There are 2 main translations of or in Spanish

: or1OR2


o, conj.

Pronunciation /ɔr/ /ɔː/

Definition of o in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1(indicating alternative)

      (with negative) ni
      do you want the red coat or the black one? ¿quieres el abrigo rojo o el negro?
      • would you like milk or sugar? ¿quieres leche o azúcar?
      • that's not clever or funny eso no tiene ni ingenio ni gracia
      • The café is a great place for locals to meet up for a chat over a cup of tea or coffee.
      • She never learned to read or write.
      • School administrators should work to ensure that the majority of students can walk or bike to school.
      • We are just interested in your honest opinions - there are no right or wrong answers.
      • We don't mind if we have a boy or a girl, we just want a healthy, happy baby.
      • In cities and towns most people wear Western clothing - pants or blue jeans and shirts.
      • Research in New York showed men with cats or dogs had lower blood pressure.

    • 1.2

      • either … or …

    • 1.3(in approximations)

      nine or ten nueve o diez

    • 1.4(showing alternative designation)

      an environmentalist, or green, policy una política ecologista o verde
      • Joshua was born weighing just 18 ounces - half a kilo or just over a pound.
      • Spain entered the twentieth century having lost its colonies in the New World and the Pacific in the Spanish-American War or, as it is known in Spain, the War of 1898.
      • By early Tuesday he was dead - a victim of the most deadly of the world's culinary delicacies, the blowfish or fugu.

  • 2

    • 2.1(otherwise)

      do as I say, or else! ¡haz lo que digo o vas a ver!
      • give it to me! — or (what)? ¡dámelo! — ¿y si no, qué?
      • Hurry up, or you'll be late for class.
      • We do have to leave now or we won't be back until after sunset.
      • I'd better tell him myself or I'll get in even more trouble.
      • Do as you're told Beth or you'll get hurt.

    • 2.2(adding afterthought)

      so John and I … or am I boring you? así que John y yo … ¿(o) te estoy aburriendo?
      • It was just an accident … or was it?
      • Emily, unaware of the mental battle that was going on in his mind (or was she?), kept on walking towards him.

There are 2 main translations of OR in Spanish

: or1OR2


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