Translation of opportunity in Spanish:


oportunidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɑpərˈt(j)unədi/ /ɒpəˈtjuːnɪti/

Definition of oportunidad in Spanish

nounplural opportunities

  • 1

    oportunidad feminine
    ocasión feminine
    opportunity to + inf/of -ing oportunidad de + inf
    opportunity for sth/-ing
    to seize the opportunity aprovechar la oportunidad / ocasión
    • she never misses an opportunity nunca deja pasar una oportunidad / ocasión
    • thank you for giving me this opportunity gracias por darme esta oportunidad
    • at the earliest / first opportunity cuanto antes
    • I think he should be given the opportunity of looking at these before I make an order.
    • It was an opportunity of a lifetime and I was really pleased to have the chance to meet him.
    • There will be plenty of opportunities for family swimming in the new swimming and training pools.
    • It proposes opening up opportunities for private organisations to run their own schools.
    • Besides this, there will be more opportunities for direct sourcing of plants overseas.
    • There are huge opportunities for local companies and businesses to become more involved.
    • Languages with fewer borrowed words obviously tend to have fewer opportunities for puns.
    • We believe it will also increase opportunities for musicians and other artists to perform.
    • There will be demonstrations and opportunities for young people to actually try things.
    • He will also be responsible for exploring new opportunities for the operation.
    • These close approaches are superb opportunities for everyone to observe the red planet.
    • Parents cannot afford to miss out on good investment opportunities for their children.
    • The cluster team will focus on new opportunities for the development of new timber products.
    • It is an activity which contains very few opportunities for genuine excitement.
    • There are also opportunities for people to get involved in a more hands-on manner.
    • Despite opportunities for both sides, the second half did not produce any more goals.
    • We believe that there are big opportunities for customers to use these services.
    • The manager intends there to be many more opportunities for the team to develop.
    • To do that would simply deprive many people of the opportunity of a better environment.
    • The time scale involved may make it not possible to afford an opportunity to comment.