Translation of open in Spanish:


abierto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈoʊpən/ /ˈəʊp(ə)n/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(not shut or sealed)

      (door/window) abierto
      (bottle) empezado
      (bottle) abierto
      (pores) abierto
      (pores) dilatado
      (wound) abierto
      (wound) no cicatrizado
      the door was wide open la puerta estaba abierta de par en par
      • I can hardly keep my eyes open apenas puedo mantener los ojos abiertos
      • her mouth fell open with surprise se quedó boquiabierta / con la boca abierta
      • to cut/tear sth open abrir algo cortándolo/rasgándolo
      • he pushed the door open abrió la puerta de un empujón
      • An airport screener smelled alcohol and found an open container of alcohol on the pilot.
      • The cleaners picked up an open packet of Jelly Babies from the theatre.
      • Always reseal open bags to prevent the mix drying out and store it in a cool, dark environment.
      • An open packet of painkillers and a bladed instrument were found next to the body.
      • Her backpack was open, and I saw a pack of tarot cards, along with an Ouija board in it.
      • First of all, I used mostly milk chocolate chips because I had an open bag to get rid of.
      • At last, we all got comfortable in the living room, each of us with an open bottle of lager.
      • One of the men was holding a long open box.
      • His duffle bag was open in front of him on the bed, a shoelace dangling over the zipper.
      • She stepped closer to the bed where the open suitcase lay, picking up a pearl necklace.
      • She found my open backpack in the closet and carefully went through all its pockets and compartments.
      • There were a lot of open bottles left in the office after the Carnival celebration.
      • Then he reached for an open bottle of red wine, took a swig from the neck.
      • He reached across the table and plucked a cigarette from the open packet.
      • Letting out a moan, he grabs at the open bottle of pills, some of which spill onto the carpet.
      • Her gym bag was open and her makeup and shampoo bottles were scattered on my bed.
      • She appeared in front of Kate in a moment, setting an open bottle of beer in front of her.
      • At the funeral they were filing past the open coffin to pay their respects.
      • All of the overhead lockers flew open and the red cover on the handle of the emergency exit sprang across the cabin.
      • Some reports claim that the hatches to the cargo were broken open and the casks of alcohol broached.
      • The sun is up and it's warm enough to have the windows wide open, and you can watch the world waking up.
      • Elsewhere, a cheerful member of staff is sitting at a desk which completely blocks an open doorway.
      • As he proceeds to end it all, the young man hears a haunting Mozart melody emanating from an open window.
      • I am unable to open a window in my house as swarms of blue flies come in just as soon as a window is open.
      • The spider trembled and swayed in the sudden gust from the open bathroom window.
      • A common occurrence is a child is left alone in a car on a hot day, even with the window slightly open.
      • He knocks loudly at the door, and it swings open with a ponderous creak.
      • Amy reached the gate and pushed it open from the inside.
      • We were not far from the wall now, and my eyes were fastened upon the open gate.
      • I have a bad habit of not closing the blinds properly or forgetting that the curtains are open.
      • When he didn't move to get up she marched over to the curtains and pulled them open.
      • I sat up in bed, shielding my eyes from the light which came in through the open curtains.
      • In the hall, Howard discovered Deirdre and the two boys putting their coats on by the open front door.
      • The doors swung fully open to reveal a man sitting behind a mahogany desk, wide arched windows flanking him.
      • The front door of the house was open and the smells of the kitchen engulfed them.
      • The door to James' house was open slightly and through the gap you could see the place was in complete darkness.
      • Finally he managed to get the door unlocked and pulled it open as quickly and quietly as he could.
      • He was certain that the loft hatch had been open at the time of the fire.
      • I spent half the morning lolling around in bed with the windows open, enjoying the sunshine.
      • Residents found it impossible to sit outside in their gardens or have their windows open because of the racket.
      • They also contain rotting rubbish smells and stop the mess caused by cats ripping open bin liners.
      • Blood had splattered onto every wall; Williamson's throat had been slashed open.
      • Their stomachs are ripped out, their chests crushed, their throats ripped open.
      • They raided her apartment, slashed open her suitcase and stole her mobile phone.
      • She fell and sliced open her shin.
      • The animals have been known to make a nuisance of themselves by ripping open rubbish bags after smelling food.
      • Rubbish bags in and around the Kennet area have recently been found ripped open.

    • 1.2(not fastened)

      (shirt/jacket) abierto
      (shirt/jacket) desabrochado
      she wore the shirt open at the neck llevaba la camisa con el cuello abierto / desabrochado
      • He was wearing a pinstriped suit and an open shirt, and he had a ponytail.
      • We met on his enormous yacht, and he wore a captain's cap and an open shirt with epaulets.
      • His shirt is open showing his slightly muscular build.
      • He had also taken off his tie, and the few topmost buttons of his shirt were open.
      • He had an open jacket over a black t-shirt.
      • Her button up shirt was open at the top.
      • The man was smoking a cigarette, and his shirt was open at the neck.
      • She tried her best to avert her eyes from the chest that she could plainly see through the open shirt.
      • The maître d' wore a jacket and an open collar shirt.
      • I find it sexy when a man wears an open collar shirt that reveals the top part of his chest.
      • After some hours, he said, they were given gowns that were open at the back.
      • He was dressed simply, in black breeches and a white shirt that was open at the neck.
      • He was wearing a dark maroon shirt with an open dark blue jacket over it.
      • But the eyewitness alerted police and they caught him with his trousers half open.
      • The shirt is open three or so buttons down revealing a lengthy vertical surgical scar.
      • Olivia notes the direction of his gaze, and realizes her robe has fallen open again.
      • She was wearing just an open dressing-gown, her lacy cream nightgown showing beneath.
      • I had my lightweight coat on, and that was open, so the warmth penetrated so deep I felt I was breathing it.
      • He wore light brown leather breeches and an open leather jacket.

