Translation of oligarch in Spanish:


oligarca, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑləˌɡɑrk/ /ˈɒlɪɡɑːk/

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    oligarca masculine, feminine
    • The claim that the oligarchs privatized companies in order to strip their assets gets the logic backwards.
    • When it came to dealing with the oligarchs, the government was generally unable to exercise much control.
    • The dictatorship of transnational corporations, ruled by financial oligarchs, must be ended.
    • Oligarchs come, oligarchs go, but the true fan can never switch allegiance.
    • Nevertheless, Hayes had a reputation as a civil-service reformer, so he fought the oligarchs.
    • Now, step by step, the levers of power are returning to the old oligarchs against whom the revolution was supposedly directed.
    • However, should the city fall into misfortune, the people will blame the rulers and call them oligarchs.
    • The Regent oligarchs, holding office for life, were like kings by divine right, they too answered to no earthly power.
    • As we went to press, oligarchs from the old regime and the opposition were claiming to run the country.
    • Democratic slogans were hypocritically used when they permitted the future oligarchs to proceed with their conquest of property.
    • The conflict between the Kremlin and a section of the oligarchs is about who will exercise control over this sector.
    • Hoffman's perspective is clearly critical of the oligarchs, but unlike other books about them, his is not a screed.
    • Nor is the criminality of Russia's oligarchs an aberration.
    • Sampson sums up this process of enrichment and the creation of a new stratum of financial oligarchs and their impact on society very succinctly.
    • Privatization measures have placed former state properties under the control of former state oligarchs.
    • The Kremlin apologists are trying, for their part, to present this conflict as a fight against the oligarchs and corruption.
    • That proportion does not necessarily include all the oligarchs, who may in any case not be as important as the corporate bureaucracies they bestride.
    • Now, a few top oligarchs can not control the system, without their lackeys.
    • If the power of the oligarchs has increased, how do you propose to deal with that, if and when you become president?
    • The oligarchs with their trusted lackeys, treated the rest of the population, as human cattle.