Translation of oestrus in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈiːstrəs/ /ˈɛstrəs/


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    • ‘When the female is in estrus, breeding bulls that are 35 to 55 years old and in their prime can be many miles away,’ Garstang said.
    • Judging from mating rate, I found that female topi antelopes in estrus preferred lek males to resource defenders.
    • A beef cow has a 21-day estrous cycle, the period from one estrus, or heat, to the next.
    • A female may come into her brief period of estrus at any time during the mating season, which runs from late November through mid-January.
    • After producing a foal, her periods of estrus are more difficult to detect, and she remains with the father of her offspring.
    • Females that exhibit estrus during the feeding period have not consumed an adequate daily dose of MGA.
    • Around 18 hours after giving birth, females experience postpartum estrus, and mate again.
    • However, if a female's cubs are killed (usually by an intruding male lion), then the female comes into estrus early and has more cubs.
    • The number of males and the number of females in estrus within a 10 m radius of the male was recorded at each location.
    • The estrous cycle is 28 days with a 3 day period of estrus.
    • Female chipmunks are in estrus for 1 day a year in late April or early May.
    • Fillies began ovulating and advertising estrus by adopting a distinctive posture between one and two years of age.
    • Women's sexuality is not limited to a specific period of estrus, as it is in almost all other mammals.
    • The reproductive cycle has four stages: anestrus, proestrus, estrus, and diestrus.
    • To assess whether shadowing was linked to estrus, we required an estimate of the likely estrous period for females.
    • This study involved the 29 females that showed estrus cycles with swellings during the 2002 mating season.
    • Males will mate with females that inhabit their territory or seek out estrus females if no territory is established.
    • Females have a short estrus period of 3 to 5 days.
    • We collected female urine by bladder palpation and pooled the samples over 7-20 days per female to control for variation due to estrus.
    • Chenoweth described biostimulation as the positive stimulatory effects of a bull on estrus, ovulation, or pregnancy.