    • 1.3(not folded)

      (flower/newspaper/book) abierto
      (map) abierto
      (map) desplegado
      • Her biology book was open in her lap and she was staring at me with an annoyed expression on her face.
      • She sat at her desk with her open physics book but could not make sense of a word she was reading.
      • She laid the open atlas down on the table and began to dig through kitchen drawers.
      • The book was open in the middle, and it was ancient and smelled of dust.
      • Books are open on every surface, and there are many pages of notebooks strewn around.
      • Next to the lute is an open hymn book, identifiable as the work of the great religious reformer Martin Luther.
      • Leaning on a stone parapet overlooking the Seine, a young man loses himself in a book held open in front of him.
      • He sat hunched forward on the chair, fully focused on the book which lay open on his lap.
      • There were books lying open at pages that had seemed relevant.
      • She quickly scanned the pages of the math book that was open and ready in front of her.
      • He finally faced her, and smiled as he caught sight of the open record book.
      • Erin was poring over a huge book that had been open under the side table under a dim red desk lamp.
      • Beside it is another copy of the same book, open at Canaletto's view of the Grand Canal of 1746.
      • He stooped to pick up a book from where it lay open and spine-up on the floor and examined the cover.
      • Its a paperback book that doesn't easily sit open on a table where it is likely best used.
      • He pulled a heavy, leather bound book off from a high shelf, and cracked it open gently.
      • He gave me a quick nod of his head then carried on reading out loud from the textbook he had open in front of him.
      • Would you like to be caught reading a trashy novel that falls open at the rude bits?
      • She reached over and grabbed the file from the ornate hotel desk and pulled it open.
      • He was staring down at the diary on the floor, which had fallen open when it had landed.
      • Veronica are open, airy flowers which are ideal for arrangements, bringing both shape and a sense of relaxed style.
      • It looks a bit like an open lotus flower, red and green with edible silver on the outside.
      • If there was not an open flower under that leaf, the flies rapidly walked down the stem and up another stem, instead of flying.
      • Bags have to be put on early in the season as bract damage can occur at bud stage, as well as when birds feed on the open flowers.
      • This procedure was repeated on two consecutive days to ensure pollination of open flowers.
      • The entire bolts were cut off at their base when they had produced one open flower.
      • I just stand there, intently examining a fully open rose, not knowing what to say.
      • A few tentative catkins are appearing on the willow and there are several flowers already open on the Japanese quince.

    • 1.4

      (circuit) abierto
      • No or low output voltage means the transformer winding has open or shorted winding.
      • This is an example of an open circuit, a gap in the loop preventing charge carriers from moving, thus preventing current.
      • In an open circuit, the free charges would simply remain on the electrodes and a voltage could be measured.
      • A fingerprint is disposed to close the open circuit by making contact and thereby serving as a ‘temporary’ back electrode.

  • 2

    • 2.1(not enclosed)

      (country/fields/spaces) abierto
      it's open country all around here aquí estamos en pleno campo / en campo abierto
      • we traveled across open country viajamos a campo traviesa / por campo abierto
      • open views across the countryside una vista panorámica de la campiña
      • on the open seas en alta mar
      • open staircase escalera
      • There is a clause in the planning law against building development on open land.
      • In the heart of Lanarkshire, just nine miles from the centre of Glasgow, lies a vast expanse of open land.
      • The diversity of its landscape is unique, and includes woodland, open heathland and coastal land.
      • The scenery is flat and open, lacking in trees and hills but with sweeping vistas across stunning landscapes.
      • Springbok shelter beneath trees and a lone hyena scurries across the open plain.
      • It was our first sight of wide open space, with nothing but mountains and huge gorges on the horizon.
      • There are wide open spaces for children, it is safe for them, and we are a crime-free area.
      • They were amazed at the wide open spaces and how green everything was, but less impressed with the distance to the shops.
      • Country life benefits from wide open spaces where there is less traffic and room for country walks.
      • Winter in particular can provide some dramatic effects across the wide open spaces.
      • She was fascinated by the country's wide open spaces and vast grassy plains.
      • The animals enjoy wide open spaces, eat natural foods and also enjoy some of the cleanest air in the world.
      • The riverside, its wildlife, its views, its open spaces and historic features are close to all our hearts.
      • If you crave wide open spaces and big skies, then a place in the country would suit.
      • The wide, open plains of Poland were ideally suited to the rapid movement of tanks central to a blitzkrieg attack.
      • Just north of Gardez is a wide, open plain studded with small villages.
      • But the parched ground and warm and sunny temperatures meant a flood of calls to attend fires on open ground.
      • Because many larks nest in open desert areas, chicks are often exposed to sun and heat.
      • Their adventure has seen them scale high peaks, sail across oceans and cycle across open wilderness and deserts.
      • They agreed the mast was in the wrong place and would dominate the landscape in an area of open countryside.

    • 2.2(not blocked)

      (tube/pathway) abierto
      the road is now open to traffic once more la carretera vuelve a estar abierta al tráfico
      • the way is open to democracy se han abierto las puertas a la democracia
      • the road to freedom lay open before us el camino de la libertad se abría ante nosotros

    • 2.3

      (cheque) no cruzado British
      (cheque) al portador British
      (cheque) a la orden British
      • Moreover, the holder may decide to add a crossing to an open cheque, which is then treated as being crossed.
      • It is an open cheque because the Government has no idea what the cost of these new rights and privileges will be.
      • Some banks charged a certain amount of money when one cashed an open cheque with them.
      • He mistook the open cheque for €50,000 as a personal contribution of €5,000.

