Translation of old in Spanish:


viejo, adj.

Pronunciation /oʊld/ /əʊld/

See Spanish definition of mayor


  • 1

    (of certain age)
    how old are you? ¿cuántos años tienes?
    • he's 10 years old tiene 10 años
    • she's two years older than me me lleva dos años
    • my older brother mi hermano mayor
    • our oldest son nuestro hijo mayor
    • when the children are older cuando los niños sean mayores / más grandes
    • day-/week-old chicks pollitos de un día/de una semana
    • a month-old puppy un cachorro de un mes
    • the house is centuries old la casa tiene siglos
    • my two-year-old daughter mi hija de dos años
    • a group of fifteen-year-/six-year-olds un grupo de quinceañeros/de niños de seis años
    • she's not old enough to go to school no tiene edad de ir a la escuela
    • you're as old as you feel lo importante es tener el espíritu joven
  • 2

    (not young)
    (less polite) viejo
    the bar's always full of old men el bar siempre está lleno de viejos
    • her experiences had made her old beyond her years sus experiencias la habían hecho madurar muy rápidamente
    • old people feel the cold more los ancianos / las personas mayores / de edad sienten más el frío
    • to get / grow old/older envejecer
    • doesn't she look old! ¡qué vieja / avejentada está!
    • when I'm old cuando sea vieja
    • The majority of those left behind are too young, old or sick to travel far.
    • The setting for the film is a beautiful temple on a secluded lake where an old monk and his young charge live.
    • Now we want all residents, young and old, to select a project in their neighbourhood and make a local improvement.
    • Walkers young and old turned out in their droves at Hollingworth Lake at the weekend to help raise asthma awareness.
    • An old priest and a young one sat side by side on the ground with a book.
    • We look forward to meeting all our supporters young and old there that night.
    • Crowds young and old lined the streets to clap and cheer the parade, led by brass brands, on their way to Albert Square.
    • Today she said she wanted to get everyone, young and old, involved in the community's regeneration.
    • Although most likely in his thirties, the man had features that looked old beyond his years.
    • Then we were walking along a path in a field, past some old trees, over their roots.
    • The young virile fox is faster and will outrun the hounds, while the old fox past its prime will fall.
    • I have taken very old people to the local doctor to have their age estimated.
    • There were old people coming to her premises by car who were not able to park outside her shop because of the taxi ranks.
    • A few years ago I bumped into some old people at a party who actually went to the show, and they raved about it.
    • The survey also found that many single old people choose cohabitation instead of marriage.
    • Carers for old people have been told to stop helping with shopping, cooking and cleaning as a council tries to cut costs.
    • I don't know how I'd get out if it wasn't for people like yourself that really care for old people like me.
    • Chopsticks are clean and efficient and can be used by everyone from children to old people.
    • I turned to see the same old lady who had glared at me in the store.
    • He looked too old to be in high school; I assumed he was in college.
  • 3

    • 3.1(not new)

      (clothes/car/remedy) viejo
      (city/civilization) antiguo
      (custom/tradition) viejo
      (custom/tradition) antiguo
      a fine old wine un buen vino añejo
      • a beautiful old table una mesa antigua preciosa
      • it's a very old family es una familia de abolengo
      • the old part of the city el casco viejo / antiguo de la ciudad
      • we like to keep to the old ways nos gusta hacer las cosas a la antigua usanza
      • the old country la madre patria
      • It's built out of an old palace which has some of the most beautiful Buddhist art I've ever seen.
      • The new gravel road has been built parallel to the old tarmac Gun Park Road
      • Hidden in a narrow alley of the old quarter of Nice, one discovered it by chance or word-of-mouth.
      • The centre is in Kazimierz, the old Jewish quarter of this handsome old city.
      • Although it is quite a steep hill up to the old quarter once there the land levels out and it is very pleasant to walk around.
      • Faint remains of a Venetian fort lie crumbling on the hill above the old quarter.
      • The old quarter is also worth a stroll around, with some nice cafes in the Naranjas square.
      • The area up by the old Japanese quarter had a lot of places I discovered that seemed pretty unchanged to me.
      • A team of four heavily built labourers had been contracted to demolish the old building to make way for a new office block.
      • Along the rural lanes beyond Arambol, old farmhouses are enclosed in latticed palm shade.
      • Parc du Chateau lies beyond the old town and rises so steeply uphill that there is a lift which will take you to the top.
      • One place I used to deliver the papers to in the wintry darkness was in the big old cemetery out beyond the edge of town.
      • In the past, the old surface was dug up with ear-splitting pneumatic drills and dumped at landfill sites.
      • Explore the Lowther Hills or wander along lower-level paths, past the old lead mine workings.
      • Please don't repeat the mistakes made in the past, because old buildings can be made part of the future.
      • It was stated that the bell was a very old one and had belonged to the late Mr. Churchley's grandfather.
      • He wanders past the old city gate, marooned by itself on an island in the traffic.
      • She was a beautiful old steam yacht belonging originally to the Guinness family.
      • Hong got out of the taxi, and walked past a couple old warehouses as the cab sped away.
      • The bottom line is the original house was old and it was time to replace it.
      • How many times do we need to see the same old arguments made and the same sources quoted?
      • These aren't the same old depressing allegations, no, this time the allegations are red hot!
      • You can resolve the same old problem with a new approach and make a breakthrough.
      • One could settle for the same old brand every time, but to get stuck in a fragrance rut is a cardinal sin.
      • Can you weblog and not keep cropping up amongst the same old lists of sites?
      • The event is funded by old and new businesses in the Quarter, and the city council.
      • They, on the other hand, were at their old game of sloppy passing and giving away possession.
      • What on earth possessed me to read through those old emails and instant message files?
      • They have identified the need to extend the day, to keep cities alive beyond the old working hours.
      • Sometimes the old order is beyond reform and simply has to go in order to make way for the new.
      • By recording all database changes, it also goes beyond simply archiving old messages.
      • Not to get you into another relationship, but to move yourself beyond the old patterns.
      • However, the name of the artist and date of some of the old works might be beyond identification.
      • On the dinner table the conversation turns to the characters in an old Western movie.
      • Jim, as he was popularly known, belonged to an old and highly respected family in the district.
      • I belong to the old imperial class who want to put up roads and hospitals and make life easier for people.
      • It was as comfortable as an old shoe, and it brought back old memories from the past.
      • These old songs belong to an era long gone, but the issues they address are still relevant today.
      • At a certain point the old system is full of too many contradictions to sustain itself.
      • I rush over, and find that an old friend of mine is attending the casualty.

