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oficial, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɔfəsər/ /ˈɑfəsər/ /ˈɒfɪsə/

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  • 1

    Militar Marina
    oficial masculino, femenino
    officers' mess comedor de oficiales
    • officers' quarters residencia de oficiales
    • Anderson later served as a warrant officer and commissioned officer in the Army Reserve.
    • The hardest workers among you may become chief petty officers, warrant officers and commissioned officers.
    • We have more women commissioned officers than the Active Army, even though we're about 60 percent smaller.
    • The General was commissioned as an Infantry officer from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.
    • Elected by a meeting of the ship's officers, it helps to foster comradely relations among servicemen.
    • The officers of the Continental Army made up perhaps the most cohesive and most national of institutions.
    • In some cases, high-ranking officers re-entered the Red Army with their previous ranks restored.
    • Commissioned as an infantry officer, he served in a variety of command and staff positions prior to joining the senior faculty at West Point.
    • In 1969, he applied for Officer Candidate School and earned a commission as an Infantry officer.
    • She had lunch with some of the ship's officers before going on to meet members of her air squadrons.
    • He was one of the earliest Royal Marines officers to qualify as a fixed-wing pilot.
    • He was commissioned as an armor officer in 1991 from Niagara University.
    • There are also schools to train officers for the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard.
    • His public service began as an Infantry officer in the Army.
    • "It became an intelligence war," said a senior military intelligence officer last week.
    • But the retired army warrant officer said it's not good enough.
    • His father was a retired military intelligence officer in the Egyptian army.
    • China has sacked two high-ranking naval officers involved in a fatal submarine accident.
    • The new pattern was that he appointed almost all retired army officers into civilian offices.
    • I would not be in favor of seeing another commanding officer in charge of the military.
  • 2police officer

    policía masculino, femenino
    agente de policía masculino, femenino
    (as form of address) agente
    excuse me, officer perdone, agente
  • 3

    (of union, party) dirigente masculino, femenino
    (in government service) funcionario masculino
    (in government service) funcionaria femenino
    (of club) directivo masculino
    (of club) directiva femenino
    customs officer agente de aduanas
    • officer of the law agente de la ley
    • law enforcement officer agente de la ley
    • officer of the court funcionario de tribunales
    • personnel officer jefe de personal
    • During months of bombing, there were no public health officers to issue death certificates, which explains the lack of official statistics.
    • Where a court or a public officer wrongly refuses jurisdiction the exercise of the jurisdiction can be commanded by a writ of mandamus.
    • Government officers should see public property as their own and seek to protect it.
    • What is hair raising though is that a civil servant, an officer from the Road Traffic Commission, is involved.
    • They had forgotten that they no longer were royal officers, but civil servants.
    • He left school at 16 to obtain a secure job as a tax officer in the civil service.
    • The ambassador and other embassy officers periodically urged the Government to expedite registration of church groups.
    • I have never heard of a judicial officer saying to a select committee that they want more jobs, better conditions, better pay, and all those things that flow from it.
    • Now we know our rights, and protect ourselves from scam attorneys and deceitful immigration officers.
    • Our system ordinarily reserves that function to the judicial officer hearing the merits of the matter.
    • It appears that his offences were committed after he had been recruited by intelligence officers of the government.
    • His wife, Janice, was only asked to confirm his identity to a coroners officer on Saturday July 19.
    • The samithi has pointed out the need to appoint a jurist or a civil service officer as chairman of the Board.
    • Other statements indicate a wider discontent among government officers.
    • Citizen public security officers marked by red armbands took their places.
    • It is also an offence to make false representation to an immigration officer.
    • He did not see his passport, and the agent dealt with the immigration officer at the airport.
    • He said she told a probation officer: "I will never forgive myself."
    • I like to drive, he told his probation officer after his arrest.
    • Local electoral officers are responsible for the conduct of local authority elections.
    • The professional is held in high regard like the officers of a religious organization or a professor in the educational world.
    • Environmental health officers serve closure orders when they believe there is a serious and immediate danger to public health.
    • Directors, officers and other senior financial officers set the tone for ethical behavior within any organization.
    • Its August survey of banks' senior loan officers says business loans are increasingly available.
    • Francis becomes chief marketing officer and managing director at the Wayne, Pa., company.
    • They have held corporate officers and directors accountable for their actions.
    • He rocketed to the post of chief financial officer in less than eight years.
    • Like Amegy, Sterling's officers and directors control about 9 percent of the bank's shares.
    • The regional directorate has its own press officers, accountants and managers.
    • For example left wing union officers organised the teachers' demonstration in London in March.
    • National union officers reported privatization increased the likelihood of redundancies and lower job security.
    • Others argue that they can always unload a stock if corporate officers and directors are taking advantage of shareholders.
    • The chief technical officer and senior vice president also believes size is only part of the story.
    • He is Lucent's chief technology officer and executive vice president of corporate strategy and marketing.
    • The investment management company separated the roles of chief investment officer and managing director following the controversy.
    • A creditor cannot come after an officer, director or shareholder to satisfy the obligations of the corporation.
    • I carried over my enthusiasm for D-dimer testing to another hospital in which I was a medical senior house officer.
    • The Applicant was represented by an officer of his trade union.
    • The university relations officer works to represent students on all matters pertaining to governance of the university.
    • She said the Minister appointed the chief executive officer of the authority last week.
    • In the past decade, many of my co-workers have left journalism to become mostly corporate public relation officers.
    • There are several local union officials and officers involved.
    • He was promoted to chief operating officer a year later, and became president in late 2000.