Translation of off-putting in Spanish:


desagradable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɔf ˌpʊdɪŋ/ /ɒfˈpʊtɪŋ/


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    (sight/smell/manner) desagradable
    I found the thought of it rather off-putting solo de pensar en ello se me quitaban las ganas
    • At first sight, the law may seem obscure, complex and horribly off-putting for the ordinary man or woman.
    • Given how the brain perceives motion, randomly moving balloons aren't very off-putting.
    • If parking is too short-term or too expensive people won't have sufficient time to shop or will find the additional cost off-putting.
    • Some will find the starry-eyed closeness to nature and the whiff of new-age spirituality off-putting.
    • Yet coupled with the rest of the presentation, the wacky words are more endearing than off-putting.
    • Some technologies are off-putting, but I haven't found the iPod to be one of them.
    • Woe betide if you use flash during a performance - it's off-putting to other audience members and most of all, to the performers.
    • Valerian has an off-putting taste so blend it with equal amounts of a better-tasting herb such as mint.
    • But numbers usually make a stronger case for a chief executive's dismissal than an off-putting personality.
    • They can also be sent to general psychiatric hospitals but experts say this can be off-putting for the patient and result in less specialist care.
    • Again, we're hearing a torrent of policy, and I think this is off-putting to most people.
    • He really didn't care if it was off-putting, but if it stuck with even one person once a week, he had done his work.
    • I have always found it a bit off-putting, although I could never exactly think why.
    • Something about movies that announce their delightfulness so aggressively is kind of off-putting.
    • Too much choice can be off-putting, especially if you have to negotiate with a UK company over the phone.
    • Piles of junk mail littering the hallways of a communal block of flats, for instance, can be very off-putting to potential buyers.
    • Smith ate at Amaryllis once and says that, while he enjoyed the food, the situation and style of the restaurant were off-putting.
    • And today, a bit late, it arrived, with a slightly off-putting scarlet refurbished label on the bottom.
    • Despite the off-putting appearance, we did sit down to eat it.
    • Actually its colour is a little off-putting, so close your eyes as you sip this intensely sweet and zesty wine, full of marmalade tang.
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