Translation of otherwise in Spanish:


si no, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈəðərˌwaɪz/ /ˈʌðəwʌɪz/


  • 1

    (if not)
    si no
    we must go, we'll be late otherwise tenemos que irnos, si no, vamos a llegar tarde
    • you have to pay, otherwise they'll send you to jail tienes que pagar, si no / de lo contrario, te van a meter preso
    • However, some families are calling a halt to the festive excesses and donating money otherwise spent on cards or presents to a good cause.
    • These have increased as the US downturn deepened, with subsidiaries in Ireland sending more money back than otherwise would have been the case.
    • According to the new regulation, I need to visit the police office to hand in the money; otherwise the fine will be 30,000 RMB.
    • A spokesperson said that the policy would have little adverse financial effect, as it would save money otherwise spent on recruiting new staff.
    • And it's not enough for residents of the Golden Triangle to have money, they must be seen to have money - otherwise, what's the point?
    • She said that mayors needed to sign agreements for restoration projects fast, otherwise the money would be returned to the national budget.
    • We take the written work and copy it without the author's consent, so that we are literally taking from him the money he might otherwise have been paid for it.
    • In some sceptical quarters of England's northeast this building was symbolic of a waste of money that could otherwise have been spent on hospitals.
    • For example, they suggest exploiting valuations to hoodwink banks into lending you more money than they otherwise would.
    • By producing enough maize for instance, the economy would be saving money it would otherwise use to import food to meet the shortfall.
    • We amateurs wouldn't have the time or money to record, otherwise.
    • I would prefer instead to create my own small business with the money that would otherwise go into the pockets of corrupt officials.
    • The hotels have to make money as well, otherwise the jobs will be lost.
    • Does it take up too much money, money that would otherwise be there for food and clothing, other things?
    • We are appealing to the promoter to refund us our money now, otherwise we will be taking the matter further.
    • We were taught to respect him, otherwise you are in trouble.
    • I have to get this out before I start working otherwise I'll totally forget.
    • The teacher said parents of any child who wants to enter the kindergarten must have a college education, otherwise, they would not be enrolled.
    • But you know and I know he's going to give it the old college try, otherwise where is our movie?
    • He warned the affiliated colleges to follow rules and regulations otherwise their recognition would be nullified.
  • 2

    (in other respects)
    por lo demás
    aparte de eso
    she mentioned her marriage; otherwise she said nothing about herself mencionó su matrimonio; por lo demás / aparte de eso no dijo nada sobre sí misma
    • there were some exciting moments at the end, but otherwise it was a dull game hubo algunos momentos de emoción al final, pero por lo demás / aparte de eso fue un partido aburrido
    • Our lanky cat, who is two years old and in all respects healthy otherwise, is very skinny.
    • But what it is doing is totally alienating otherwise law-abiding citizens and turning them into criminals.
    • He seemed totally normal otherwise and expected me to be as well.
    • He took a set off him and broke his serve that otherwise appears totally impregnable.
    • Three majors was the difference in an otherwise close game.
    • This may be related to variable proportions of mantle-derived material in an otherwise similar source, or it may reflect melting of different source rocks.
    • Different colours are frequently used to provide variation in an otherwise monochrome surface.
    • ‘I'm only human,’ he whines, thereby denigrating the rest of his otherwise noble species.
    • The ancient Egyptian civilization relied on the flooding of the Nile to create fertile land for farming in an otherwise desert landscape.
    • The laborer unsuccessfully pleaded with the company to reconsider, noting that he was the main breadwinner in his otherwise impoverished family.
    • Yet in the present struggle, our enemies made three critical mistakes that have for the time being upset their otherwise brilliant plans.
    • They would grace our otherwise cluttered shelves.
    • But maybe the reporter is one of those, and the event strikes him as an aberration during an otherwise civilised conflict?
    • And, in my view, he is very convincing, giving the greatest performance of his otherwise inflated career.
    • And really, there has to be something more interesting with which to fill your otherwise empty weekend nights.
    • And at night the procession of lighted carriages dashing through the otherwise dark and quiet countryside was a sight to behold.
    • They were, as one Army officer put it in March, ‘a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dark place.’
    • It's a little bit of good news in what has been an otherwise bad seven days.
    • But I'm willing to overlook small hiccups in an otherwise amazing release.
    • In my opinion, this ultimate irrationality undermined the movement, its impact and its otherwise noble causes.
  • 3

    • 3.1(in a different way)

      he could not have done otherwise no podía haber hecho otra cosa
      • we all thought it was too dangerous, but she thought otherwise todos pensamos que era demasiado peligroso, pero no así ella
      • they seem unable to express themselves otherwise than by violence parecen incapaces de expresarse si no es empleando violencia
      • they believe they are right and nothing will convince them otherwise creen que están en lo cierto y nada los convencerá de lo contrario / de que no es así
      • books must not be annotated or otherwise defaced en los libros no se debe escribir ni hacer marcas de ningún tipo
      • unless otherwise agreed, payments … a menos que se convenga otra cosa, los pagos …

    • 3.2(other, different)

      how can it be otherwise? ¿cómo no va a ser así?
      • it could so easily have been otherwise las cosas bien podrían haber sido distintas