  • 3

    • 3.1(not covered)

      (carriage) abierto
      (carriage) descubierto
      (sewer) a cielo abierto
      (sewer) descubierto
      an open fire una chimenea
      • Instead, the food is cooked over open fires, causing serious deforestation.
      • This rustic farmhouse offers beef or lamb, roasted on an open log fire.
      • At the moment, heating comes from open fires or stoves in each room.
      • The manhole cover was missing and the open hole was surrounded by long grass and hidden from view.
      • Like all old houses, many of the rooms had open fires, but dampness and condensation was a problem.
      • Some new fireplaces have an integral glass screen, making them safer than conventional open fires.
      • These areas are flood prone, and after a big flood the toxic sites are left open and exposed.
      • The open drain has been covered.
      • At least twenty people were on crutches, had parts bandaged, or with open wounds not even covered.
      • The elegant lounges are made to relax in, with their welcoming open fires and fresh flowers.
      • This waste is usually held in large, open tanks or pits before being spread onto farmer's fields.
      • The house had an open courtyard and you could hear the protestors chanting down the street.
      • Clothes, covers, and hat help to maintain body temperature of newborns when they are nursed in an open cot
      • At the end of the procedure the wound should be washed with copious quantities of saline and then left open.
      • In the midst of farmland just to the west of York is a huge open tip.
      • They walked up the stairs to the open sun deck, which was already crowded with people.
      • Smokers crossing the Irish Sea could find themselves banished to the open decks of all ferries to and from the Republic.
      • The dirt and the filthiness of the city and its open drains nauseate her.
      • The sewage drains are open and the only sources of water are the borewells that are drying up.
      • Beside me are open sewers and the debris of a house destroyed three years ago.

    • 3.2(exposed, vulnerable)

      open to sth expuesto a algo

      • to lay / leave oneself open to sth
      • you're laying yourself open to blackmail
      • we're leaving ourselves wide open to attack/criticism
      • this is open to misunderstanding/abuse
      • he missed an open goal
      • How can it be made easier to do business here, without leaving the system open to even more abuse?
      • As many people could not read or write, the system was open to abuse and corruption.
      • Senior electoral officers in the city admit the system could be open to abuse.
      • The scheme remains entirely voluntary and open to abuse.
      • You'd have to give him credit for going out and playing because he was open to all kinds of criticism.
      • The unarticulated aims of the movement are, surely, what leaves it open to criticism.
      • This rule needs to be amended as it is currently open to abuse by disgruntled minority groups.
      • Indeed as it stands, the postal voting system leaves itself open to fraud.
      • Because of the delay, the election results in the areas affected could now be open to legal challenge.
      • That could leave the council open to fresh criticism from Government Ministers.
      • The case left the Scottish justice system open to claims its fingerprint evidence was unsafe.
      • It would leave him wide open to the criticism that he has become a liability to the party.
      • He accepts he used terms in the article that laid him open to criticism.
      • Laws that are open to such obvious abuse are bad laws, however good the intentions behind them.
      • His general manner and the way he conducts himself does leave him open to criticism.
      • There is no evidence postal ballots are more open to fraud than the current system.
      • The disease attacks bark, leaving it open to infection, and makes brittle branches prone to fall off.
      • Credit unions are more open to serious bad debt problems than other financial institutions.
      • She has now withdrawn this claim, leaving her open to possible prosecution for perjury.
      • His suspension leaves him open to possible victimisation by a brigade that is already trying to impose cuts.

  • 4

    • 4.1(ready for business)

      to be open estar abierto
      • is it open on Sundays? ¿está abierto los domingos?

    • 4.2(officially)

      to be open estar abierto
      • the new section is open for traffic el nuevo tramo está abierto al tráfico
      • I declare the exhibition open queda inaugurada la exposición

  • 5

    (membership/enrolment) abierto al público en general
    (meeting/session) a puertas abiertas
    (meeting/session) abierto al público
    (ticket/reservation) abierto
    (order) válido hasta su revocación
    (trial) público
    (government/society) abierto
    to be open to sb/sth
    open admission entrada libre
    • to buy/sell securities in the open market comprar/vender valores en el mercado libre / abierto
    • open scholarship beca abierta
    • to sell sth open stock vender algo por piezas / por unidad
    • let's throw the topic open for debate abramos el debate sobre el tema
    • It was always just an open ticket, entitling you to travel certain routes.
    • The business saver ticket will remain a competitive option, which offered many advantages on a standard open ticket.
    • I had an open ticket to return to Thailand.
    • You can't buy an open ticket online.
    • An open ticket gives you complete flexibility – travel on any train, at any time of the day!
    • This was far from the freedom of speech and open democratic discussion I'd imagined.
    • Are there any thoughts on the need for a free and open media?
    • Free and open debate on the Senate floor ensures citizens have a say in their government.
    • The day that we live in a truly open and free society will be the day that truth is widely known to us all.
    • That's the least we can ask for in an open, free, democratic society.
    • An open and free media can play an important role in the fight against poverty.
    • This is a serious problem, for the media is incredibly vital to a free, open, and democratic society.
    • The answer may lie in a more open approach with both sides being encouraged to submit observations.
    • If you can encourage your MP to support the resolution then we can at last have an open debate on the matter.
    • New Zealand's Parliament is the most accessible and open in the developed world.
    • The vision is to make the centre an active hub, open full time to everyone who requires its resources.
    • The long term solution to ending tyranny around the world is free and open trade.
    • It may well be the case that free open competition is best for us all in the long term irrespective of creed or colour.
    • We simply need to give that kind of assurance, so that we can encourage free and open markets.
    • They exist in parallel to the internet and are open, at least potentially, to millions of people around the world.
    • The Government's new stakeholder pension plan is open literally to anyone, working or not.
    • It offers a range of possibilities and support services open to people of all ages.
    • Booking is open and tickets sales are doing extremely well.
    • Drew was delighted with, not only his first ever cross win, but his first ever open race win, too.
    • On the open racing scene, the club organised a number of successful races throughout the year.
    • She is so reliable and it is feasible to expect her to make her presence felt in open races such as the King George and Arc.
    • Meanwhile, the open division final gets under way, sand spraying under nimble feet.
    • The event this year will be open for all free flyers, that is hang glider and paraglider pilots.
    • Jonathan Fullam was also a winner when taking the gold medal for shot putt at the open sports in St Abbans.
    • Overall a thrilling final for the first open tennis tournament at the Royal Garden Spa and Fitness.
    • The Diana Group is staging a monthly open golf tournament exclusively for senior and lady golfers.
    • This will be the first time that two international open squash events will take place at the same time and in the same club.
    • The competition is open to non-members of Cumbria Tourist Board as well as members.
    • Designed by sculptor John Mills, the design won an open competition judged by experts.
    • The team also won in three other weight classes in open competitions there.
    • In parallel, an open public competition for project ideas was launched and this was used to pick our five launch projects.
    • This is an open competition and we are looking forward to many entries from the public.
    • Not only did he sweep the junior event but the unassuming youngster also won the open competition.
    • He promised to come back with a vengeance in the upcoming open competitions in Barbados and Jamaica.
  • 6

