que me haya escrito ahora
    • The graphics also seem very odd at times, it all looks lovely so long as you don't move.
    • And there were a couple of things he said that certainly seem rather odd.
    • Doesn't that seem rather odd that none of her colleagues would defend her?
    • They think it's rather odd to be so highly involved in football and it's vice-versa.
    • I find it very odd that individuals are against legislation of this sort.
    • After a while she noticed something quite odd.
    • Her decidedly odd looks are a major distraction whenever she is on screen.
    • But in those areas where he did well, sometimes the numbers look decidedly odd.
    • He reached into his pocket for his keys, and he noticed something odd.
    • She thought it odd that Jake would do so many nice things for him.
    • His arms and legs straightened out, no longer sticking out at odd angles.
    • Images are made strange in her works by their changed contexts and odd juxtapositions.
    • By an odd coincidence, she capped the marker just as he hung up the phone.
    • She began to tremble violently as she felt an odd sensation come over her.
    • Tel's fingers involuntarily clenched up as he felt the odd sensation once more.
    • Back in the desert I had an odd sensation of riding into a landscape.
    • The odd thing is that he did the interview at all, I think.
    • The acting is strong, though odd at times.
    • Sometimes I meet people in odd places and am surprised to learn that they are on their first overseas trip.
    • Sunday was a nice lazy day, full of odd surprises and a few belly laughs.
  • 2

    (occasional, random)
    she smokes the odd cigarette se fuma algún / alguno que otro cigarrillo
    • except for the odd fisherman … a excepción de algún / alguno que otro pescador …
    • he's done odd jobs for us nos ha hecho algunos trabajitos
    • The time saved by this happening far outweighs the odd occasion when someone does not leave it at the end of his drive.
    • Truth be told, there are crowds of people who never drink, or who drink only on the odd occasion.
    • We had the odd drink together but we didn't glam around.
    • However, there is the occasional shock and the odd fleeting moment of interest as to who will be next for the chop.
    • On the odd occasion that he's had a few to drink, I think he brings out the red suit and talks wistfully about his sleigh.
    • And on the odd occasion Redfearn escaped the clutches of Bauress, Steve Hollis was on hand to look after the ex-Premiership star.
    • On the odd occasion he might wish to be somewhere else.
    • Sharp riffs that occasionally nick the odd melody.
    • Fortunately, I am relatively immune from this in the middle of Bear Lane, although I occasionally hear the odd siren.
    • I have to admit, I have milked my abilities on the odd occasion.
    • And although the odd incident used to happen in the past, that number has increased with the number of activities in the area.
    • I haven't been keeping up with his last few releases, although the odd track has occasionally grabbed my attention.
    • They apologised as they fidgeted with the bags and behaved as well as they could but lost their nerve on the odd occasion.
    • And, on the odd occasion, he has even been put in as an emergency centre-back.
    • But on the odd occasion they venture outside these extremes, the country descends into chaos.
    • However, they quickly dried in the sunshine with just the odd patch of mud remaining.
    • I'm doing a small site on Ghost Buildings - a unimaginative term for the odd remainders left behind when a building goes down.
    • In the meantime I am eating toast with marmalade every few minutes and the odd meal whenever I can face it.
    • It showed as low tackle followed low tackle, followed by the odd flamboyant dive or five.
    • Messi's account of his spare time includes nothing racier than PlayStation and the odd barbecue.
  • 3

    • 3.1(unmatched, single)

      (sock/glove) desparejado
      (sock/glove) sin pareja
      • I've heard of sock heaven for odd socks, but there must be a bookmark heaven for missing bookmarks as I've lost heaps over the years.
      • Your muddled brain, full of paperclips and odd socks and dirty cotton wool buds simply cannot function.
      • I once wrote a manifesto for odd socks wearers on a post-it note.
      • Ever wondered if all those forgotten passwords end up in the same place as those missing odd socks?
      • The pace of events has slowed down and we take time for personal maintenance, like washing odd socks.
      • But the forks they use will be an odd assortment of different sets.
      • If the pans remain level, the odd coin is among the 13 set aside.

    • 3.2Matemáticas

      (number) impar
      • If the number in the second column is odd, divide it by two and drop the remainder.
      • Notice that smoothing a crossing changes the number of components of a link by one and that multiplication by z switches odd and even polynomials.
      • If you are taking half an odd number, use the integer quotient and ignore the remainder of 1.
      • An odd perfect number is defined to be an odd integer that is equal to the sum of its proper divisors.
      • The issue of odd perfect numbers remains unsettled, however.
      • In it Vinogradov proved that every sufficiently large odd integer can be expressed as the sum of three primes.
      • He stated that any even integer can be written as the sum of two primes and every odd integer is either a prime or the sum of three primes.
      • Even integers in the top row correspond to throws from the right hand, and odd integers to throws from the left.
      • In his talk, he gave an outline of some of Thompson's work, beginning with the odd order theorem of Feit and Thompson.
      • Every even natural number x greater than six can be written as the sum of two distinct odd primes.
      • Goldbach also conjectured that every odd number is the sum of three primes.
      • Hence such graphs require n to be odd, and then for each axis there are n such graphs.
      • If that number is odd, the last object will be a circle.
      • When k is an integer there are k or 2k petals depending whether k is odd or even.
      • I thought about the origin of all square numbers and discovered that they arose from the regular ascent of odd numbers.
      • In every known pair, both numbers are even or both are odd.

  • 4

    • 4.1(being left over, spare)

      have you got the odd 3p? ¿tienes tres peniques sueltos / los tres peniques?
      • if you've got the odd moment to spare si tienes algún momento libre
      • I have a few odd bits of fabric left over me han sobrado unos retazos

    • 4.2coloquial (approximately)

      it cost me 30 pounds odd or 30-odd pounds me costó 30 y tantas libras / 30 y pico libras coloquial
      • she must be 80 odd by now debe tener 80 y tantos años / 80 y pico (de) años