Translation of operation in Spanish:


funcionamiento, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɑpəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/ /ɒpəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    funcionamiento masculine
    to be in operation estar en funcionamiento
    • the new computer is not yet in operation la nueva computadora todavía no ha entrado en funcionamiento
    • a bus service will be in operation habrá un servicio de autobuses
    • The company has eight power plants in operation and seven under construction.
    • Maybe I don't but there needs to be work done even if just to prove that the Placebo effect is in operation.
    • Since 1997, some 40 hospitals and 550 schools are under construction or in operation.
    • Does that mean that the small hilly State has effectively put into operation a strong system of education?
    • Monitoring over the coming months will evaluate the effectiveness in operation and safety.
    • Tested on a track in Italy, they proved both smooth and very effective in operation and bring worthwhile safety advances.
    • In fact, there are two conflicting economies in operation in Britain.
    • In fact one has been in operation near Helston, Cornwall, for at least 12 months.
    • Speed restrictions are in operation at the moment to ensure that the tracks are safe whilst the checking is completed.
    • By 1812 Jefferson had three threshing machines in operation, two powered by horses and one by a waterwheel.
    • These mechanisms and powers are always in operation even when empirically the rate of profit is rising.
    • The task force will be in operation until May 20 when the newly-elected president takes office.
    • Agents say the tunnel had been under construction for nearly a year and was recently put into operation.
    • That force is still in operation until you cancel it out.
    • At their peak 20,000 trolleybuses, which run on wheels and are powered by overhead electric cables, were in operation in the UK.
    • There are about 17 million energised tube wells in operation all over India running on subsidized power or diesel.
    • The provincial power shortage will be eased when the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant is put into operation at the end of this year, he said.
    • They will be used initially by Derbyshire police force, which hopes to have its system in operation by mid-2002.
    • But the new powers will not be in operation in York until next month and will only apply to cars of no value that have been vandalised or torched.
    • There will also be a rental scheme in operation for owners, a fact which may spark a good deal of Irish investor interest.
  • 2

    (using, running)
    (of machine) manejo masculine
    (of system) uso masculine
    designed for one-person operation diseñado para ser manejado por una sola persona
  • 3

    • 3.1(activity, series of activities)

      operación feminine
      to mount a rescue operation montar una operación de rescate
      • when do you intend to begin operations? ¿cuándo piensan empezar a operar?
      • the gang's operations las actividades de la banda
      • His leadership combined military operations, government administration, and economic management.
      • Arguably they are too late, since the unprecedented military operation staged to rescue her was itself a made for-TV movie directed by the Pentagon.
      • The official avoided making specific comments on the possibility of a U.S.-led military operation to rescue Koda.
      • Previously the US has had problems with countries not letting them use their bases for military operations and in directly deploying troops to war zones.
      • I'm willing to give greater powers to an intelligence director provided we do not give him the power to direct military operations.
      • He plans to do this by giving control of military operations and lucrative contracts to the United Nations.
      • The CPS is responsible for ‘political control and strategic management’ during military operations.
      • In November, the Indian government announced that military operations against the guerrilla groups were unilaterally halted.
      • Stalin at first panicked, but then assumed personal control over military operations.
      • It would direct defensive military operations should the United States be attacked.
      • Before the recent military operations began in Afghanistan doubters claimed that the enterprise would end in disaster, but the coalition's aims were all met.
      • But first, we begin with two military operations, both of which may be tainted somewhat with controversy.
      • In other countries, media are simply banned from covering military operations except for passing on government statements.
      • The government often retaliates with military operations and air strikes.
      • Tribals, incensed by the military operations, could reject the dominion of the federal government.
      • Because assassination is an act of war, such activities should always be considered a military operation.
      • Mercado said four soldiers have so far been wounded in the military rescue operation launched by the government in the early hours of Saturday.
      • Second, relief operations run by the military carry the risk that they become a ruse to conduct military operations under the guise of supposedly providing assistance.
      • He has also noted that about half the cases this year occurred during active hostilities or combat operations in the Persian Gulf.
      • On the ground, peacekeeping operations demonstrate the broadening functions of armies.

