Traducción de oneself en Español:


se, pron.

Pronunciación /ˌwənˈsɛlf/ /wʌnˈsɛlf/

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  • 1

    (after prep) sí mismo
    (emphatic use) uno mismo
    to cut oneself cortarse
    • to enjoy oneself divertirse
    • if one looks after oneself si uno se cuida
    • to talk about oneself hablar de sí mismo
    • to do sth oneself hacer algo uno mismo
    • to experience sth for oneself experimentar algo uno mismo / personalmente
    • They say the biggest challenge for one is to understand oneself.
    • That's what comes from subjecting oneself to confusion and some painfully obvious bias on both sides of the argument.
    • Why subject oneself voluntarily to the kind of pain involved in running 21K?
    • One cannot comprehend the future unless one understands oneself and one's own people.
    • One argument for this view is that one is or could be aware of oneself as the subject of each and every one of one's conscious experiences.
    • She only understands defending oneself from natural predators, like foxes.
    • To learn about and understand the situation of another is to learn about and understand oneself more deeply.
    • One understands oneself often by watching what your brother does.
    • It demands a turning back to oneself in order to understand, and thus has implications and effects which are moral in that they influence how we act.
    • Subjective gender identity includes all of the ways one might understand oneself to be a man or a woman.
    • This is work that one does on oneself to turn oneself into an ethical subject.
    • It could serve as an exhortation to fully immerse oneself in worthy subjects, to learn and allow others to learn.
    • There is immense room for giving and taking offense when the subject is oneself.
    • Yoko meshi evokes the stress that comes from trying to make oneself understood in a foreign language.
    • This means finding oneself subject to an ever wider and more complex web of cultural negotiation and interaction.
    • The example given is that of the obligation to become a subject, to place oneself above the basic human animalism.
    • One simply comes to recognise and understand oneself better, and that is a form of humility.
    • The lack of reflection is usually reflected in the lack of understanding of oneself.
    • In prayer, one comes to a better understanding of oneself and achieves spiritual development.
    • I was, however, of an age when it is difficult to forgive oneself and had engaged in this vocation with a vengeance from then on.
    • These things could be learned from friends and relatives, or from reading the right kinds of books oneself.
    • They take the easier way out, and when that comes to eating, it is easier to stop into a fast food restaurant than to prepare a meal oneself.
    • Gelatin agar - is there a way to make it oneself?