Translation of orientation in Spanish:


tendencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɔriənˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ /ˌɔːrɪənˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ /ˌɒrɪənˈteɪʃ(ə)n/

Definition of tendencia in Spanish


  • 1

    (leanings, preference)
    tendencia feminine
    • The idea that you can change sexual orientation is laughable.
    • They conclude that a person's sexual orientation is determined before birth.
    • In addition, several items assessed subjects' preferred theoretical orientation and anticipated area of primary professional involvement.
    • The working class as a whole confronts the task of adopting a new political orientation and constructing a new party.
    • Neither of our parents are supportive of our relationship - or our orientation.
    • The same spiritual orientations appear throughout Roncalli's adult life.
    • Needless to say we were not - I don't even know the political orientations of the others who turned up.
    • This has occurred because of differences in the worldviews and political orientations of economic analysts.
    • As a result of Lawrence many, of all orientations and political creeds, see same-sex marriage as the next step.
    • Russian politicians of all orientations reacted to the events with harsh condemnation and protests.
    • Everyone possesses unique orientations and abilities, so each individual will have capabilities that he can call his own.
    • Let us begin by acknowledging that Christians and business have different orientations.
    • Research data may not be relevant to persons with fundamentally different orientations or worldviews.
    • English-Canadian feminists and Quebecoises feminists had very different political orientations.
    • On the contrary, many gay men and women welcome the idea that their orientation is rooted in biology.
    • The orientation of research and development staff is likely to differ from that of accountants.
    • The orientation of Burke's mind can be understood in terms of the Irish Enlightenment.
    • The English bishops say instead that homosexual orientation must never be considered sinful or evil in itself just so long as it is not sexually expressed.
    • But she blasted the Thornburgh panel for considering her political orientation.
    • There is no sign of it abandoning the usual academic Leftist orientation, though.
    • In doing so, these writers demonstrate that religious orientation is crucial to an investigation of how immigrant populations have adjusted to American society.
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    orientación feminine
    • I went to both faculty and residence orientation, which means I have a lot more white t-shirts than I'll ever wear, as one would be more than enough.
    • I remember how surprised I was to hear this at the new faculty orientation.
    • Still haven't actually ‘met’ anyone since orientation though.
    • Brochures and orientations made it seem like junior high kids had more freedom, too, but that was just another lie.
    • The schedule lists orientation at the main campus on Saturday, July 22, and first day of classes on Monday, July 24.
    • Stating your expectations shouldn't occur just once in orientation sessions or staff meetings.
    • Freshman week orientation programs and workshops on coping with stress, although helpful, may still not be adequate.
    • I trust that all of you will be able to get settled in by Sunday so I scheduled the second year orientation for Sunday at 3 in the afternoon.
    • When you have freshman orientation, you receive a lot of material that explains the school's resources.
    • Ever since we met at freshman orientation last year, we've bumped heads.
    • A number of faculty felt orientation should be expanded to include practical classroom teaching advice specific to the community college and its student population.
    • The very day I arrived at college for freshman orientation week I was issued the student government's new-boy's handbook.
    • If your school has an orientation program for new students, this is an excellent opportunity to begin the discussion and development of professionalism.
    • The orientation introduces the students to interdisciplinary concepts and emphasizes the value of interdisciplinary training to their careers and patient care.
    • By the end of my first year, I had been elected to a leadership role for the coming year, overseeing the orientation of new students to Huron College.
    • The PDP adviser guides students through orientation, their first year of college and a required success course, PDP 150.
    • Program components were outlined during routine student orientation to the internal medicine rotation.
    • Education programs are held for students during orientation.
    • It was a pleasant experience being asked to be the ‘keynote speaker’ at the orientation for new summer students at Sophia University a couple of weeks ago.
    • The report recommended an extended orientation program for students of color that would occur simultaneously with the international students' orientation.
    • One was talking, the other listening, in what appeared to be an informal college orientation.
  • 3

    adaptación feminine
    • Actually, I think it's a matter of compass orientation.
    • The agreed reforms aim to ensure the Common Agricultural Policy is firmly based on the principles of market orientation, sustainability and environmental awareness.
    • These days have been incredibly traumatic and the only place I can receive some positive therapy and orientation is this great site.
    • Depending on the relative orientation of the dislocation and precipitate, the internal stress will aid dislocation motion or hinder dislocation motion.
    • A possible resolution could be associated with the initial orientation of the molecule relative to the pore axis.
    • On outdoor roads, lighting conditions can vary dramatically due to factors such as time of day, orientation relative to the sun, and weather.
    • Another proof of the positive developments in bilateral economic relations was the new orientation of Greek investment.
    • Maximal acceptance angle and optimal orientation of the detector relative to the incident light is important to obtain the largest output signal and improved SNR.
    • The appearance of a given earthbound place in a painting or photograph normally initiates for the Western viewer an immediate response of physical orientation.
    • A gap in the fences that allows boats to pass through is marked by a sign on a pole for orientation from a distance or in bad visibility.
    • They may experience confusion, or problems with memory, spatial orientation or perception.
    • Human beings, in common with other vertebrates, possess a set of sense organs that provide information to the brain concerning orientation and motion of the body.
    • Self-fulfillment and even the working out of personal identity and a sense of orientation in the world depend upon a communal enterprise.
    • But I had lost my sense of orientation and I was not quite sure where to put myself.
    • Vine trellising, and careful row orientation have become more common, and in certain areas irrigation is now practised to good effect.
    • Instead of relying on signage to help people find their way, more facilities are trying to make orientation and navigation more intuitive by using different materials.
    • The core disturbance involves an acute generalised impairment of cognitive function that affects orientation, attention, memory, and planning and organisational skills.
    • The tactical screen was selected on the device's multipurpose display to assist in navigational orientation.
    • For many years flight was a daytime visual activity until the development of instruments to assist in orientation.
    • As a result, passengers and crew found orientation difficult, though the provision of snap light wands alleviated this problem to some degree.