    • 6.1(available)

      is the job still open? ¿el puesto continúa vacante?
      • several options are open to us tenemos / se nos presentan varias opciones / alternativas
      • only two options remain open to us solo nos quedan dos opciones / alternativas
      • it is open to them to refuse the offer ellos son libres de rechazar la oferta

    • 6.2(not decided)

      that's still an open question eso aún está por decidirse
      • it's an open question whether she would have done it queda la incógnita de si lo habría hecho
      • let's leave things open for the time being no descartemos ninguna posibilidad de momento
      • let's leave the date open no concretemos la fecha todavía
      • the result is still wide open podría pasar cualquier cosa

  • 7

    • 7.1(receptive)

      to be open to sth estar abierto a algo

      • I'm always open to suggestions
      • they were open to bribes/persuasion
      • Be patient with the people who matter most, and listen to their ideas with an open mind.
      • Wander the streets and markets alone, with an open mind, friendly face and polite gestures.
      • Those who have learnt to approach art with an open mind know that it's rewarding.
      • No one ever said it was going to be easy but with an open mind anything is possible.
      • You want people to go in with an open mind and just enjoy what they see.
      • I'd never heard of the guy before, so I approached the movie with an open mind.
      • I think the biggest thing I have learned is to always keep an open mind and always look for a new approach.
      • It is about having an open mind, about finding potential solutions.
      • I'm just going to go in there with an open mind and try to handle it as appropriately as I can.
      • Keep an open mind when it comes to exercise and don't be afraid of change.
      • You have to show yourselves as people with open minds, receptive to the ideas of independent voices in the boardroom.
      • I always come into these things with an open mind, but they need to be justified.
      • They have said that they are still keeping an open mind and would not be drawn on whether it is now a murder or missing person inquiry.
      • The more you understand why something has turned out the way it has, the more you can empathise and think with an open mind.
      • There are no qualifications needed other than an open mind and a willingness to listen.
      • At this stage we have an open mind on all the options - that is what the consultation is about.
      • We are keeping an open mind on what other criminal activities he may have been involved in.
      • If you go with an open mind and accept it for what it is you can't fail to have a good time.
      • My father is extremely well read and from him I've learned the value of an open mind.
      • You should keep an open mind while reading any book and adopting any style from these books.

    • 7.2(frank, candid)

      she has a very open nature es muy abierta
      • I found them to be open and frank about some of the challenges that still lie ahead and I think it this is important.
      • Throughout the interview John is frank and open - except when it comes to money.
      • He was frank, open and polite.
      • You do not have to worry about showing your notes to anyone, so be free and open.
      • Up to this time he had been open and free in giving out information and revealing discoveries.
      • The filmmakers are relatively open about their lack of interest in the problem.
      • They were very open about their relationship and their plans for their future life together.
      • She's very open about her relationship, and Alice, her partner, is someone we like enormously.
      • The second challenge is how to convince the drug industry to be more open about their ongoing trials.
      • Be open about your worries - it's only by sharing them that the staff can arrange the support that you need.
      • I found that older women can be incredibly open about sex, the good and the bad.
      • It's difficult to be open and honest about deficiencies in your hospital or practice.
      • Max is of a generation who are able to be open about their sexuality with relative impunity.
      • Nevertheless, journals might become more open about the basis upon which they select books and reviewers.
      • The overriding message from residents was a wish for councillors to be held to account and to be open.
      • Personally I find it rather sad that couples aren't more willing to be open about their money.
      • If you are open and honest from the beginning a mutually satisfactory agreement can be worked out.
      • The decision to be open about her illness has brought her both solace and stress.
      • It will make those around you more open and accessible to sharing themselves with you.
      • We must treat everyone fairly, be open and honest and prepared to justify our decisions when challenged.

  • 8

    (not concealed)
    (resentment/hostility/resistance) abierto
    (resentment/hostility/resistance) manifiesto
    they were in open revolt estaban en franca rebeldía
    • We can see his influence in the works of Van Gogh, Cezanne and Matisse, who was open in his admiration.
    • He watched in open admiration as she downed the whole lot in several large gulps.
    • Visiting divers will look at you with open admiration when you ask them which part of the wreck they would like to dive on.
    • The open admiration in her eyes was hard to bear, but deflating it was even harder.
    • The first part of this argument is an open attack on the freedom of opinion.
    • It was open knowledge that the City had lost confidence in the police chief.
    • She interpreted the least amount of kindness from a man as an open declaration of love.
    • To push on with the reclamation shows open disregard for these international agreements.
  • 9

    • 9.1(widely spaced)

      (ranks/columns) abierto
      • open compound
      • It's usually done with a tack cloth which is an open weave fabric treated with a wax.
      • Look for a natural fabric with a loose, open weave such as burlap or some types of cotton and linen.
      • It is a poly cotton blend with an open knit.
      • Fabrics of these fibers often burn easily because of an open fabric weave.

