Translation of omniscient in Spanish:


omnisciente, adj.

Pronunciation /ɑmˈnɪsiənt/ /ɑmˈnɪʃənt/ /ɒmˈnɪsɪənt/

Definition of omnisciente in Spanish


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    • An omniscient author knows everything about everybody in the story.
    • As Prague's omniscient narrator explains, the game is fundamentally flawed.
    • It's certainly more cinematic than many comics for the simple fact that it has no thought balloons and no omniscient narrator.
    • All three films forgo the assistance of an omniscient narrator, and let the subjects tell their own stories.
    • All us omniscient narrators were getting together to have a few laughs and a few drinks.
    • I wanted an omniscient narrator to have a kind of ‘looking back on it all now’ perspective.
    • The narrative voice is part character and part omniscient narrator.
    • In paradise, the omniscient narrator concludes, there are no stories because there are no journeys.
    • Deconstruction theory and the decline of the omniscient narrator demonstrate a newfound humility.
    • At several points the narrator interjects with omniscient knowledge of historical information which he alone has privileged access to.
    • In stanzas twelve through fourteen, the omniscient narrator directs our eye to the movement of the skies.
    • It is also true that you can't be omniscient; you can't see everything, everywhere.
    • The tone of the Times report was narrative bordering on omniscient.
    • They say " om " representing the omniscient power of God in the universe.
    • Being omniscient, I know such activity is more or less commonplace, but I trust that you will do what is right.
    • If God is omnipotent and omniscient, why didn't he start the universe out in the first place so it would come out the way he wants?
    • An omnipotent and omniscient being, however, would know that such an action was about to take place, and would be able to prevent it.
    • After all, science is not yet omniscient in the present world.
    • That seems like odd behavior for an omniscient and omnipotent designer.
    • Yet there are no laws to regulate this omniscient spy system.