Translation of osmosis in Spanish:


ósmosis, n.

Pronunciation /ɑzˈmoʊsəs/ /ɑsˈmoʊsəs/ /ɒzˈməʊsɪs/


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    ósmosis feminine
    osmosis feminine
    • If a solution and solvent or two solutions of different strength are separated by a semi permeable membrane, osmosis can occur.
    • Therefore, water tends to flow into the cell by osmosis, down its concentration gradient.
    • By means of osmosis, the high concentration of sugar in the solution draws wastes, chemicals and extra water from the tiny blood vessels in your peritoneal membrane into the solution.
    • Eventually, a pressure difference between the two heights of the solutions occurs which is so large that osmosis cannot continue.
    • There, the salt acts as a magnet, drawing water by osmosis from the blood and other body fluids up through the glands.