    • 9.2(of fabric)

      (weave) abierto

  • 10

    (vowel) abierto
    (vowel) libre
    • A closing diphthong ends closer than it begins, while an opening diphthong ends more open than it begins.
    • Then comes the balm of the refrain-couplet with the open vowel sounds in ‘Golden lads, and Gz'rles all.’
    • Cockneys have short and open vowels, whereas the Cornish have longer vowels and speak fairly slowly.
    • The t sounds of ‘coat’ and ‘destitute’ crack sharply amidst the long open vowels and wash of m's and w's.
    • Such emphasis on the quality of the open vowels, achieved by years of assiduous practice, was also at the heart of Gregorian chant.
  • 11

    (activated, live)
    (switch) encendido
    (line/channel) abierto
    (line/channel) conectado
    • Other card issuers ask you to provide this information online or by telephone after your account is open.
    • Many expats want to keep their UK bank accounts open while they are abroad.
    • The Co-op was able to check back to 1981, and found nothing to show the account was open then.
    • I called to tell them that my old checking account was no longer open.
    • What are the fees to keep the account open and to do transactions?
    • Callers key in a security code and confirm their details, and the line is open round-the-clock.
    • Lines are open from midnight tonight and will close on Thursday, September 2 at noon.
    • Lines are open from 7.30 am to midnight and calls are charged at national rate.
    • The lines are open 24 hours a day and the calls won't show up on your phone bill.
    • The phone lines are open and anyone wanting to leave song requests or discuss local issues will be contacted once it hits the air waves.
    • Telephone lines will be open from noon on Christmas Eve until midnight on Boxing Day.
    • British Gas said its telephone helpline was open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
    • So give no one the number to it, for the line needs to be open in case I need to contact you at anytime.
    • Phone lines will be open for viewers to vote for who they believe has put in the best performance.
    • With the phone lines open until midnight on May 20, there's still all to play for.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (door/box/drawer/parcel) abrir
      (bottle) abrir
      (bottle) destapar
      (mouth/eyes) abrir
      (legs) abrir
      (legs) separar
      (vein/artery) abrir
      (pores) abrir
      (pores) dilatar
      to open ranks abrir filas
      • I have to open the store this morning hoy tengo que abrir yo la tienda
      • it won't keep once it's been opened una vez abierto, no se puede conservar mucho tiempo
      • I remember wanting to scream, but I couldn't open my mouth, couldn't even open my eyes.
      • Her eyes flashed and she opened her mouth to say more, then snapped it shut, and looked away.
      • She opened her mouth, trying to speak, but no words came out.
      • What was going through his head when he decided to open his big fat mouth and blurt out something that was so unexpected?
      • A student knows whether they like the professor or not before that professor even opens his or her mouth on the first day of class.
      • There is nothing random or left to chance when an ambassador opens his or her mouth.
      • I remember opening an eye one groggy morning to notice a big black spot on the wall.
      • I opened my eyes and the first things I looked at were my hands.
      • He opened his eyes when I spoke but he was not in great shape.
      • He opened his mouth in glee and looked up, hoping to drink the rain water.
      • I had barely opened my mouth to hurl expletives before he said something else.
      • He opened his eyes and saw the burglar, who was about 5ft 6in and wearing a hooded top.
      • It was at this point that I opened my eyes, coming out of the dream and finding myself awake in my bedroom.
      • He opened his eyes, looked up, and before him stood a large rotund figure smiling down at him.
      • He opened his eyes and, having watched her for a while, he asked her what she was doing.
      • As I opened my eyes, I saw a quite big spider disappearing over the edge of my pillow.
      • He is doing much better after surgery and opened his eyes for the first time on Sunday.
      • What is the first thing you see when you open your eyes in the morning?
      • Before I could open my mouth to say ‘good evening’ he launched into his sales pitch.
      • You open your mouth to say something, but only one thing comes out.
      • Neighbours wrote that the smell gets so bad they cannot open their windows and doors.
      • By opening windows, doors, and vents on the lower floors you increase the ventilation in your house.
      • She ran out of the bathroom into her room, locked the door, and opened the window.
      • She turned her stereo on high, locked the door, and opened the window, letting the city noises in.
      • Staff said they were not allowed to open doors despite the blazing sunshine outside.
      • He walked into his room and shut the door and opened the window as wide as it went.
      • He stepped forward and opened the door, allowing Jane to pass through into the building.
      • She opened his door, moving quietly as she stepped over a teddy bear on the floor.
      • Olivia opens the door moving aside so I can see into the room.
      • We simply opened the doors and windows so the coastal breeze cooled the building at night.
      • Finally he relented and led her to the cell, opening the door and allowing her to enter.
      • He opened the door to allow one person in, and went back with them to help them retrieve their luggage.
      • Moments later, Rob opened the door and allowed the others back into the room.
      • Residents had reported two youths acting suspiciously in the area and trying to open doors and windows.
      • A number of prisoners overpowered the officer and opened the door that allowed them onto the courtyard.
      • After repeated attempts the officers were able to smash a window and open the car door.
      • Always open bedroom windows at least once a day.
      • It's very important to ventilate: open bedroom windows so it's not fuggy from the night before.
      • Some had been seen to calmly walk into houses, open fridge doors, then remove the assorted goodies hidden within.
      • ‘The gates can only be opened from the inside,’ he muttered.
      • He opened the box and removed five hundred dollars in cash and a handful of fake passports.
      • He opens the envelope and removes a yellow card and a blue one.
      • Sitting down beside me he carefully opened the box and removed a small brown brick.
      • She then opened the container and one by one removed the six items and placed them on the counter.
      • Madison opens the unsealed envelope and removes the single sheet of paper inside.
      • After a while she was cajoled into opening the letter.
      • Something tells me the shoplifters have no problem opening these packages.
      • Arriving at the till the woman asked me to open my container so she could check what was inside it.
      • We opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate.
      • We will be able to gauge the degree of caution that needs to be exercised when each container is opened.
      • I couldn't resist, I had to open one of the containers to see for myself.
      • The people in charge of the post room called the police, who proceeded to gingerly open the package.
      • He opened a container on his counter and took out some fat buttermilk biscuits.
      • She must have struggled to open the container for the pills.
      • When we opened the letter, it said I was selected as a member of the National Junior Team!
      • I take numerous pills and every container I open comes with a pamphlet warning of possible side effects.
      • Then the envelope was opened to reveal the actual chosen card.
      • He calmly reached into his pocket with his free hand and removed a bottle of pills, which he opened.
      • When you open a can of food but don't use it all, empty the rest of the contents into another container and put it in the fridge.
      • He opened a can of beer and stretched out on the floor.

