Translation of one in Spanish:


uno, n.

Pronunciation /wən/ /wʌn/

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  • 1

    uno masculine
    → see also four
    one followed by six zeros la unidad seguida de seis ceros
    • the hill is one in five la cuesta tiene un gradiente del 20%
    • has anybody got five ones? ¿alguien tiene cinco billetes de un dólar (or un peso etc.)?
  • 2

    (elliptical use)
    he's nearly one tiene casi un año
    • it's nearly one es casi la una
    • there's enough left for one queda bastante para una persona
    • the chances are one in a million la probabilidad es de uno en un millón
    • she really is one in a million es única
    • I only want the one solo quiero uno/una


  • 1

    • 1.1(stating number)

      there's only one window/bell solo hay una ventana/un timbre
      • one hundred cien
      • one thousand, three hundred and eighty-seven mil trescientos ochenta y siete
      • one fifth of the population la quinta parte de la población

    • 1.2(certain, particular)

      one boy was tall, the other short uno de los niños era alto, el otro era bajo
      • one window looks out over the park una de las ventanas da al parque
      • one thing still puzzles me hay algo / una cosa que sigo sin entender

  • 2

    • 2.1(single)

      she is the one person I trust es la única persona en quien confío
      • it is too much for any one person es demasiado para una sola persona
      • he is my one hope él es mi única esperanza
      • we have only the one car tenemos un solo coche

    • 2.2(same)

      we drank out of the one glass/cup bebimos del mismo vaso/de la misma taza

  • 3

    you must come over one day/evening tienes que venir un día/una noche
    • I'll get even with you one day algún día me las pagarás
  • 4

    (with names)
    in the name of one John Smith/Sarah Brown a nombre de un tal John Smith/una tal Sarah Brown
  • 5 formal

    we were one in our opinion that … éramos unánimes en la opinión de que …


  • 1

    this one este
    • that one ese
    • which one? ¿cuál?
    • the one on the right/left el/la de la derecha/izquierda
    • the ones on the table los/las que están en la mesa
    • the blue ones los/las azules
    • I want the big one quiero el/la grande
    • it's my last one es el último/la última que me queda
    • which scarf/coat is yours? — the blue one ¿cuál es tu bufanda/abrigo? — la/el azul
    • one of the oldest cities in Europe una de las ciudades más antiguas de Europa
    • every one of them was broken todos estaban rotos
    • he's had one too many ha bebido de más
    • have you heard the one about … ? ¿has oído el chiste de … ?
  • 2

    the one on the right's my cousin el/la de la derecha es mi primo/prima
    • it could be any one of us podría ser cualquiera de nosotros
    • the Evil One el Maligno
    • the little ones los niños
    • our loved ones nuestros seres queridos
    • he's a sly one, that Jack Tibbs es un zorro ese Jack Tibbs
    • I'm not one to gossip, but … no me gustan los chismes pero …
    • she was never one to give up no era de las que se daban por vencidas
    • he's a real one for the ladies tiene mucho éxito con las mujeres
    • he's a great one for writing to the papers es muy dado a escribir a los periódicos
    • oh, you are a one! ¡mira que eres!


  • 1

    (as subject)
    one should try to enjoy himself uno debería tratar de pasarlo bien
    • one should try to enjoy oneself uno debería tratar de pasarlo bien
    • one should do his best to help uno debería / se debería hacer lo posible por ayudar
    • one should do one's best to help uno debería / se debería hacer lo posible por ayudar
    • one simply never knows realmente nunca se sabe / uno nunca sabe
    • It is in the context of such fears that choosing the sex of one's children must seem tempting.
    • What is one to make, for example, of the way he is said to have behaved?
    • Was this before, or after an encounter with Mr Knight, one is compelled to ask?
    • It is impossible not to know what the powers are, if one bothers to read the white paper.
    • It is one thing to assert one's good intentions, but another entirely to act upon them.
    • The way one moves forward philosophically is by looking backwards in a fresh manner.
    • For example, proximity to one's home and community may act as a spur to some to fight harder.
    • On the press, Joe Ashton is scathing and one must feel sympathy for what he says.
    • In fact, one might wonder whether the photograph in such a situation can be of any use to a researcher at all.
    • The second year after planting, one can expect to harvest about 1,000 lb per acre.
    • So one might worry that moral transformation might involve loss of this natural good.
    • Must one now assume that empty bins do not represent an obstruction nor a serious safety hazard?
    • One should never underestimate the unnatural things that food companies will do to natural foods.
    • If that's how he intends to treat his new boss, one must fear for the players he has inherited.
    • Secondly, the public health community generally believes that one must do no harm.
    • They are paintings so characteristic that one must think them very beautiful or else not at all so.
    • Such questions rest on premises that must be clarified before one can attempt answers.
    • To answer this, one must look at the heritage from which this trend has arisen.
    • Some have been so bad that one imagines the umpires must have taken him to be left-handed.
    • Still, one does have to praise the DVD for its sound and vision.
    • In other contexts sacrificing oneself for one's family would be considered good.
  • 2

    (as object)
    it does make one think le da que pensar a uno
    • I still have a jersey from 1995 but it's not that white anymore and it was time to get a new one.
    • The men all had Irish accents and one was referred to Jon Jon.
    • She knew she had the face of a teenager, and always hated being referred to as one.
    • Three commercial purchasers were identified and one was ready to conclude the sale.
    • However, branching out on your own can be a huge step to take, not to mention a risky one too.
    • Police said it is not yet possible to say whether the incident was linked to the previous ones.
    • Even his jokes are the same ones he was telling when he set off on the campaign trail months ago.
    • In the end, she found another apartment, at more than double the rent of her previous one.
    • Can you manage to stack things into a bag so that the most fragile items are on the bottom, and the heavy ones are on the top?
    • It was a decision I had to make for myself and my family, but it wasn't one that I made easily.
    • These are all rather fetching names, though few of them are ones it would have occurred to me to choose.
    • The standard of care to be expected of a GP who is on the obstetric list is thus different from one who is not.
    • As a result my time was not as quick as the one I had previously achieved this morning.
    • He pauses to pour himself another glass of white wine, but not before offering me one.
    • All that's left now is to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and let's hope it's a white one!
    • This is a controversial point and one that foreign governments certainly overlook.
    • So how do you turn that feeling as the bank statement drops on your doormat from one of dread to joy?
    • This was not really an issue of black and white but one of perceived notions of right and wrong.
    • You can easily tell the new scenes from the old ones, even if you've never seen the films before.
    • She had three rings on her right hand, all white metal, two with stones and one with a Celtic type band.