Translation of of in Spanish:


de, prep

Pronunciation /əv/ /ɒv/ /(ə)v/

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  • 1

    (indicating relationship, material, content)
    the son of Mr and Mrs T Phipps el hijo de los señores Phipps
    • it's made of wood es de madera
    • a box of chocolates una caja de bombones
    • a kilo of grapes un kilo de uvas
    • that piece of Schumann's esa pieza de Schumann
    • a colleague of mine/his/ours un colega mío/suyo/nuestro
    • it's no business of yours no es asunto tuyo
    • that brother of yours el loco (or estúpido / irresponsable etc.) de tu hermano
    • He was about five years older than me but I knew him as he was the son of one of my mum's friends
    • Back in the early 1960s, the government of Italy decided to set up an agency to regulate the production of wines.
    • On the cover was a photograph of an elderly couple, a man standing behind a lady with his arms wrapped tightly around her.
    • The waitress who greeted me when I arrived turned out to be a former colleague of mine.
    • He is the director of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties.
    • Kevin was an old friend of Ryan's
    • He was wearing an old black silk shirt of Andy's, which was far too big for him.
    • Any strategy based on a reduction of the role of the qualified teacher is potentially disastrous.
    • Detective Superintendent Parkinson said they were keen to trace the owner of a black car parked outside the West End Bar.
    • Police said two of the men charged were using false identities.
    • Some of the children had fallen asleep.
    • His career as television's pre-eminent art historian started with a series of programmes made for ITV.
    • She decided to buy a bottle of champagne and celebrate with Michele.
    • She went inside and poured another cup of coffee.
    • It costs a lot of money to make a movie.
    • What I'd like right now is an enormous slice of chocolate cake.
    • This is really what the island is known for - the gorgeous 12-mile stretch of fine sand.
    • He wasn't interested in financial success, unlike most of his team mates.
    • He grabbed a handful of fries and started eating.
  • 2

    (descriptive use)
    the city of Athens la ciudad de Atenas
    • a girl by the name of Elizabeth una niña llamada Elizabeth
    • a boy of ten un niño de diez años
    • a woman of courage/character una mujer valiente/de carácter
    • a matter of great urgency un asunto de extrema urgencia
    • a brute of a man una bestia de hombre
    • he's a giant of a man es un gigante
    • a little gem of a play una obra que es una joyita
    • It was a packed house, with people of all ages enjoying a brilliant night out.
    • Two thirds of the artists were of Jewish backgrounds.
    • According to myth, the city of Rome was founded by twin brothers, Romulus and Remus, in 753 BC.
    • I like the idea of marriage as a life-long commitment.
    • There is a serious problem with this type of book.
    • She also said that the issue of education had come up again and again during her consultations with voters.
    • Her mother was an attractive woman of French-Canadian descent.
    • Each building will be clearly marked on a map of the city.
    • This Government is sending a very clear and unequivocal message to the people of New Zealand.
    • He let out a muffled cry of pain and fell to his knees.
  • 3

    • 3.1(partitive use)

      there were eight of us éramos ocho
      • he invited the eight of us nos invitó a los ocho
      • six of them survived seis de ellos sobrevivieron
      • many of you muchos de ustedes
      • the whole of the second floor todo el segundo piso
      • he drank of the wine bebió del vino

    • 3.2(with superl)

      the wisest of men el más sabio de los hombres
      • the best of solutions la mejor de las soluciones
      • they're the happiest of couples son una pareja muy feliz / que no podría ser más feliz
      • most of all más que nada

  • 4

    (indicating date, time)
    the sixth of October el seis de octubre
    • it is ten (minutes) of five son las cinco menos diez
    • it is a quarter of five son las cinco menos cuarto
    • Jane, his wife of six months … Jane, con la que llevaba/lleva casado seis meses …
    • her friend of over 20 years su amigo de hace más de 20 años
    • I want you home by quarter of five because your grandma's coming for dinner at five.
    • I'd love to stay here with you, but it's ten of two.
    • We were still eating supper when Gabe knocked on the door at quarter of eight.
  • 5

    (on the part of)
    it was very kind of you fue muy amable de su parte
    • how good of him to send me flowers ¡qué detalle el suyo mandarme flores!
    • it seems very cruel of them not to invite her me parece una crueldad que no la inviten
    • the stupidity of the woman! ¡hay que ver la estupidez de esta mujer!
    • He could face up to seven years in prison if found guilty of all charges against him.
    • She said she panics when people are behind her and has become suspicious of men.
    • Well, it was kind of him to let you stay here.
    • This case would be coming to an end soon, he was sure of that.
    • Those guys won't bother you anymore - I'll make sure of that.
    • She admits she's afraid of the dark.
    • I am really proud of her and I am sure she will do well at college.
    • In the end, we can be certain of one thing: the future is not likely to be boring.
    • He acted out of character and is ashamed of his behaviour that night.
  • 6

    (inherent in)
    the senselessness of it all, that's what depresses me es lo absurdo de todo el asunto lo que me deprime
    • the worry of it nearly drove her mad casi se vuelve loca de la preocupación
    • the cheek of it! ¡qué descaro!
  • 7

    • 7.1(indicating cause)

      it's a problem of their own making es un problema que ellos mismos se han creado
      • what did he die of? ¿de qué murió?
      • of itself de por sí
      • He died of a heart attack at the age of 58.

    • 7.2 archaic (by)

      beloved of all querido por / de todos