Translation of opposite in Spanish:


de enfrente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɑpəzət/ /ˈɒpəzɪt/ /ˈɒpəsɪt/

See Spanish definition of opuesto


  • 1

    (side/wall/seat) de enfrente
    (page) de enfrente
    (page) contiguo
    he hung it on the opposite wall lo colgó en la pared de enfrente
    • they live on the opposite side of the street viven al / del otro lado de la calle
    • they sat at opposite ends of the table estaban sentados en extremos opuestos de la mesa
    • The trees can be clearly seen from both sides of the river and are situated opposite Asgill House.
    • Spirit touched down on January 4 and its twin, Opportunity, landed on the opposite side of Mars on January 25.
    • No, you can't play on the opposite side of the instrument.
    • The running mates are running on opposite sides of the country.
    • When they tried the opposite side of the court by serving down to CJ they found him in excellent form and he brilliantly returned everything.
    • Up on the opposite side of the road, hiding in the tall grass of the ditch, was a little orange and white striped kitten, peeking out.
    • Then I saw, on the opposite side of the road, a young guy.
    • But as a bonus, while I pumped gas, a man in a Subaru Outback drove up to the opposite side of the pump and jumped out.
    • Daniel ran away with a friend down the opposite side of the hill.
    • Thankfully, Fiona works on the opposite side of Manhattan.
    • Spirit's twin should land on the opposite side of Mars on January 24.
    • But this was soon tempered as I walked through the tunnel leading from the entrance of the mountain to its opposite side.
    • One stone approximately a foot in width and length and half a foot in height was thrown to the opposite side of the road around 20 metres away.
    • I could tell you about the cab which, ordered by phone, announced its arrival by loud horn blasts from the opposite side of the street.
    • But the intense firepower from the opposite side kept me hiding in the trench most of the time, which was quite shameful.
    • The police admit that on such roads there is a tendency among drivers to speed since there are no vehicles approaching from the opposite side.
    • They are of course quite unrelated, but it's interesting to note such similarities in species on opposite sides of the planet.
    • I always fished from the opposite side of the hole because about nine inches below its edge, at water level, a wide flat rock jutted out.
    • For the first time in longer than I can remember, I thought of nothing but the petite girl standing on the opposite side of the glass.
    • Speakers on the opposite wall emitted applause that grew to a crescendo and diminished.
  • 2

    • 2.1(contrary)

      we set off in opposite directions partimos en direcciones opuestas
      • I was facing the opposite way yo estaba de cara al otro lado
      • my remarks had the opposite effect to that intended mis observaciones tuvieron el efecto contrario / opuesto al deseado
      • On the fretless guitar this means that I can glissando in opposite directions on different strings.
      • These two pictures where taken only a few seconds apart but in opposite directions.
      • On closer inspection, he saw that three different sets of prints trailed off in three opposite directions.
      • With that, they both scurried off in opposite directions.
      • Moments later, the two made off with the stolen money in opposite directions, one of them reportedly headed for the Morne Du Don area.
      • Prominent Turks and Americans have been traveling this week in essentially opposite directions.
      • On each occasion, we try hard to stare in opposite directions.
      • They exit the house and run at break-neck speed, in opposite directions, around the block.
      • Meanwhile, two motorcycles with sidecars drive in opposite directions.
      • It's really fascinating to watch these trains move in opposite directions at very high speed.
      • The two of them sauntered off in opposite directions, as if aimlessly.
      • She turned away, got back in the van and they all drove away, I assume in opposite directions.
      • Essentially, the news media will go in two, seemingly opposite directions.
      • At one point the female caught me watching them and then everyone took off in opposite directions.
      • He hailed another auto and we went off in opposite directions.
      • Before the match, Andy Irvine had pointed to the flags which were blowing in opposite directions at either end of the ground.
      • This could best be achieved by making the track two lanes, each heading in opposite directions.
      • Both times we have exchanged hurried salutations, since we've been going in opposite directions.
      • This is good because it means trains heading in opposite directions won't in future have to wait for one another.
      • There is a locomotive at each end of the train, but they are pulling in opposite directions.

    • 2.2

      (opinions/views) opuesto


  • 1

    he came and sat opposite vino y se sentó enfrente
    • the people opposite have bought a new car los de enfrente se han comprado un coche nuevo


  • 1

    enfrente de
    frente a
    we live opposite the hospital vivimos enfrente del / frente al hospital
    • they played opposite each other in many movies formaron pareja en muchas películas
    • their house is opposite (to) ours su casa está enfrente de la nuestra


  • 1

    lo contrario
    quite the opposite todo lo contrario
    • tell him to do something and he'll do just the opposite le dices que haga algo y hace exactamente lo contrario / lo opuesto
    • she's the exact opposite of her mother es la antítesis de su madre
    • what is the opposite of 'hot'? ¿qué es lo contrario de 'caliente'?