Translation of orgasm in Spanish:


orgasmo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɔrˌɡæzəm/ /ˈɔːɡaz(ə)m/

Definition of orgasmo in Spanish


  • 1

    orgasmo masculine
    to have an orgasm tener un orgasmo
    • to reach orgasm llegar al orgasmo
    • Many people say that the orgasm is the most pleasurable and fulfilling part of sex.
    • It was certainly amazing to be with him, but not because of exotic sexual positions or super orgasms.
    • Meanwhile, for most of us women, sexual pleasure and orgasms don't just come naturally.
    • Hence, the aim of sexual intercourse for a male was to give the female an orgasm while avoiding ejaculation.
    • Both men and women are able to have orgasms but reaching orgasm requires a longer period of sexual arousal in the female.
    • My pelvic region felt more sensitive, and my orgasms felt more intense.
    • The intensity of her orgasm had nearly brought tears to her eyes.
    • When he wrote that a woman could only conceive if she had an orgasm during sexual intercourse, it was taken as gospel and caused all manner of anxieties.
    • The dream is intensely erotic causing spontaneous orgasms.
    • Thus they can engage in sexual activity and demand more and better orgasms, but the sexual activity they engage in is overwhelmingly on men's terms.
    • Premature ejaculation (when orgasm comes on too quickly to satisfy either partner) is different from impotence.
    • The orgasm occurs slightly before ejaculation.
    • While ejaculation offered proof that a man had reached climax, a female orgasm was confirmed by physiological measurements such as heart rate.
    • To limit sexual satisfaction to orgasms is narrow minded, when, as any gal knows, there are lots of different types of fun to be had, and of differing degrees of satisfaction at that.
    • Consuming even small amounts of alcohol interferes with a man's ability to control premature ejaculation and can result in fewer or no orgasms and decreased orgasm quality.
    • It also was felt to make erections last longer and orgasms are more intense.
    • Not surprisingly perhaps vibrator advertisements, whether directed at doctors or women did not mention orgasms or sexual pleasure, just the health benefits of vibration.
    • Although he had an orgasm and ejaculated, his erection remained hard for five hours and then subsided.
    • The distinction arises partly because there is some question about whether female orgasms may result in an ejaculation, and partly because males can experience orgasms without ejaculation.
    • Having orgasms should be a pleasurable, thrilling experience… they make you breathless, your whole body becomes warmly ‘buzzed’, drained and satisfied.
    • Realistcally, you're both not going to orgasm at the same time, so don't punish yourself.