Translation of optical illusion in Spanish:

optical illusion

ilusión óptica, n.


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    ilusión óptica feminine
    • It is not an optical illusion or trick photography.
    • Consider the famous optical illusion of two identical lines where one has concave triangles at its edges whilst the other has convex triangles at either end.
    • The reason many thought it was magic was because the largest of the tattoos that covered its body, as well as the vast majority, were optical illusions, causing something of a hypnosis to occur with those who dared to stare long enough.
    • Concerning that last factor, I once created an interesting set of optical illusions for a science center, a show that we called, ‘As Eye See It.’
    • Salvador Dali's Optical Illusion contains over 50 of the artist's most important paintings, so expect plenty of humour, shifting perspectives and, of course, optical illusions.
    • Loosely reminiscent of the optical illusions of M. C. Escher, Paul Noble's Public Toilet was an uninhibited glorification of the banal.
    • The President of the British Astronomical Association, Edward Walter Maunder, argued that these ‘canals’ were optical illusions.
    • With no optical illusions and only ‘pure’ magic and no curtains, frame or stage, Pandey has managed to achieve the impossible.
    • No evidence of canals were found and they were dismissed as optical illusions caused by the eye's tendency to join up noticeable landmarks with straight lines
    • Unfortunately, the canals turned out to be optical illusions.
    • Her black and white geometrical designs appealed to a young child in short trousers, looking much more like optical illusions than traditional paintings.
    • But prisoners at Westlea police station have been surprised to find themselves gazing at vivid pop art and puzzling optical illusions.
    • Not even Elizabeth could create such clever faces, like optical illusions that changed when you blinked.
    • After they spot a UFO, Frank and Joe take cover in a house filled with strange optical illusions.
    • Artists working with the ‘rules of perspective’ have created optical illusions or visual contradictions.