Translation of omen in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈoʊmən/ /ˈəʊmən/


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    it's a good/bad omen es un buen/mal augurio
    • they saw this as an omen of victory lo tomaron como un presagio de victoria
    • the economic omens are not good los indicios económicos no son buenos
    • bird of ill omen pájaro de mal agüero
    • Then the heavens ripped asunder and showered evil and ill omens upon the face of this beckoning planet.
    • By now the portents and ill omens that had dogged the start of their journey were receding quickly into memory.
    • These events are often called signs, omens, etc., by those who pay attention to them.
    • But for all the omens and portents, the magic in Shalimar is firmly at the service of the realism.
    • The midwife had muttered of portents and omens, but the full confirmation came some hours later.
    • These religious offences were taken as ill omens for the expedition and threats to the democracy.
    • The operation of the state's hospital system has been impaired, and there are ill omens for the future improvement of patient safety.
    • Growing demand and plenty of new house building are healthy omens.
    • Or is placing a feathered creature upon the shoulders considered an even bleaker omen than shooting one?
    • On 14 June, a meteor was seen to fall into the Turkish camp, a very good omen.
    • Tracey must have not been home, which was an absolute good omen to Delilah.
    • Another good omen: New factory orders are coming in faster than shipments are going out.