    • 3.2(enterprise)

      operación feminine
      Business operación comercial
      • Today, the companies are vastly different operations and producing returns at opposite ends of the scale for their owners.
      • Inquiries about a private operation produced an estimate of £19,000.
      • Most companies have not made the transition from being multi-region organizations to truly global operations.
      • One method allows organic dairy operations to employ a one-year conversion.
      • Businesses can range from a one-person operation through to those employing a sizeable workforce.
      • Estate agents are being offered the chance to turn their businesses into round-the-clock operations, selling homes during both the day and night.
      • Migrants from other islands working for the mining operation or smaller businesses are people who have been accustomed to working hours.
      • They recently opened a second operation in a different part of Dobsonville, and their business continues its phenomenal growth.
      • Although starting up an e-tailing operation often makes good business sense, it can make for a bear of a rollout.
      • Des, struggling to establish his new business as a one-man operation, gets to grips with new briefs - and not just the legal kind.
      • That nice couple operate a dial-a-driver business as a part-time operation.
      • Skip forward six months and we find a much different biodiesel-making operation.
      • At the lower levels of business activities within this sector are very small operations that employ as few as five employees at maximum.
      • But too many traditional members' golf clubs fail to recognise that most of Scotland's new courses are commercial operations run as leisure businesses.
      • Two of the bee keepers ran commercial operations involving as many as 800 hives, while many of the rest ran about 20 hives each.

  • 4

    operación feminine
    Operation Tiger Operación Tigre
  • 5

    operación feminine
    intervención quirúrgica feminine formal
    operation on sth/sb
    who performed the operation? ¿quién la (or lo) operó?
    • he has to have an operation se tiene que operar
    • to undergo an operation ser sometido a una intervención quirúrgica
    • To avoid this problem, some surgeons perform coronary bypass operations on beating hearts.
    • Vasectomy can easily be performed as an outpatient operation under local anaesthetic.
    • Patients can visit day surgery units for small operations and be allowed to return home later in the day or evening.
    • This complication is dependent upon the general state of health of the patient and the extent of the operation performed.
    • As surgery becomes more precise, faster and safer, related operations are more frequently performed at the same time.
    • The scheme will then be rolled out to reduce the backlog of patients waiting for other operations such as cataract surgery or hip and knee replacements.
    • In the past three months, the hospital has treated 26,000 patients and performed 300 operations.
    • Cardiac surgical procedures are among the most commonly performed operations in the United States.
    • You may also be asked to avoid eating or drinking from the evening before the surgery until the operation is complete.
    • We did not study in detail whether the change in sexual activity before and after hysterectomy was related to the operation performed or to other circumstances in life.
    • Doctors are so scared of being sued that many will refuse to treat high-risk patients or perform difficult operations, medical experts have warned.
    • In the present study, all operations were performed by one surgeon, avoiding variation in surgical technique as a cause of altered blood loss.
    • Doctors abandoned up to a dozen heart operations, including by-pass surgery, after the blunder was discovered last Thursday.
    • The unit will be able to correct various visual problems and perform life-changing operations that will allow patients to see again.
    • The hospital where he treated patients and performed operations is no more.
    • The operation is performed under cardiopulmonary bypass and deep hypothermia.
    • It provides a solution to the old problem of what legal rule allows a casualty surgeon to perform an urgent operation on an unconscious patient who is brought into hospital.
    • One of the commonest operations performed in Australia is gall bladder removal: the cholecystectomy, usually for gall stones.
    • They not only provide preventive and basic curative health care but also perform family planning procedures and other surgical operations.
    • The operation is performed in an operating theatre while you are lying down on your back.
  • 6

    • 6.1Mathematics

      operación feminine
      the four operations las cuatro operaciones aritméticas
      • Problems can be created to cover all math operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division!
      • That is addition, multiplication and the two inverse operations of subtraction and division.
      • For example, one can have a group in which the objects are numbers and the combining operation is addition or multiplication.
      • The inverse of an operation undoes the operation: division undoes multiplication.
      • Is she over-generalizing the order of operations, thinking that multiplication takes precedence over division?

    • 6.2Computing

      operación feminine