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Pronunciación /ˌɑpəˈreɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l/ /ɒpəˈreɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


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    to be operational estar en funcionamiento
    • the airport will be operational again by next week el aeropuerto reanudará sus servicios la semana que viene
    • we will have three buses operational by Friday tendremos tres autobuses en servicio para el viernes
    • When the channel became operational, it was perceived to be a ‘red’ channel, but that soon changed.
    • A 125-megawatt heavy-water reactor became operational near Karachi the same year.
    • The composting facility became operational in March this year and so far, 15 tonnes of vermi compost has been sold.
    • The Programme was announced on 13 December 2001 and became operational on 28 January this year.
    • A water treatment plant in Cubbon Park became operational on Friday.
    • It was the first hotel in the area and before it became operational he provided the villagers with a crash course in tourism and English.
    • It became operational on October 8, 1965 and was opened to the public in May 1966.
    • After three years of construction (mostly by me), our simulator became operational.
    • However, it would not be until 2008 before portions of the port became operational.
    • The new facility became operational last July and incorporates crown, magistrates and county courts.
    • Two berths came on stream last year and another became operational last month.
    • The Special Reconnaissance Regiment, which became operational in April, carried out the ceremony at a secret location on Friday.
    • This class of ships was the largest in the Federation until the Oppressor class prototype became operational.
    • The National Cervical-screening Programme first became operational in 1990.
    • The missiles became operational in 1993, although their development dates back to 1985.
    • The phoneline which became operational in September is attracting a mix of callers and a combination of complaints and praise.
    • After 87 years of continuous service, it continues to be as useful as the day it became operational.
    • He arrived in August 1942, just two months after the covert base there became operational.
    • The new main became operational two months ahead of the original schedule.
    • The second Improvement District in Sandton became operational in mid-November last year.
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    (efficiency/capacity) de operación
    (efficiency/capacity) de funcionamiento
    for operational reasons por necesidades operativas
    • For example, consider cases involving fire services and police forces with an operational dimension to them.
    • Substantial numbers of police officers preserve the peace in support of operational police colleagues.
    • Because the better operational police officers are the ones who pay attention to what their staff need to perform the job well, which includes the way you manage them.
    • I am sure the withdrawal of operational officers from Wallington police station has had an impact on recent events.
    • We as operational police officers do not have the time to sit down and read everything that is thrown at us.
    • In one aspect, an operational active component squadron can be viewed much like a factory.
    • Even plans to buy boots for operational officers and new police helmets will have to be scrapped along with structural work on police stations.
    • In real warfare, an operational commander will mix and vary his modes depending on the situation.
    • The police say it has saved people being arrested and kept operational police on the streets and out of custody offices.
    • This is an operational police document and will not be available to the public.
    • We totally respect his complete authority and independence in relation to confidential operational police matters.
    • Training the soldiers and teams in the midst of an operational deployment proved a great challenge.
    • Everybody knows the difference between operational police work and intelligence work.
    • It uses advanced technology to both deal with incoming telephone calls and to pass messages on to operational police.
    • For planning purposes, AC units are available for one operational deployment every three years.
    • We believe that operational personnel deployed at division command or alternate command posts should be equal.
    • Indeed, they would be under British operational control during wartime.
    • Were these officers making a tactical, operational, or strategic decision?
    • There exist significant differences in the operational military consequences of each of the options.
    • Linn's book is a detailed operational history of military action to pacify and restore order to the islands.
    • A good example is that of computer systems that support the operational activities of an organization.
    • He took charge of all operational functions as well as information technology, human resources, customer service and finance.
    • This represents their contribution to operational costs of those activities of the ECB in which they participate.
    • As there are so many orphaned children, the operational costs of these organisations need to be taken into account.
    • It is important not to disrupt those analytical and operational activities.
    • The campaign aims to demonstrate the wide range of operational activities undertaken by the special constabulary.
    • One was a joint venture project, where another organisation shared the capital and operational costs.
    • Perhaps the greatest advantage to the organization is an operational one.
    • They conducted all operational and scientific activities aboard the spacecraft.
    • It keeps its prices low by having low operational costs.
    • Fuel accounts for only 5 percent of the operational costs for buses, while spare parts account for a much larger percentage.
    • She also said that ICE would take between 20 percent and 25 percent from the fund for operational costs.
    • With ticket prices at Rp 6,000 per visitor, the zoo needs at least 500 visitors to cover its operational costs.
    • From sympathetic donors she gets some help to cover the $100,000 a year operational costs.
    • Apart from extensive construction related tax reliefs, double rent relief was available in respect of operational costs.
    • There are different business models, but what is for certain is that the admission fees will only pay for a tiny fraction of operational costs.
    • PPD spends an average of Rp 11.9 billion per month on operational costs.
    • But as usual, Ian, the problem really is cost and it's not just the capital cost, it's the operational cost.
    • A further $100m of operational charges are set to dampen benefits arising from a strong operating environment.
    • At the half-year point the company said that moves to improve product availability and cut costs had lifted its operational performance.
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    operational commander jefe de operaciones
    • operational matters asuntos relativos a las operaciones
    • operational unit unidad operativa