    • 3.2(longstanding, familiar)

      (friend/enemy/rivalry) viejo
      (injury/problem) antiguo
      it's the old, old story es la misma historia de siempre

    • 3.3(experienced, veteran)

      (campaigner) viejo
      (campaigner) veterano

  • 4

    (former, previous)
    (job/classmate) antiguo
    my old school mi antiguo colegio
    • I got to know a little bit about it, at least the old Berlin of the past, through Benjamin's eyes.
    • One of its campaigns is an attack on asylum seekers, which recycles a old leaflet used in past BNP campaigns.
    • Today's feelings were sparked by me walking past my old primary school yesterday for the first time in ages.
    • This road takes you past the old whaling station that is to be converted to a visitors centre at some point.
    • To get there, you walk past the old cricket pavilion, now the province of the Scouts.
    • Parker smiled and started to walk over to Jamie as she walked past him to her old seat in the corner.
    • National is being led to the sad, old rhetoric of the past; it cannot help itself.
    • Well, regional leagues were tried in the past with the old Division Three North and Division Three South.
    • Their defensive mentality is locked in the past and based on old glories.
    • Fini's party has its roots in the fascist organisation of the past and includes many old fascists.
    • In many respects his plays, like his personal life, belonged to the old regime.
    • In the Czech Republic, the old nobility is enjoying a new lease of life.
    • Those that wish to revert to the old system of omnipotent sub-sovereigns also miss the point.
    • The agriculture crisis has destroyed the old barter system he had with his regular clients.
    • Mr Jopson believes the old system the ambulance service used to operate ten years ago worked much better.
    • An attempt by the Kazakh authorities to privatise the old system of collective farming failed.
    • Some quarters in Pakistan continue to sustain the old notion of two-nation theory.
    • Today we face new challenges that simply can't be answered in the old language of race relations.
    • Nothing is more damaging to status in the group than using old slang.
    • The Doctor would be able to go back to Gallifrey and see all his old mates and new people that didn't used to exist in his Universe.
    • By tradition, remakes of old arcade games are rubbish, but Midway seem to have missed the ruling.
  • 5Old

  • 6 informal

    • 6.1

      we had a pretty dull old time nos aburrimos mortalmente informal
      • this book is a load of old rubbish este libro es una porquería

    • 6.2(in familiar references)

      old Bob here will show you where to go el bueno de Bob te dirá dónde tienes que ir
      • good old John! ¡este John …!
      • hello, old thing hola ¿qué tal?
      • lucky old you! ¡qué suerte tienes!
      • don't forget little old me! ¡no te olvides del pobrecito de mí!
      • she's not a bad old soul no es mala gente
      • I really fancy my guests having a right good old toast to my memory.
      • Get rid of the new-labour new-tory dictatorships and let's have good old democracy back again!
      • So, for this event, I cooked from just regular vegetables and good old ingredients.
      • Reshepu strongly felt the good old postboxes were being neglected and he chose them as his subject.
      • Is it time for a return to the good old values of Yorkshire thrift?
      • Whether you're looking for a tactical boxing match or a good old slug-fest, Knockout Kings has it all.
      • They like remembering the good old times in the spacious room with furniture matching the topic.
      • I remember when I read the book the first time and I read this one part and had a good old chuckle to myself.
      • We always lament how big parties have killed the good old one-to-one conversation.
      • Those who yearn for the good old warehouse days are going to appreciate the jazzy, ambient vibe.
      • I rode him first at Punchestown in the autumn of 1999 and we've had a good old haul together.
      • No studio, thus far, has bankrolled a big production about good old association football.
      • There's a good old adage which really does work, If you want something doing well, do it yourself!
      • I started using the good old notebook recently and all I have got is a list of random ideas that need sorting.
      • Here even the good old Scholl has acquired a sexy new heel and comes in the colours of the rainbow.
      • Those of us who take our cynicism neat had a good old chuckle about that.
      • Ah, I thought, that good old British tolerance and decency really warms your heart.
      • No one can throw a wrench into family values and the good old American dream quite like he can.
      • Forty one per cent of people admit to being surface cleaners, never doing a good old clean.
      • Because having been voted in, you just know that they will be up to the same old tricks.
      • To say that people get really drunk because of drinks promotions is a load of old tosh.


  • 1

    (old people)
    the old los ancianos
    • a singer who is popular with young and old un cantante que gusta a chicos y grandes
  • 2 literary

    (former times)
    in days of old antaño literary
    • the knights of old los caballeros de antaño
    • I know him of old lo conozco desde hace tiempo