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organizado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɔrɡəˌnaɪzd/ /ˈɔːɡənʌɪzd/

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    (methodical, systematic)
    I'm usually very organized en general soy muy organizada
    • his work is badly organized su trabajo está mal organizado
    • you've got to get organized tienen que organizarse
    • I worked for a guy who said that he loved employing pregnant women because they were so organized and efficient.
    • This is my major preoccupation at the moment: forgiving myself for not being efficient and organised and sensible.
    • After one and one-half years in her current position, she finds that she has learned to be more organized and efficient with her time, which gives her more time with the patient.
    • Angela, the most organized and efficient person I know, was her usual helpful self - had the tapes copied to Mini-disc, and they were sent to us within a day!
    • Murray was very analytical, very organized, and very planned in his coaching philosophy.
    • I have to be very organized and do everything on the clock throughout the day with a booked schedule.
    • I know that I cannot learn two oratorios in three months while also preparing a recital, because I am not an organized person.
    • More likely, they divide their afternoons among a raft of organized activities, from baseball to dance to religious studies.
    • It helped to work my life in a systematic and organized way.
    • This is a common way of phrasing what is basically a large scale organized street protest.
    • Conducted tours for organized groups should be arranged in advance.
    • If they can defeat an organized, systematic campaign of terror, so can we.
    • Especially in New England, philanthropic giving had become a cooperative and highly organized activity.
    • Maybe I should find a nice organized religion to channel all this guilt towards.
    • In those years new church buildings and newly organized congregations outpaced the colonies' population growth.
    • As a guideline, children who are able to play an organized sport, such as Little League, are ready to begin a strength training program.
    • Later in the year, the newly organized Office of Strategic Services entered the scene.
    • The policy of terror was certainly carried out on a vast scale, and in many cases was organized and systematic.
    • This unit began with the definition of pattern and a discussion of the characteristics of systematic, organized patterns versus random patterns.
    • Included were two of the '70s geometric paintings: rhythmically organized arrangements of truncated circles and rectangles.
    • The set of skills for changing laws, getting injunctions, and confronting officials in an organized, systematic way is quite different.
    • The good part of the store is that the clothes are arranged in an organised fashion, each size has its own separate pile.
    • Around it was an arrangement of wooden benches and picnic tables that looked like they were once arranged in an organized manner.
    • What controls the behavior of individual cells so that such highly organized patterns emerge?
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    sindicalizado América Latina
    sindicado España
    organized labor sindicatos
    • It is the supporters of these organisations that have the largest organised political presence outside the Labour Party.
    • Will it reflect a diverse convention full of unions rejuvenated by newly organized workers?
    • We use it well, but we also need to build strong community bases and build organised support throughout the trade unions.
    • For example, organized labour claims that it is under-represented on Canadian postage stamps.
    • He no longer belongs to an organised political party.
    • But while men have maintained a firm grip on official leadership positions in organized labor, women are gaining power and attention in different ways.
    • The United Nations is certainly the most modern form of organized political expression yet invented.
    • He understood the importance of organized political parties and pursued politics as a career, not simply an avocation.
    • Readers should forgive Lichtenstein for his ultimate pallid proposals for reversing the recent sharp economic and political decline of organized labor.
    • How can you seriously have democracy if you exclude the largest organized political force in the country?
    • The party has steadily moved on from its days as a bunch of sandal wearing idealists and is transforming into an organised political force.
    • He transformed the INC from a popular movement into an organized political party.
    • Some Old Leftists spoke of music as laying the foundation for their entrance into organized political groups, or their comfort once there.
    • The authors outline the history of organized labour in Canadian politics and the unique relationship established between unions and the party in 1961.
    • As young candidates take aim at higher offices, an organized youth political power base may prove essential, especially when going up against older, richer opponents.
    • Then it was a response to the rising political power of organised labour; now it is a consequence of very different social changes.
    • Every worker who doesn't join the union is another worker who doesn't pay $500 a year to organized labor's political machine.
    • And it was an equally convincing demonstration of the political clout that organized labor has in the City of Angels.
    • It means, though, that candidates can't rely on the collective strength - and money - of an organized political party.
    • This article offers a new explanation of the explosive tension by arguing that an organized male political campaign conjoined with a socioeconomic protest led by market women.
    • The political energy that fueled organized labor in the 1930s simply doesn't exist at the dawn of the twenty-first century.
    • Those of us who aren't risking our lives shouldn't criticize her because resistance wasn't of the organized political kind that probably would have gotten her killed.