    • 1.2(unfold)

      (newspaper/book) abrir
      (map) abrir
      (map) desplegar
      open your book at page 10 abre el libro en la página 10
      • It looks like a flower that opens all of it's petals at once.
      • It grows to 150 cm and opens its clear white blooms at the same time as forsythia.
      • The bird opened its wings and began flapping furiously.
      • Georgina opened her fan and started flapping it angrily in front of herself.
      • The Organ Pipe cactus opens its blossoms only during the cooler evening hours.
      • He shifts his specs down his nose, opens his book and reads in an exaggerated manner.
      • She opened the file and read through a bit of it.
      • Walking into a book shop, Carl opens a volume of Pride and Prejudice, to find it contains hundreds of pages of the first sentence, repeated over and over.
      • I opened the book at a random page and read the first quote that my eyes looked upon.
      • You turn the book over, open the cover, go to the first page and begin again.
      • There are 107 illustrations, the print is good, and the book can be opened flat without the spine creasing.
      • Mrs. Marchmill opened one of the books, and saw the owner's name written on the title-page.
      • As I opened my book and was about to start reading some one decides to start talking to me.
      • I flipped open my Algebra book and glanced at the chapter we were supposed to read and do the exercises from.
      • Alex looked at the blank cover for a while before opening the book and smiling.
      • I walked over to the living room and sat on the chair, opening my book again and reading.
      • I opened the book and looked at the handwriting on the first page.
      • Before I opened the book, I had a good indication about what to expect after looking at the front cover.
      • I opened my Economics book to study for a test I had the next day, but it was futile.
      • She opens the book at a random page and starts reading aloud.
      • The break also allowed me time to read a book I purchased some months age but did not open.
      • But you can't open a paper these days without seeing stories about the uselessness of boys.
      • The pupils were crushed together and had barely enough space to open a book in front of them.
      • Rodrigo opens a newspaper, looking for dancers' advertisements.
      • She opens the journal with her father's name on it.

  • 2

    • 2.1(clear, remove obstructions from)

      (road/channel) abrir
      to open one's bowels hacer de vientre

    • 2.2(make accessible, available)

      to open sth to sb/sth abrir algo a algn/algo

      • they have opened the house to the public
      • I should like to open the meeting to our colleagues from France
      • On the other hand, the war opened up new possibilities for using military channels as a means to organize resistance.
      • Edward enjoyed the solitude so much that he and Marie began opening up their land to other artists.
      • These questions have begun to open up new lines of enquiry and to revitalize old ones.
      • This opens up many options on both the maneuver and fire support side.
      • This will open up a space in the unit, and we can then authorize to fill the unit.
      • It began opening up public sector pensions to private pension funds and made people work longer for worse pensions.
      • Don't get me wrong, I love the new possibilities for communication that the Web opens up.
      • He said the farmers need the business community to open up a market for their product.
      • The improved facilities will also be opened up to the wider community outside school hours.
      • By working together for a better future for all the communities in West Cork the new partnership opens up services to communities throughout the area.
      • Some countries are embracing change by opening up their communications industries to new players.
      • By then, the women-in-ships program had begun and the aviation community was opening up more jobs to women.
      • The main ambition of the club is to take people from all walks of life and teach them public leadership, thus opening up a whole new avenue for its members.
      • The advent of pay and play public golf courses has opened up the game to many more people today and rightly so.
      • This opened up opportunities for her to speak in public and do community work.

    • 2.3(reveal)

      my trip opened new horizons to me el viaje me abrió nuevos horizontes
      • At length we opened the Bay of New York.
      • As soon as we opened the head-land to the westward of us, a sudden squall took the boat.

  • 3

    • 3.1(set up, start)

