Translation of offshoot in Spanish:


retoño, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɔfˌʃut/ /ˈɑfˌʃut/ /ˈɒfʃuːt/

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  • 1

    (of plant, tree)
    retoño masculine
    vástago masculine
    renuevo masculine
    • Pistia stratiotes L. is a free-floating aquatic angiosperm that can reproduce rapidly by vegetative offshoots from stolons.
    • The flowers are probably wind-pollinated, and the plants can reproduce vegetatively by lateral offshoots, and by rhizomes.
    • Not a few of the townsfolk, or their ancestors, more likely, have gone so far as to plant offshoots of the fruit-bearing specimens in their own gardens.
    • Also inside the aloe vera plant had grown 3 offshoots which were getting to be a couple of inches high - time to repot them on their own.
    • After a female offshoot is planted it will be five years before there is a commercial crop of 30-40 pounds of dates.
  • 2

    (of family) rama feminine
    (of company, organization) filial feminine
    • The luminous mould has been developed by researchers at the commercial offshoot of the school of biological sciences at Edinburgh University.
    • The experience gained there obviously didn't go astray as she now has a thriving business, which developed as an offshoot to the Country Markets.
    • I accept this penchant may have developed as an offshoot from my dislike of thongs, but it's grown up big and strong into a whole new preference in itself.
    • That is often a criticism of the way administrative law developed in England and the way its offshoots have developed.
    • Certainly there was no shopping centre along with the myriad offshoot of shops that development has spawned.
    • Connect was set up as an offshoot of Edinburgh University five years ago.
    • Reading skills in the age of deconstruction and its many theoretical offshoots have apparently followed required Shakespeare courses into oblivion.
    • With fifteen volumes to its name, it hinted that, at the very least, it wasn't the small offshoot of Disco that many have believed before.
    • This organization was founded in 1983 as an offshoot from Wageningen Agricultural University.
    • Zen practice developed in India as an offshoot of Buddhism.
    • It will create jobs, attract a pool of educated researches, and have economic offshoots, like the commercialisation of biotechnology discovered at the institute.
    • It is an offshoot of an effective Meningitis Hib vaccine introduced in Finland which effectively solved one of the major hurdles - providing long term effectiveness.
    • The company was an umbrella organisation for a string of offshoots providing doctors and other specialists to any hospital needing to cover staffing gaps.
    • Tonight, you can check out yet another product of the creative collaborations and musical offshoots of these two bands.
    • The encouragement of smuggling was also an offshoot of this co-operation.
    • An offshoot of the actor's production company, the website serves a variety of functions.
    • Is this an HDTV offshoot or something proprietary that Moviebeam developed in-house?
    • Stuedemann and his colleagues developed the urine test as an offshoot of their vaccine work.
    • The product was developed as an offshoot of the biological warfare programme.
    • He's been brought in to produce the latest Star Wars offshoot - Star Wars: Clone Wars.