Translation of other in Spanish:


otro, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈəðər/ /ˈʌðə/

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  • 1

    (different, alternative)
    (plural) otros
    (plural) otras
    I wear other clothes/use other tools for work para trabajar me pongo otra ropa/uso otras herramientas
    • are there any other possibilities? ¿hay alguna otra posibilidad?
    • he doesn't relate easily to other people no se relaciona fácilmente con los demás
    • no other bread has fewer calories no hay (otro) pan que tenga menos calorías
    • some other time en otro momento
    • I'd take any other job but that one haría cualquier (otro) trabajo menos ese
    • we have no other choice but to accept no tenemos más opción que aceptar
    • The second photo should be of a street sign or some other distinguishing landmark at the node.
    • We do not yet know if this is the case or if fast cells differ from slow ones in some other way.
    • Is that what has happened out here, or is there some other reason why we are different?
    • It has no pool, and is not as luxurious as some other places, but it is private and offers extremely good value.
    • He will be sadly missed, and I hope he finds some other way to continue his good work.
    • We did a run of clothes and some other stuff over to the new house, then went back and packed some more.
    • They look like us, but the people on the news seem to exist in some other dimension.
    • The winner progresses to the next level and the loser goes home to try to become a millionaire by some other means.
    • Surely the best place for such tags would be on the tail of the shirt or some other low contact area.
    • Whether it was through laziness in throwing it away or for some other reason, I don't know.
    • If my guess is correct then your problem could be related to ageing or some other cause.
    • Clearly they do need an appropriate pay rise, as do some other public employees.
    • Some other way has to be found, and the only viable option would seem to be carbon sequestration.
    • They know that they will only be able to make up this gap if some other market takes off in a spectacular fashion.
    • The journey is called off, replanned for some other time.
    • So I've brought some compost inside to warm up and will repot the peppers some other time.
    • Find some other way to convey that this was not a case of murder by strangers.
    • The answer might be trains but equally it might be some other new or neglected technology.
    • The idea had been put forward that she was making it all up, that she had a fantasy or some other motive.
    • Future generations will have to find some other way to rise up against their parents.
  • 2

    (the remaining one or ones)
    (plural) otros
    (plural) otras
    the other children are all older than me los otros / los demás niños son todos mayores que yo
    • That man then ran back to the Rover where two of the others had already gone.
    • By the time he reached the car park the others had already disappeared back into the community hall.
    • Mama and I rested when we could, especially when we stopped to let the others rest.
    • He looked around at the others, and could already feel a sense of familiarity deep in his bones.
    • My eyes move to the rest of the others, able to see them more clearly due to the red glow lighting them up.
    • The others had scattered, though one of the girls remained in our corner, thus making us a trio.
    • The others excluding the two girls had already admitted their roles in the attack.
    • The others were dispersed through the rest of the army in infantry support roles.
    • For some reason the man ignored the others and kept moving slowly towards me.
    • The group was split in two with half taking part in the exercise programme and the others acting as a control.
    • The van drove off when the lights changed and the others continued to follow.
    • We need more places like that, where one person can catch up on breakfast while the others have lunch.
    • Each of the exchanges has also been trying to steal business from the others.
    • One particularly stormy night, Byron challenged the others to tell a ghost story.
    • In this he is the exception, for the others all began to write early in life.
    • Its complex interrelatedness means that each short work helps gloss the others.
    • In 2004 it has become just another fashion mag, no better or worse than all the others.
    • All of the books in the series have been dark and grim, but this one is even more so than the others.
    • The ones who were sick should really have come by ambulance and the others shouldn't have come at all.
    • I doubt there is anything the others can do to wrest this focus away from her.
  • 3

    (in addition)
    (plural) otros
    (plural) otras
    there was one other member present había otro socio/otra socia presente
    • answer Section A and two other questions conteste la sección A y dos preguntas más / y otras dos preguntas
    • She also wants to be able to leave a small sum to cover additional costs if other names come to light.
    • Evacuation may be effected from a few other places in addition to the above, of which notice will be given.
    • The appellants raised other grounds in addition to that which occasioned the reference.
    • One other lingering question from last night's documentary is how did he become so thin?
    • He has no regrets about that loose comment or any of the others he has fired out over the course of a colourful career.
    • There are some other shows too in this genre but we're not going to go into details.
    • There are some other familiar faces within the cast, but no one overtly famous.
    • Some other time I will fill you all in on the time between her diagnosis and her death.
    • There are also some other really funny videos made by the same guys on there.
    • Will the trees get enough sun here, and could you suggest some other plants for the same border?
    • I hoped he would come in again some other time when I was on duty, but he never did.
  • 4

    the other day el otro día
    • the other evening la otra noche

pronounplural others

  • 1

    • 1.1(different, alternative one or ones)

      others otros
      • he's lost his job and has no other in prospect perdió el trabajo y no tiene otro en perspectiva
      • you will obey me and no other me obedecerás a mí y a nadie más
      • I'll think of some excuse or other ya me inventaré alguna excusa (u otra)

    • 1.2(the remaining one or ones)

      others otros
      • one brother lives here and the other in Oslo un hermano vive aquí y el otro en Oslo
      • she lives in one room and rents out the others vive en una habitación y alquila las otras / las demás
      • what do the others think? ¿qué piensan los demás / los otros?

    • 1.3(additional one or ones)

      others otros
      • answer the first three questions and one other conteste las tres primeras preguntas y otra / y una más
      • I can take you and two others te puedo llevar a ti y a otros dos / y a dos más

  • 2

    other than aparte de
    • other than that, there's no problem aparte de eso / fuera de eso, no hay problema
    • other than John, who's going to go with you? ¿quién va a ir contigo aparte de John / además de John?
    • the mission was carried out for reasons other than stated la misión se llevó a cabo por razones distintas a las que se adujeron
    • it was no other than uncle Bob no era ni más ni menos que el tío Bob
    • none other than you could have written this nadie más que tú podría haber escrito esto
    • she's never been other than polite with me conmigo no ha sido más que cortés
    • if it's anything other than perfect, she's not satisfied tiene que estar ni más ni menos que perfecto para que se quede satisfecha


  • 1

    he has never behaved other than impeccably with me conmigo siempre se ha portado intachablemente
    • I could not have intervened other than when I did no podría haber intervenido más que cuando lo hice
    • where would you like to live? — anywhere other than London ¿dónde te gustaría vivir? — en cualquier (otro) sitio / lugar menos en Londres