Traducción de often en Español:


a menudo, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈɔf(t)ən/ /ˈɑf(t)ən/ /ˈɒf(ə)n/ /ˈɒft(ə)n/


  • 1

    a menudo
    I see her quite often la veo bastante seguido / a menudo
    • how often do you see her? ¿con qué frecuencia la ves?
    • do you come here often? ¿vienes mucho / seguido / a menudo por aquí?
    • as often as I can siempre que puedo
    • we've often thought of emigrating hemos pensado muchas veces en emigrar
    • the point can't be made too often no está de más insistir sobre ello
    • an often repeated anecdote una anécdota muy repetida
    • That line returns to me often, usually at moments such as that on the boat last week.
    • Those who traverse the earth's wild land often end up full of wonder and respect for it.
    • We are told often how close to genius his work is, how unhappy he is, and how remorseful.
    • The numbers are further reduced by tight limits on how often they can be called up.
    • You should try to back up your data as often as you can in case you lose it or need to reconfigure your system.
    • I don't go into Soho all that often at the weekend, so twice in a month is an exception.
    • I read it quite often and think that it is a top idea to try and give inspiration to us all.
    • As often as possible, we try to get men into school to talk to the children about their work.
    • We often visit him in London and now he is coming down to have dinner with us here.
    • It is vital that we create conditions which mean more people are keen to walk more often.
    • So the pub has applied for late opening, but how often it will be used remains unclear.
    • I often serve this dish on its own with a leafy salad, or with grilled fish or chicken.
    • He often comes home late and wakes up the little ones because he wants to spend time with them.
    • Also there are reps who try and build a relationship with you because they see you so often.
    • Much of his life was spent near or on the breadline and he was often dependant on patronage.
    • At least a garage is bigger than most rooms in the house, and probably used more often.
    • For all the enthusiasm of youth, a small helping of experience can often go a long way.
    • We fly often enough that it is marginal if it is worth paying the rearrangement fee.
    • We are getting hourly updates on the radio and as often as possible on the television.
    • We often get requests from outlying villages saying they would like to do what we do.