Translation of orange in Spanish:


naranja, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɔrəndʒ/ /ˈɑrəndʒ/ /ˈɒrɪn(d)ʒ/

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    • 1.1(fruit)

      naranja feminine
      orange drink naranjada
      • orange grove naranjal
      • Slice each orange into 5mm rounds, trying to reserve as much juice as you can.
      • There was a tree toward the front, its branches laden with big, bright oranges.
      • When an orange is juiced, fibre and other health-giving elements are left behind.
      • For the last 20 years I've had the juice of four oranges for breakfast, using a classic manual squeezer, which I drink with toast and a cup of tea.
      • Squeeze the juice from all the oranges and the lime in with it and stir.
      • After turning it over, I then squeezed the juice of half each of an orange, lime and lemon on it.
      • Cut the peel from the orange, slice the flesh thinly and serve at the side of each slice of cake.
      • Grate the rind from the two large oranges and squeeze out the juice.
      • We walked from her back gate down the gravel path through the village center, where a lush community citrus orchard offered oranges and grapefruits.
      • Dried beans and legumes, oranges and orange juice, peanuts and leafy green vegetables all contain folate.
      • This category included lemons, oranges, mandarins, tangelos, and grapefruits, with lemons being the most common type.
      • A little further down the coast we admire the rickety wooden fishermen's huts when a man in his seventies eating an orange starts chatting.
      • All in all, however, citrus covers the largest tonnage if you include oranges, grapefruit, lemons and smaller varietals such as naartjies.
      • The Maschio Prime Arance, made from the juice and pulp of Italian oranges, is like biting into an orange with a kick.
      • In fact the grapefruit is simply a hybrid between a pomelo and an orange.
      • Today being the feast day of St Clement, the fourth pope and patron saint of mariners and ironmongers, I have put oranges and lemons to good use in my mother's recipe for a whisky marmalade.
      • Try also the top of a carrot, half an apple, half a green pepper (remove the seeds) and half an orange (not too juicy).
      • These days, juicy, delicious oranges are practically synonymous with vitamin C.
      • The half-time whistle sounded and traditional sliced oranges were brought round on trays for fans wilting from the sticky heat.
      • On another day they would have been dead and buried by the time the oranges were passed round.

    • 1.2also orange tree

      naranjo masculine

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    naranja masculine
    • We mean really bright colours like orange, yellow, red, and green.
    • For those wanting something more bright, there are colours like orange, green, and lemon.
    • ‘We are the only school in the country that has orange as its primary colour,’ director of athletics Jake Crouthamel outlined.
    • His penchant for bright colours - orange and yellow are favourites - only add to his reputation for excitement and flamboyance.
    • The clouds in the sky were bright with pastel colors of red, orange, purple, pink, and blue.
    • The sun was near the horizon and the sky was a bright mix of orange, pink, and purple.
    • Plants with sunset colours of bright orange and crimson stand out and make an easy target for the eye.
    • Organic and earthy colours dominate with burnt orange, rust, sky blue and many shades of green.
    • I like the bright saturated orange of the bottles on the shelf.
    • Body colors include bright orange, pink, yellow, dark brown and even black.
    • Apart from just red, blue and green, there are various other colours, including orange, purple and yellow.
    • Chocolate brown, pink and orange are mixed with succulent berry shades and a field of soft greens.
    • We also changed the colors from brown to bright orange, which gives a higher energy feeling.
    • A wide range of colours was used - shades of gold, orange, green, brown and gray.
    • Stone arches, shelves of antique bottles, jars and jugs and the colour scheme of orange and terracotta give the place a rustic feel.
    • At times, warm, undulating tones of pale pink, magenta, purple and orange hypnotically pulse through the cylinders.
    • Hot pink, vibrant orange, purple, turquoise and green of any shade were the colours of the day, with ladies strutting around like beautiful birds of paradise.
    • Inside the veils, exotic plants with flowers of all colors: bright orange, reds, pinks, and yellows.
    • Any colors composed of red or green, such as brown, purple or orange, don't look the same as they would to someone who sees all colors.
    • They were normal, except that the irises were streaks of red, purple, orange, and pink; like a sunset.


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    (invariable adjective) naranja
    de color naranja