Translation of optimism in Spanish:


optimismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑptəˌmɪzəm/ /ˈɒptɪmɪz(ə)m/

Definition of optimismo in Spanish


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    optimismo masculine
    the result gives us cause for optimism el resultado nos permite ser optimistas
    • I think in the '60s there was a certain amount of optimism about the future in technology.
    • Young officers like me could look forward to the future with confidence, hope and optimism.
    • Princess Anne officially reopened Westbury Dairies offering words of hope and optimism for the future of the plant.
    • These two factors, Mr Speaker have motivated us to approach the future with great optimism.
    • Publicly, Saudi oil executives express optimism about the future of their industry.
    • With this level of projected coverage, both the McDermotts and Tullow can look to the future with optimism.
    • For me, it's a powerful metaphor for optimism and the future.
    • I live in a world where I feel enormous optimism for the future.
    • During past scientific breakthroughs and innovations, human society was guided by a sense of optimism about the future.
    • Sixty pupils from two schools have joined forces to create a CD about life as a Bradfordian and their optimism for the future.
    • By this standard at least, there are grounds for cautious optimism.
    • I have genuine optimism for the future of Scotland as a must-visit destination.
    • The report states that there is a lot of optimism about the success of these projects.
    • It does not inspire optimism for the future of economic development in Scotland.
    • Eight years on and the band are now looking to the future with optimism, as Calum explains.
    • But taking the long view, there is cause for considerable optimism about the future of relations.
    • I am filled with boundless enthusiasm, optimism, confidence, strength and love!
    • At first, like other returning veterans, Frankie faces the future with optimism.
    • There appears to be a lot of increasing optimism about the future price of oil.
    • Worn down by the lack of sleep and the sickness, he lost all trace of optimism about his future.