      (branch/department) abrir
      (shop/business) abrir
      (shop/business) poner
      (file) Computing abrir
      (account) Finance abrir
      (dossier) abrir
      • There are a number of things that a new business owner should plan for and think about before opening the business.
      • The two building firms behind the venture are also in talks with a restaurant operator as to opening a business on the ground floor of the building.
      • He was apprenticed to Robert Gillow of Lancaster, then opened a business in London about 1760.
      • The only credentials they had to open a business were their self-taught skills.
      • He lost his job in advertising last year and decided to try opening a small business.
      • Expanding your business can mean opening another restaurant across town.
      • He was majoring in business and planned on opening his own business of some sort when he finished university.
      • The business was opened about four years ago by husband and wife team Chris and Lorraine Robinson.
      • My wife had opened a home business wherein she watched children.
      • More privatization has been allowed, and people have begun to open stores and businesses.
      • People asked her if she was crazy, opening a business with the economy being the way it was.
      • In 1974 he opened his own business employing 12 people and bought a studio in Covent Garden.
      • After he retired from the tailoring business in 1989 he opened the Casa Belmondo restaurant in Royton.
      • The good news is that an ambitious young chef has opened a rather upmarket restaurant.
      • It opened its first manufacturing plant in 1974, before which its shoes had been made in Japan.
      • I would hope, over the coming years, to open a further five or six units around Ireland.
      • The possibilities of opening a London office are also being explored.
      • John, her husband, joined her in 1957, and they expanded the practice, opening a further surgery in Hayley Green.
      • He was appointed to the newly created post of student medical officer when the University of Keele was opened in 1954.
      • He opened his own medical clinic in Brisbane and built his first MGB racing car under the house.
      • By 1919 the postmaster had spread his wings and opened a general store on the Beach Rd corner.
      • Annan opened the conference and pleaded for more money to help with spread of the disease.
      • The programmes helped them open boutiques or join garment companies as fashion designers.
      • When two young Glaswegian girls open a bright yellow café in the middle of York, you know it has to be something special.
      • If you do not have a telephone betting account you will be required to open one in order to collect your prize.
      • Add any new address that you want to keep receiving to the new rule by opening Rules Wizard and clicking Modify.
      • Title bars have menus which are opened with right mouse clicks in the title area.
      • After your friend receives the file, a password is required to open and execute the file.
      • Decide how much of your money you can afford to tie up and how much you might need to access, and then open accounts that meet both needs.
      • In Germany it is possible to buy small gold bars and coins and open gold accounts in bank branches.
      • It might just be worth opening an account to trade in these last couple of weeks.
      • Many banks offer a savings account paying a competitive rate of interest on regular savings, provided the customer also opens a specific current account with the bank.

    • 3.2(declare open)

      (exhibition/hospital/expressway) abrir
      (exhibition/hospital/expressway) inaugurar
      • On the same day in 1932 the New Shakespeare Memorial Theatre was opened by the Prince of Wales.
      • In 1884 the State Opera House was opened in Budapest with its own ballet company attached.
      • The eight storey library next to the National Museum was opened in 1967.
      • The Duke also spoke to gym members before he opened the building in front of local dignitaries and pool users.
      • The new hospital will be officially opened, possibly by the Princess Royal herself, in the summer.
      • In 1987 he opened the new Manx Pathology Laboratory named after himself.
      • The Margaret Pyke Centre was opened by the Duke of Edinburgh in November 1969.
      • The Queen opened the new City Hall this morning on the South Bank.
      • Pocklington Canal was opened in 1818 and was a vital transport link for the market town.
      • The East Lancashire Railway was opened in 1846 to link Manchester with Bury and Rossendale.
      • He then officially opened a new Parish Office, which is located in the former mortuary of the Church.
      • Milltown will have it's new Community Centre opened by the President.
      • A new dock built to refit Britain's Trident submarines has been officially opened at Devonport.
      • This afternoon the Queen will open the new Wellcome Wing of the Science Museum in London.
      • Princess Anne proved to be a popular visitor when she opened the new Wharfedale Hospital yesterday.
      • It is hoped that the visitor centre will be opened by the Queen before the Commonwealth Games.
      • The formal business of officially opening the premises is then expected to take place.
      • It was designed by Sir Edwin Cooper and was formally opened by King George V and Queen Mary in 1924.
      • It is understood that the flyover is set to be formally opened later this week, possibly by a Government Minister.
      • The refurbished Community Centre was formally opened on Sunday afternoon.

  • 4

    (debate) abrir
    (debate) iniciar
    (meeting) abrir
    (meeting) dar comienzo a
    (bidding) iniciar
    (negotiations/talks) entablar
    to open the case for the prosecution hacer la primera presentación por parte de la acusación
    • to open the scoring inaugurar el marcador
    • I opened one heart, and the opponents messed up the ensuing auction and defence.
    • I don't want to tell you to open at the one level every time you have four points and your partner can't open.
    • We opened spades, and they bid clubs.
    • It cannot realistically be suggested that counsel's error in opening the case had any influence upon the course of the trial.
    • Mr McKendrick then opened the defence case and the panel heard evidence from the defendant himself and from his mother.
    • Certainly there are a number of States where it is the practice for the defence to open their case.
    • She made this remark while opening her case to the jury.
    • Miss Freeborn opened her case by saying it was necessary further to interview Ms U and the Appellant.
  • 5

    (make receptive)
    to open sth to sth abrir algo a algo
    • I will concede that foreign travel isn't for everyone but I'm firm in my belief that travel really opens one's mind and helps nurture a respect for the international community.
    • So anyway, my point is that society, or at least part of it, seems to be opening their minds a little.
    • Your students' minds will be opened to how far art and design reach into our daily lives.
    • All I ask for is that you open your minds a little bit, and admit that maybe your way might not be right.
    • It's time for people to start to open their minds a little and experience.
  • 6

