Translation of ostensibly in Spanish:


aparentemente, adv.

Pronunciation /ɑˈstɛnsɪbli/ /əˈstɛnsɪbli/ /ɒˈstɛnsɪbli/


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    en apariencia
    she came ostensibly to help vino con el pretexto de ayudar
    • The report was ostensibly to be a reply to a questionnaire sent by the League.
    • His aim, ostensibly, was to bring liberty and equality to the oppressed peoples of that continent.
    • She sits in on my interview with Dempsey, ostensibly because he is new to the spotlight and still nervous about talking to the press.
    • And he's currently watching The Saint DVDs, although they were ostensibly for me.
    • While this treatment of the story seems ostensibly simple, it's anything but.
    • It serves fish fingers, ostensibly for the kids, though I'd guess a few adult portions have also been dished out.
    • But Barnes has produced a bleak and profound meditation on love and loss from an ostensibly banal premise.
    • The happenstance of the love for the tree house, ostensibly built for the children, might well have been your undoing.
    • So, ostensibly, the Chancellor should worry - but appearances may be deceptive.
    • The main thrust of the whole stakeholder exercise was ostensibly to make low-cost pensions available to all.
    • It was ostensibly naughty, but I like to think I had quite noble motives.
    • Children were separated from adults ostensibly to give children more freedom.
    • They were then flown to Japan, ostensibly because he needed emergency medical care for an abdominal problem.
    • Amorth presents his ostensibly absurd stories convincingly, with charm and plenty of natural levity.
    • I rarely read sci-fi books - ostensibly because I find it hard to relate to the characters and story.
    • While dressed in white, Sarah is ostensibly a chaste housewife, in red she becomes the lustful Dolores.
    • Like that lady, Health Canada wants us to quit smoking ostensibly for health purposes.
    • All pubs in Limerick city and county may ostensibly be obeying to the smoking ban.
    • Late in the day, Martyn the Builder came along ostensibly to check on the roof covering.
    • Naked commercialism was evident in even the most ostensibly charitable aspects of the operation.