    (turn on)
    (switch) encender

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (wound) abrirse
      (door/window) abrirse
      all of a sudden the door opened and … de pronto se abrió la puerta y …
      • the door won't open la puerta no se abre
      • the window opens outward la ventana (se) abre hacia afuera
      • her mouth opened wide with surprise se quedó boquiabierta
      • open wide! abra bien la boca
      • suddenly his eyes opened de repente abrió los ojos
      • The door opened and I entered the dark corridor, closing the door behind me.
      • There was this figure peering out of the front left window as the door opened.
      • After a minute, the door opened, and a pretty face popped out of the door.
      • When he heard the door open he moved slightly and Emily rose rubbing her sleepy eyes.
      • The tailgate window opens separately if you press an exterior switch.
      • The rear window even opens independently of the boot.
      • It is understood both children were on the rear seat of the coach when the door opened, allowing them to fall out.
      • The door opens and he is escorted out into the room next door.
      • He heard a flush and the click of the bathroom door opening.
      • The door opened, allowing many of the gathered ceremonial officers to glance at the guest.
      • A window opened and a girl around the age of eleven or twelve poked her head out the window.
      • After a couple of seconds the door opened and a man's face appeared behind the door.
      • She got the elevator moving and was still upset at Noah when the doors opened before their floor.
      • A small window in the door opened abruptly and a face with an annoyed expression appeared.
      • She was about to walk over to her window and balcony when the door opened and Hazel walked in.
      • I assume all doors in public places open outwards, for fire safety reasons.
      • The gates slowly opened with a loud creak.
      • There was a low click and the gate slowly opened with a horrible squeaking sound.
      • My window suddenly opened quickly, knocking me back to the ground in surprise.
      • The door opened with a slight creak and I allowed myself into his room.
      • Old wounds were opening again and I was finding it impossible to heal them.
      • Old wounds opened as he remembered the sting of refused sanctuaries and broken friendships.
      • A wound had opened that could not heal, at least, not one that she could do anything about.
      • He opened all the wounds all over again because I realized I never got over my first love.
      • His side had not recovered from the night in the palace, and the wound had opened again, blood pouring out.
      • But many more wounds will be opened before the government can stabilise this deeply tortured nation.

    • 1.2(unfold)

      (map/bud/flower) abrirse
      (parachute) abrirse

    • 1.3(be revealed)

      the plains opened before us la llanura se extendió ante nuestra vista
      • Gradually Rosedale opened to view and we dipped into North Dale which is hidden from the fray but spacious.
      • Then, at Goose How, the views open towards Kentmere and the Horseshoe of hills beyond.
      • Then, as the highway approaches Three Rivers, the view opens to encompass the snow-covered Sierra.
      • At Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, hike a challenging trail to a viewpoint where the prairie opens before you with a great view.
      • As I climb higher, a woodland panorama opens up below me.
      • As the road bends left again the spread of the Kentmere Horseshoe opens out ahead.
      • After two hours through narrow mountain roads, hangover complaints, and a final long curve to the west, South Park opens out in front of us like a book.
      • Then the vast sandy expanse of Mason's Bay opens out ahead.
      • As a new dawn breaks, Western Europe opens out in front of me.
      • It is only at the last minute that the vista opens out.
      • On one side is a sheer drop and on the other is a slope with a view that starts in the clouds but opens up to reveal the entire Alpine Valley, including the Matterhorn.

  • 2

    (give access)
    to open onto/into sth dar a algo
  • 3

    (for business)
    (shop/museum) abrir
    what time does the library open? ¿a qué hora abre la biblioteca?
    • Staff at the William Hill betting shop in London's Earls Court wore pyjamas as they opened for business at 7am.
    • We found a restaurant and ate breakfast and then walked the mall until it opened.
    • The few city centre shopkeepers that had bothered to open waited forlornly for customers.
    • The revamped store officially opened on Monday.
    • The Credit Union will now open at 8pm on Friday evenings instead of 7pm.
    • The bars open here at 8am, and that's roughly when the drinking starts.
    • The Mayor Street store opens at 8am and closes after 6.30 pm.
    • More than 60 people were waiting to buy their tickets when the box office opened at 8am.
    • The farm shop I use has a queue every day before it opens.
    • The market opens at about 10 pm each and every Saturday.
    • The market opens 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday with half day closing on Wednesdays.
    • Smithfield market opened at midnight instead of 6am to cope with the demand for beef.
  • 4

    (play/book) comenzar
    (play/book) empezar
    she opened with a high card abrió (el juego) con una carta alta
    • her new movie opens in London next week su nueva película se estrena en Londres la semana próxima
    • the concert opened with the national anthem el concierto comenzó / se inició con el himno nacional
    • The piece opens with Sal attempting to buy a peach.
    • This story opens with him writing, but he is soon interrupted by a call to supply the book for an opera.
    • The piece opens with a yearning, lyrical duet.
    • The album opens with three pieces consisting of nothing more than voice and guitar.
    • The piece opened with an ensemble dance on a sloping lawn at the park's south end.
    • The piece opens with a solo tenor singing to a relatively straightforward piano accompaniment.
    • Part II opens with a chapter on the relationship between writing and social organization.
    • The Chapter opens with a discussion of the general principles governing a bank's liability.
    • The great Broadway show The Music Man opens with the musical number ‘You Gotta Know the Territory!’
    • The astonishing first chapter opens in 1950.
    • Told in short, often barely scene-long chapters, it opens with a young man's death leap into the sea.
    • As Chapter III opens, Gulliver and his captors have become great friends.
    • Chapter one opens by speaking to all readers about nurses in the twenty-first century.
    • The first chapter opens with the collapse of Nero's regime and his subsequent suicide.
    • Every chapter opens with a beautiful poem about Mary written by the author.
    • Chapter 33 opens with the harvesting of the barley and the gathering of the season's apples and nuts.
    • Every chapter opens with the colorful evocation of a particular scene, with plenty of contemporary detail to flesh out the text.
    • Each chapter opens with a ‘primer’ that familiarizes the reader with the topics covered in the upcoming chapter.
    • Each chapter opens with a section on general community ecology.
    • Each chapter opens with an overview in the form of a bulleted list of paragraphs, and each concludes with a literature cited section.


  • 1

    in the open al aire libre
    • we spent the night in the open pasamos la noche al aire libre / a la intemperie / al raso
    • I feel better now it's all out in the open me siento mejor ahora que todo el mundo lo sabe
    • to bring sth (out) into the open hacer público algo
    • they were forced to come out into the open with their allegations se vieron obligados a hacer públicas sus acusaciones
  • 2Open

    abierto masculine
    campeonato abierto masculine
    Open masculine